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Rowe traded his usual duds — well, he kept the jeans — for a nicely pressed shirt at this month’s National Annual Meeting in Orlando. The Eagle Scout and Discovery Channel star who bulldozed his way onto the Scouting scene at the 2010 jamboree earned the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award at the event. As an ASM and father of a Star Scout that I hope will one day become Eagle, I commend Mike on his message. Truely spoken as a scout,its about our commitment to the Service of Others, Honor and Duty!
My rewards have been following the lives of the many Scouts who have achieved accomplishments in Scouting and academics. Blog ContributorsBryan Wendell, an Eagle Scout, is senior editor of Boys' Life, Scouting and Eagles' Call magazines. AboutBryan on Scouting is the official blog of Scouting magazine, a Boy Scouts of America publication. BSA Troop 56 - Blog Page - BSA Troop 56 - Collierville, TN - America's Finest High Adventure Boy-Led Memphis Metro.
I pray that my grandsons Cooper and Miles will one day walk in Mike's foot steps to become an Eagle Scout and to know the meaning of working hard, and smart. The Eagle Scout, Dirty Jobs star, skilled labor advocate and memorable speaker at this month’s jamboree is auctioning and selling some signed jamboree gear to benefit his foundation.
The dirt patrol shirts and patches were not out in the trading post until the day after the stage show. Mind you, I applaud Mike’s fundraiser but I have been seeing private folks sell for profit and that is a shame for the boys. One unique honor for the English Chief Scout – they are awarded the Silver Wolf, the equivalent of our Silver Buffalo.

Videos like this makes me wonder why we don’t practice what we preach with Disability Awareness merit badge, belt loop and pin. Mike Rowe was rambling (and entertaining!), but the point was made in the last few minutes.
Its what is instilled through Our Scout Leaders and Our Living the Scout Oath, it becomes second nature to Us! Scouting magazine is published five times a year and is received by 1 million registered adult volunteers. Proceeds go to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation and help fund scholarships for those who take the time to learn a skill and master a trade.
We could use a lot more Mike Rowes out there — famous faces unafraid to advocate for Scouting values.
The Boy Scouts influenced our three sons in ways we could not, and opened a world of opportunities to them.In 1972, the only thing my family knew about Scouting was that Troop 16 met in the basement of our church on Wednesday nights.
The winning bidder was anonymous per eBay policy, but if he or she wants to contact me to be recognized, please fell free.
When a recruiting poster appeared on the church bulletin board claiming that Scouting developed character and taught leadership skills, my husband and I decided our oldest son should join.
You see I have never sat through a service and not felt as if I were waiting for it to end, until yours. I pray one day to be welcomed, and my heart, understood, to share communion and song with a choir inside my Noah's Ark once more. But, living the Scout Law and keeping the Scout Promise for the rest of your life … now that’s an accomplishment! Please allow me to express my deepest respect and pray only for the joy and happiness within all God's hands so richly deserved for the good works you and John have bestowed on us all.

My role models were June Cleaver and Carol Brady, after all, who sweet-talked, lovingly coaxed, and reasoned with their kids. Mike emerged from that first meeting with a non-committal expression and handed me an envelope.
Now, he reminded me when it was time for Scouts.As luck would have it, Troop 16 had a Cub Scout pack for our two younger sons, Scott and Phil.
Before I could click my heels three times and invoke the name Baden-Powell, I was a Cub Scout den mother, sewing patches and badges on four uniforms, including my own. I planned activities and field trips and worked on projects, feeling like a classroom teacher again. While I attended monthly committee and pack meetings, John took his place on the Boy Scout committee, becoming a liaison between the church and Troop 16 and attending frequent meetings.Several years later at an awards ceremony where all three boys had earned multiple Boy Scout merit badges, our middle son looked at me with a concerned expression. Sure, it would be an intrusion into our family life, but I expected to sacrifice for my sons; they were worth it.
In the winter, they piled into the station wagon with their father and delivered heavy boxes of Florida oranges they had sold to neighbors and church members. Successful people from all walks of life speak to the importance of Scouting in their lives — CEOs, presidents, astronauts, tradesmen, engineers, businessmen, and yes, even TV personalities.
Mike credits Scouting with teaching him to stick with a task and see it through no matter how difficult or unpleasant.
Scott thanks Scouting for prying him from his books and forcing him to interact with peers.

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