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2 weeks before last years Superbowl I predicted that Seattle would win in a blowout 49-20 for those of you know me well check my facebook. Also the argument that the press makes an athlete is utterly ridiculous we are fans of athletes because of the feats they perform on the respective field in which they compete.
The chances of corporate America putting him on television to ever speak is slim and none,you notice you don’t see Gary Payton that much anymore. And unlike most athletes who do charitable deeds and seek attention Marshawn does community and charity work in his old community with no fanfare or recognition other than the people whose lives he’s touched like a real man.
Marshawn Lynch watches from the sidelines during Seahawks minicamp practice June 17 in Renton. Lynch this week apparently parked his white Lamborghini Aventador outside of a friend’s house in the Bay Area. The guy who took the photo, it seems, didn’t know it was Lynch’s supercar until Beast Mode himself returned to the parking spot.
On Wednesday, Nike launched a new line of sneakers bearing Lynch’s “Beast Mode” nickname and his autograph. Nike has came out and said the number 24 represents greatness across all sports from basketball to football and if that doesn’t seem like a connection to Seattle, the deep royal, metallic silver and green shock colorway should do the trick. Featuring deep royal blue through the uppers, green shock will fill in the midsole with a translucent tint, outlining the swoosh and printed on the insole.

Athletes are often overhyped and over pushed by media companies and endorsements many times these are flops (See Reebok Dan & Dave or Sports Illustrated Robo QB Todd Marinovich). After watching the interview I was thoroughly impressed with Marshawn Lynch in the way he carried himself and the fact that he was old school football, I never saw a lot of interviews of Jim Brown until after he was retired. On the one hand, he likes to stay out of the spotlight, not even traveling with his team to the White House in May.
The Nike Lunar TR1 LE Marshawn Lynch shoes are metallic gold with silver, white and black details. If you on one hand condemn an athlete for speaking,you very well can not condemning an athlete for not speaking which could further open himself to ridicule, scrutiny , endangering his earning potential, future career ,and possibly well being and life if he is a Black Man. Also you will find due to certain endorsement deals sometimes the best players are not normally the mosthyped ( Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson) but we as true fans respect what they do and gravitate towards them regardless of what the media thinks (Ron Artest).
Roger Goodell has no moral footing how can the man when people wanted answers in the Ray Rice incident and he remained silent, lied, and threw Ray Rice under the bus say who should be fined for saying or not saying anything. And when he started talking WE loved what he had to say and that same media that said he wouldn’t talk wished he would shut up. On the other hand, he is now making a documentary about his rise from the Oakland ghetto to the Super Bowl podium.
Well, he appears to have set up velvet ropes around his roadster after parallel parking the car.

But you are a culture vulture like Madonna so  using black athletes for quick notoriety should be no big deal.
Also if you would watch the NFL TV interview of Marshawn Lynch with ex teamate Michael Robinson, you would see he’s a very insightful thoughtful community oriented black man.
The only reason I’m calling out that devil is because she was married to John Mayer the man who said his penis is racist against black vaginas. When he was in Buffalo racking up yards and they were losing no one ever wanted to talk to him, he was doing the same thing in Seattle and now he was expected to perform for the cameras because they were winning?! Also I wondered why it was so key they interview Him, when so many other players were willing to talk. But after the hoopla and all the fines Denver was destroyed like I predicted but the Marshawn Lynch drama also raged on and now it was costing money.

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