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With the Philippine national men’s basketball teams grouped with some of the top teams in the world, Gilas Pilipinas stars are already relishing the opportunity to perhaps play against top NBA players from other teams.
Gilas was drawn into Group B of the competition alongside Argentina, Croatia, Greece, Puerto Rico, and Senegal. For the Filipinos, the chance to play against Argentina’s talismanic superstar Manu Ginobili presents a thrilling possibility. The 35-year-old Ginobili has expressed interest in suiting up for his national team depending on his health. Apart from Ginobili, Argentina also features a number of NBA players including Luis Scola of the Indiana Pacers, Pablo Prigioni of the New York Knicks, and Carlos Delfino of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Puerto Rico also has a bunch of familiar faces on the team, including former Petron import Renaldo Balkman, whose meltdown led to a lifetime ban from the PBA last year. He is expected to be joined by current and former NBA players from Puerto Rico, including JJ Barea of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Mo Harkless of the Orlando Magic, and former NBA point guard Carlos Arroyo. But for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel star guard LA Tenorio, the names matter less than the opportunity to share the court with top teams from around the world.
Since stunning a United States team loaded with NBA players in the 2002 World Championships in Indianapolis and capturing the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics, Argentina has been universally recognized as a powerhouse in FIBA competition. Led by San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, arguably Argentina’s greatest player, the South Americans have been a fixture in the medal rounds in the Olympics and World Championships for a decade. While the Argentines continue to hang their sombreros on international vets, the other South American hoops powerhouse, Brazil, has rebuilt its program behind a familiar face. What was more impressive about Brazil’s run in the FIBA Americas was it reached the final without the help of NBA stars Leandro Barbosa, Nene and Anderson Varejao, who all decided to skip the tournament.
While Argentina leans heavily on Scola and Ginobili on offense, Brazil has a more balanced approach that features the playmaking skills of point guard Marcelo Huertas, who plays for Regal FC Barcelona. Argentina had a much tougher matchup in the semis, but it managed to squeeze past a rugged Puerto Rico squad (led by J.J. As long as Scola and Ginobili are healthy, Argentina remains a powerful force and medal contender. TweetWhile most players begin to fully reach their potential past the age of 25, they’re are a select few who find a way to make it towards the top just a couple of years into their professional careers. After being chosen with the first pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Irving quickly established himself in the league as a rookie, earning Rookie of the Year honors. Despite dealing with injuries for a vast majority of his career, Bradley Beal has already separated himself from the competition at a young age.
The competition for Beal as the top shooting guard under 25 is not to stout, there is one player who can give him a run for his money.
The oldest player in this lineup, Kawhi Leonard is the exact opposite of that on a veteran, championship winning team. Perhaps the most talented player in this lineup, Anthony Davis has asserted himself into the MVP discussion in just three short years. The youngest player to make in this lineup, Andre Drummond has sneakily established himself in the league as a double-double machine. Both Davis and Drummond could hold their own against a team like the Memphis Grizzlies, whose team runs through Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Hope Solo suspended from US soccer team for six months for derogatory remarks after Olympics loss. He has since gotten his basketball career back on track, leading Puerto Rico to a silver-medal finish in the FIBA Americas Championship last year.
I’m really looking forward to play in the World Cup against the top 24 teams in the world.

But since its fourth-place finish at the 2006 World Championships, Argentina appears to have lost some of its magic as its core group continues to log serious mileage. Ginobili and Scola are still regarded as two of the best players in the world, but the rest of the squad is looking very old and there seems to be a drought in terms of young talent in Buenos Aires. At 36, Oberto is way past his prime and even though Nocioni is two years younger than Ginobili his reckless style has caught up with him and his legs seem like they are ready to retire. Ginobili could try for another Olympic run in four years, but he’ll be 38 and his body may prevent him from playing.
Ruben Magnano, who guided Argentina to a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics, was brought in to coach Brazil in 2010.
Spurs center Tiago Splitter is the only NBA player on Brazil’s roster at FIBA Americas, but he has had minimal impact offensively.
As his game continues to grow, Irving has showcased elite ball handling ability as well as a consistent deep ball shot. With just three years under his belt, Beal has proven to be a threat from beyond the arc with a career average of 40.0-percent. Orlando Magic guard, Victor Oladipo, edges Beal in nearly every statistical category, except for 3-point percentage. After being blessed with the opportunity to be traded to the San Antonio Spurs on draft night in 2011, Leonard has seen his role steadily grow as Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili get older. Tobias Harris is a player who had a career year last year, averaging more points than Leonard. No one even comes close to challenging Davis for this spot in lineup, expect to see the Brow here for a couple more years. While he may not put up high scoring numbers like other members in this lineup, Drummond still provides strong rebounding and defensive play. Well, it would likely win upwards of 50 games in the weak Eastern Conference and likely earn a top 4 seed.
Scola doesn’t rely on athleticism so he may still be an effective player in four years.
A year later, Magnano has the Brazilians playing their best ball since the Oscar Schmidt era, earning one of the automatic qualifying berths for the 2012 Olympics after reaching the final of the 2011 FIBA Americas. The Brazilians have won eight of nine games, including an impressive 73-71 victory over Argentina.
Scola saved his best for last as he poured in 32 points to power Argentina to a 80-75 win over Brazil in the final. All these players have one thing in common, they all play huge roles in their team’s success. Prior to the 2014-2015 year, Irving had yet to lead the Cavaliers to the playoffs as the lead man.
With his continuous improvment from the three through his career, it is safe to say Beal’s points per game will also rise. This past year Leonard shot a career low 47.9-percent from the floor, but saw himself achieve career highs in points, assists, rebounds, and steals.
Another player who could potentially challenge Leonard for this spot is rookie sensation, Andrew Wiggins. Each shoot a higher field goal percentage and were each able to dish it out from the post more successfully than Drummond.
Irving and Beal would not be able to stop the likes of James Harden, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, or Klay Thompson on a nightly basis. Its only loss came against the Dominican Republic in the early round, but it avenged that loss in the knockout round by defeating the Dominicans (led by Al Horford, Francisco Garcia and Charlie Villanueva), 83-76, in the semifinals.

Each player is considered as the future of their teams and will likely be at the top of their respective positions soon. However, with Lebron James returning, Irving was able to play the role of Robin to James and help put the Cavaliers back into the playoffs. While Carter-Williams averages more than Irving in those categories, Irving has consistently played at a higher level than Carter-Williams and has showcased his elite ball handling skills on a nightly basis.
In Beal’s first year the Washington Wizards were no where close to the contenders that they are today.
Beal’s dynamic ability to shoot the 3 pushes him over the top as the best shooting guard under the age 25. Wiggins came out strong in his first year of the league, claiming the Rookie of the Year Award.
While the New Orleans Pelicans did get swept in the first round, Davis gave trouble to the best defensive team in the league. Add in the fact that he has only missed one game these past two years and you get a healthy, young, double-double averaging center, which is a rarity in this league.
In order for this lineup to succeed it will have to rely on high scoring numbers from their guards, strong defending from Leonard, and big time rebounding and rim protection from the two bigs. All the players that are about to be listed off will all be under the age of 25 by the time the regular season begins.
Even while under this role, Irving was still able to put up one of his best years statistically yet. Irving still has plenty of time to truly establish himself as one the best guards from this era, but he is off to a great start so far.
With being at such a young age, expect Beal to remain in this lineup for several more years.
Defensive Player of the Year, NBA Finals Champion, and NBA FInals MVP makeup for everything that he has won so far in his young career. While both these players are immensely talented for their age, neither have done what Leonard has done in their time in the league. Davis consistently put up more than 25 points each game and recorded a double-double in 75-percent of his games. Drummond has yet to reach the playoffs as a member of the Detroit Pistons, but this is largely due to the lack of help that he has received from his fellow teammates. Drummond has earned this spot in the lineup for now, but both Valanciunas and Gobert are nipping at his heels.
Irving’s defense, or lack there of, would be an issue that could prevent them from being able to reach the Finals. Overall, this team has future stars at each position, expect to see all of them in All-Star Games for years to come. While both spent time and developing together, the Wizards entered the playoffs in Beal’s second year. Meanwhile, in the West, they would likely win somewhere around 40 to 45 games and earn a bottom 4 seed. Going into year three, the Wizards badly missed Beal’s production while he dealt with an injury.

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