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I must admit, when I saw that Clichy had been picked in place of Kolarov in the starting 11, I let out a big sigh of relief.
It seems to me that the Ivorian prefers the playmaking aspect of the game right now, instead of being the guy who we rely on to score all our goals. Taking off Sergio Aguero (pretty much our only chance of getting a second goal) allowed United to commit more men forward, as they knew we weren’t as much of a threat up front, and bringing on Edin Dzeko for Stevan Jovetic 70 minutes in was absolutely pointless if you ask me. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Full time: Manchester United 0 Barcelona 2 -- 2145 From Duncan White in Rome Quite simply the better side won on the night. This Barca side know how to play a team chasing the game and while United worked hard to get back into it, the second seemed inevitable. One man was killed, three were injured and police were stoned as fans went at each other with axes and knives at a 2003 match in Poland. Rioting erupted between Czech and Croatian fans, necessitating the involvement of riot police, and leaving innumerable fans bloodied, as fighting broke out in the city capital’s center square. In 1985, a Birmingham – Leeds match suddenly turned ugly, as the entire stadium erupted in rioting.
Tottenham Hotspur vs Feyenoord in 1974 resulted in angry English fans rioting and ripping seats out of the stadium, throwing them onto the field and at each other. During the 1985 European Cup Final, rowdy Liverpool supporters began attacking Juventus fans, charging through a line of police to get at them. RiotingA last yearA in Egypt at a Port Said-Cairo match resulted in some of the worst casualty counts in history as well as property damage throughout the city. Hillsborough was NOT a riot; due to roadworks and to overzealous police checks, Liverpool fans arrived late at Hillsborough Stadium. The 96 who died at Hillsborough suffered death which can be laid directly at the feet of the police and police incompetence. Also, what the popular press fail to report at Heysel is that, the year before, the Liverpool supporters were targetted by missiles, rocks and knives in Rome and the Juventus fans at Heysel started the riot by hurling rocks at the Liverpool fans again – also that Liverpool applied for the game to be played elsewhere as the stadium was not up to standard and that fans were mixed together by scalping tour companies who bought up tickets and sold them injudiciously. Hockey is a different matter, probably one of the most potentially violent sports out there. I can sort of understand a crowd being crazy after a major win or loss in a final game of the tournament championship world cup way, which happens any time the Yankees and Red Sox play a World Series. Former Top Gear presenter and Chelsea fan Jeremy Clarkson is a regular at Stamford BridgeAnd according to the poll, conducted by dating site Match, one in four Liverpool fans would never date an Evertonian.Match quizzed 1,000 fans seeking to find the most attractive in the Premier League. Arsenal squeeze into the top 10, while Liverpool are in 13th, but United and Chelsea prop up the table.However, when fans were asked for supporters they'd actively avoid dating all four of the traditional big clubs found themselves mentioned.
While Bournemouth topped the list, with 58 per cent saying they would date them, Stoke were down in 17thUnited headed up the list, ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, with Newcastle completing the top five.However, fans of the Toon seem to be the least worried about rivalries, with only 15 per cent of Geordies saying they would not date a Sunderland fan, compared with 22 per cent of Tottenham and Manchester City fans asked about Arsenal and Manchester United, and 25 per cent of Liverpool fans asked about Everton.
Chelsea vs Manchester United matches remembered: What is your favourite clash between the Reds and the Blues? The Blues of west London are most people's favourites to win the title this time round, and are currently setting the pace, while everybody seems to be waiting for United to fall. 1986: KERRY DIXON ON TARGET AS CHELSEA WIN AGAIN AT OLD TRAFFORD TO PILE PRESSURE ON BIG RONThere has always been something about Chelsea at Old Trafford.
Chelsea star: Kerry Dixon scored the only goal at Old TraffordThe Blues had spent the early part of the 1980s in the second division, and they were a very different club in the year of our Lord 1986. 1994: DOUBLE NO TROUBLE FOR UNITED AS CANTONA PUTS BLUES ON THE SPOT AT WEMBLEYIt was never a good idea for Chelsea to do the league double over United on reflection. Chelsea under Glenn Hoddle were starting to go places too, and the seeds for the recent years of success for the Londoners can still be traced back to those days. Chelsea were playing some mighty fine football of their own that term, but they lacked United's extra quality and knowhow. Dwight Yorke put United ahead in the opening stages, but the game was still anybody's for the taking.
Only the good Lord knows exactly how my companions made their way home that night, but it wasn't the time for hanging around by then but instead finding any escape route possible.I have always believed the home club were left with questions to answer that night, for appearing to allow United supporters to leave the ground far too early. 2007: DIDIER DROGBA SNATCHES FA CUP FOR CHELSEA AS NEW WEMBLEY OPENS ITS DOORS'Aren't the hand dryers good'? I have to acknowledge that the dear place was beginning to show its age when it was eventually knocked down, but there was certainly something missing on this day in 2007. United had just battled through the mother of all seasons to break what had threatened to become an era of Chelsea dominance under Jose Mourinho, seeing off the Blues in a compelling title race. 2008: UNITED BREAK CHELSEA HEARTS TO WIN THEIR THEIR THIRD EUROPEAN CUP IN MOSCOW RAINThis really is the one. Another of the night's ludicrous sights was still to come as Peter Kenyon walked up the steps first to represent Chelsea in their hour of pain.Sir Bobby Charlton strode forward in the rain, in a moment that even United's biggest detractors would recognise summed up the club.
There would be no repeat of the unpleasant scenes that I witnessed in the Chelsea v Manchester United fixture of nine years previously. According to a recent survey, the chances are if you support Chelsea or Manchester United, you’re going to struggle to find a date at the Bridge or Old Trafford. United top the poll with one in 11 people openly refusing to date a Red Devil, meanwhile fans of the champions didn’t fare much better. The website quizzed more than 1,000 fans around the country and asked which rival supporters they’d be willing to meet up with for a drink, a meal or maybe a trip to the cinema.
Fans of Premier League newcomers Bournemouth came out as the league’s most attractive, with 58 per cent of supporters from other clubs showing interest in the Cherries faithful.
Unsurprisingly when supporters were asked about the possibility of dating a fan from a direct rival club, they weren’t so keen.
22 per cent of the Man City fans who took part admitted they would never date a United supporter, meanwhile the same amount of Spurs fans said similarly about their north London rivals Arsenal.
However, I thought that certain players like Gael Clichy, Martin Demichelis, Vincent Kompany and Sergio Aguero were outstanding yesterday, and to be honest it was a much better performance on the whole. His pass in the build-up to Aguero’s goal was top-quality, and while not every one of his passes resulted in a goal, he conducted the play in midfield wonderfully all afternoon. While on the face of it you could say this is true, you also have to remember that United were extremely lucky themselves not to have conceded at least 3 or 4 clear penalties and not had another man sent off when Marcos Rojo brought down Yaya Toure at the end of the first half.

In my opinion, the only substitutions we needed to make was to bring off Stevan Jovetic for Fernandinho and James Milner for Samir Nasri, this would have added more stability to out midfield and allowed us to keep better posession of the ball when United were pressing for an equaliser.
Even with the substitutes we made we still managed to win the game and deserved it, but I just think that it would have been a lot easier had we made the right changes. Saturday night I was lucky enough to be at the MCFC Supporters Club annual dinner at Lancashire County Cricket Club, and got to see lots of former City players including Uwe Rosler, Andy Morrison, Rodney Marsh, Tony Book and many more! From back alley matches to the World Cup, most everybody’s kicked a ball at some point, and its fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. However, no longer content with smashing each other with shattered wood pieces in the stands, the fans soon stormed the field to resume their antics.A  Officials and other staff fled as the spectators hurled projectiles at them relentlessly, and police were hugely outnumbered by the rioters. Windows were smashed and streets were littered with debris while angry fans unleashed havoc, even turning over police cars and setting them on fire.
Dutch staff announced over the loudspeakers that Spurs fans were disgracing themselves and the game,A  and they were banned from the city. Several hundred people attempted to storm into the venue without tickets while fans, equipped with clubs, fire bombs made of gasoline and ammonia and flares, engaged in fighting with stadium police forces. Over 70 people were killed during the initial rioting, making it one of the deadliest football riots in history. Many were crushed to death by railings, with the pressure being so great that their faces had the paint off the railings imprinted on to their faces. To insinuate that it was caused by hooliganism is unforgivable, I suggest you remove it soonest. Can you please show some respect and either edit or remove this list, it’s completely unacceptable.
Sure, Americans get sort-of violent at American football games but it’s usually a couple drunks getting in fist fights. A major part of pro hockey strategy is to have a couple players who’s sole job it to start fights. Bournemouth topped the table with 58 per cent saying they would be happy to date a Cherries fan, while Manchester City, in fourth, are the highest ranked side in the title race. There's just the chance they might not, with the sheer experience of their squad and the hunger of their extraordinary manager.It's jolly hard to sum up Chelsea as a club at times. Three wins in the same season is always going to be a tall order.Gavin Peacock scored the winner in both league games that term. The Londoners had reached their first final since the famous win over Leeds in 1970.The Blues certainly weren't overawed by the occasion at first, starting brightly at Wembley. It was a horrible conclusion to the night, and I was glad to see the trouble not ignored but properly covered on television and radio in the days following.Some of us often pour scorn on the way football has been gentrified in the light of Face Paint 96 but we have to concede that going to football is now a 99 per cent safer occupation that it once was. I almost began to miss the dreadful toilets, half-baked catering and haphazard views (I once watched an entire Rugby League World Cup Final from behind a post).Yes, the new ground looks lovely, is in corporate terms a dream, and the statue of Bobby Moore serves as a fabulous tribute to one of the game's great servants.
Both teams had suffered the disappointment of defeat in the semi-finals of the European Cup.Chelsea will feel they also deserved tangible reward for their campaign, and after winning the League Cup in February the final word of the season went to the Blues. And bearing in mind we were pressed against each other for an unbearably sweaty couple of hours in traffic that wouldn't move, that was a lot of people. But Chelsea under Avram Grant had pushed them all the way, and one thing that everybody was agreed on was that this final was simply too close to call with confidence. Fifty years on from the Munich air crash, the poignancy of the moment was clear for all to see. While Kolarov offers a lot in terms of attacking, when it comes to defending it’s a completely different story, and the fact that he would have had to deal with the pace and skill of Angel Di Maria it had all the ingredients to be a recipe for disaster. While I’m not sure if Yaya has the energy or will-power to reach the same sort of peaks as he did last season, I do still think that he is a crucial part of this current Manchester City team, and I hope he continues to play for us for as long as possible.
However, it soon filled with more rioters, who threw missiles at each other and trampled fences. When molotov cocktails began to get flung out onto the field, the referee called the game, at which point the rioting fans began lighting the stadium on fire until fire trucks entered the venue and extinguished the blazesa€¦until the firefighters were also attacked by fans. The wall crushed dozens of spectators, and even more were trampled to death during the chaos.
Rioting and property damage continued following a court ruling that sentenced 21 to death for inciting the chaos. It’s still an open wound for 99% of British football fans regardless of club affiliation and that entry comes across as offensive and badly researched.
I think it's fair to say that most people would have preferred them before the club was flooded with money, and there can be no doubt that spiritually they have no place at the European top table with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, United and Liverpool.
I remember the game at Stamford Bridge as being the last top flight fixture I went to without needing a ticket. But we all know you can't buy a soul - not with all the tea in China - and the new place will take some time to develop one. Didier Drogba finally woke everyone up with his late winner to win a third FA Cup for Chelsea in 11 seasons.I saw Mourinho close up for the first time after the game - my Lord the man has star quality. If I was to think of my 'greatest sporting night' it would take a bit of time, and I'd be sweating for days over my 'worst sporting night'. I would later mentally place this in an enormous folder titled: 'Massive personal howlers'. The local constabulary certainly didn't look like the type to look sympathetically towards English football fans wanting to cause mischief.So we all took a few snaps, stood around on the streets and in bars saying how bizarre the whole thing was and eventually headed home with contrasting memories of an unforgettable night.
Law enforcement needed to use riot protection gear to shield the visiting players from the chaos. They then began tearing apart wooden barriers in order to use the pieces as projectiles as well. All in all, 57 people were detained and the rioting was eventually pushed out of the stadium, where it continued outside. Families of the 96 victims have been fighting for years for the police to admit it wasn’t hooligan related. As a result, the Liverpool fans were herded into a single coral with no-one paying attention to the fact that the fans at the front were getting crushed. After the match ended , we cheered for our team then suddenly Police started to using tear gas , that was the reason many fans jumped on the field .

That's probably what has angered the Merseyside giants so much in their barren years, why they sing of Chelsea having 'no history'.Stumbling through Her Majesty's Earls Court one spring Sunday in 2005, I happened upon the fringes of Chelsea's victory celebrations after the club claimed a first league title in 50 years. Arriving at midday and queuing to get in - how quaint that seems now.United had won their second successive title, and for many supporters this remains their favourite team.
Punters can now watch Spanish, Italian, French and Nationwide Conference matches in full and on any night they wish.I've paid my way around the sporting world, but I spent this afternoon with Her Majesty's Fourth Estate. He would depart his post four months later, and English football will be funnier when he returns.Sir Alex Ferguson said 'it is important not to dwell on these things'.
Eventually police on horseback managed to force the rowdy spectators out of the grounds, where rioting continued outside.
Fans trying to escape the crush were beaten back by police on the pitch while other police were still herding fans into the overcrowded coral.
I remember thinking how different the people looked, how unlike some of the Chelsea fans that used to gather on The Shed.But there has to be another side. Ryan Giggs at his youthful best, Lee Sharpe and Andrei Kanchelskis tearing down the wings, Roy Keane and Paul Ince maruading in midfield, Mark Hughes being Mark Hughes and then a chap called Cantona. I don't know whether it was simply an age thing - certainly the eight and nine year old boys at the game seemed to have a bit of excitement about them. The picture you use does NOT show fans invading the pitch – it shows distressed fans being lifted into stands above to pluck them out of the crush.
It's too easy and predictable to just moan that the club are only doing well because of money. I was also not happy to report that I was the only journalist I saw singing 'Abide With Me'.Why am I not talking about the game, you may ask? It's certainly not advisable to become wound up by such concerns - none of us are getting any younger for one thing.It has to be said that Chelsea weren't a club completely without foundation and substance before 2004, as some seem to suggest. Yes, their crowds were often woeful in the 1980s and it was never a surprise to see them relegated to the second tier - but that isn't the whole story.In the 1970s they had more than a touch of glamour and some exciting sides. In the late 1990s and into this new century they actually picked up a string of pots, including a European Cup Winners Cup success.
While Tevez gives them a focal point up front, it looks soft in the centre with Giggs and Carrick when Barca have the ball.
Henry had the chance to kill it - great save with his feet from Van der Sar - then Messi was a inch short of getting on to a sweet pass from Eto'o. He's putting pressure on Busquets when Barca have the ball and is trying to get forward and join Ronaldo when United win possession.
Ferguson needs his side to take control of this match and the way Ronaldo closed down from the kick off tells you they will be in Barca's faces. Seconds later we have Anderson nutmegging Yaya Toure and a typically vicious Ronaldo free kick.
No matter where they go in the world, English supporters always seem to get where water can't. As an Olympic arena this stadium has a running track around it, which means huge technical areas. Carles Puyol plays at right back and Sylvinho at left back - those will be the weak areas United will look to exploit. But can it really be true that Barcelona came by the acquisition of a 13 -year-old Lionel Messi by getting his parents to sign a contract that was barely worth the toilet paper it was written on? Well, everyone except John Terry, who says he might flick on to check the score in a match "between two great teams" but no more than that. And for once I'm feeling fairly confident, because a Catalan pigeon has just discharged his nastiness from right above my head, only for said discharge to completely miss me, and my laptop, and land with a dull thud on today's Marca.
It is weaker than Mascherano, Gerrard and Alonso, and weaker than Essien, Lampard and Ballack.
But games of this stature are usually controlled in midfield, where Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets will shine tonight. The Italian FA are totally bent and powerless, the club's are terrified of the ultras, but Uefa just pretend everything is okay when it is categorically not okay.
If Platini and his cronies spent less time critising the Premier League and more time concentrating on the real bad guys here then the game would be better for everyone. As well as the 32-page souvenir supplement, there's another 30 pages of Champions League action in the main paper. Everything's pretty tranquil though, just the odd disconcerting siren and a gradual swelling of police numbers. Rooney will now have to wallop water bottles and kick goalposts with his old pair tonight -- 12.40 From Duncan White in Rome It's all a bit like Prohibition Chicago here, with packs of fans trying to find a speakeasy breaking the booze ban. Though the biggest cheer so far was raised when a passing truck - carrying what appeared to be a United themed fun fair ride - deposited the contents of a puddle across your correspondent's trousers. The best selling items this morning tend to feature the face of Rafa Benitez and the word 'fact', or Roman themed Champions League Final gear. The Peroni and Heineken is flowing freely and unashamedly in a cafe bar just yards from the United hotel. Lord knows what it's going to be like when the real team leave for the game - the road with the team bus on has already been closed. He takes up the story, speaking a couple of years ago: "I was so young I didn't give a f***.
If he does he will become the first Asian to play in the final of Europe's premier competition, a remarkable achievement for a man many cynics - you know who you are - believed had just been bought to sell shirts in Korea when he joined from PSV Eindhoven. Park is more popular in his homeland than Susan Boyle is with viewers of Britain's Got Talent.

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