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It's the first time the X Games have been held in the Upper Midwest since the games began in 1995. Last year, the X Games drew over 100,000 fans and brought in $74 million for Austin, Reed said.
By clicking Accept, I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. The Vikings and Minnesota have struck a 30-year deal for a new stadium in Minneapolis, officially sealing a decade-long effort to give the team a new home. Tim Nelson is a general assignment reporter for Minnesota Public Radio News, and a 20-year veteran of local news.
All orders are despatched within 7 working days of order and sent via 1st class mail in the UK and normal Airmail to the rest of the world. While the Vikings have always been toward the top of their division, they have yet to win a super bowl. A flat track for motocross will have to be built elsewhere in Minneapolis, and the games are working with the city to identify a location, Reed said.

Some 250 athletes compete in the four-day event, with an average age of 26 or younger, he said.
The $975 million project will be paid for jointly: $348 million will come from state taxpayers, $150 million from hospitality taxes in Minneapolis and $477 million from the Vikings. Minnesoate had a hockey team called the North Stars from 1967-1993 until the owner took the team to Texas. Each card has the normal information concerning the players statistics, a short description of their playing styles and stats from the previous seasons within the NFL. If you are unable to pay by card or paypal again contact us to order by phone and pay by cheque in the UK. Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen said the maximum price per license will be $10,000, although she isn’t sure the costs will actually run that high.
She also said that buyers can pay for them over three years without interest, and extend their payments with interest, over another five years.
Neither stadium officials nor the Vikings were ready to discuss who might buy the naming rights or what they might pay.

Kelm-Helgen also discussed ticket prices today, acknowledging concerns that a new stadium could hike ticket prices steeply. They will be priced at no more than 80 percent of the average price for a single game ticket in the cheapest section of the stadium. The agreement clears the way for the Vikings to close on the financing for their share of the stadium costs.
Kelm-Helgen said that the state plans to pull the trigger on its financing, the first round of an expected $498 million in state bonds, in mid-November.

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