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It's pretty easy to get there too, as you can hop on a Virgin train from Manchester Piccadilly at breakfast and easily be at Euston for lunch.
Shrouded in history and prestige, anyone who is anyone shops here, for designer clothes, its quality butchers and top of the range products for their pampered pets. Harrods also has its own Krispy Kreme donut range - ideal to keep the kids happy while the adults marvel at the delights sold inside one of the most famous stores in the world.
From high street brands such as Topshop and H&M to the giant Hamleys toy store, there is something for everyone. And it is simply magical in the winter, with beautiful festive lights and decorations drapedall the way along. Shops will open until 9pm weekdays and Saturday (10pm on Thrusdays) in the run up to Christmas, and 12 midday-6pm on Sundays. Situated in Londona€™s trendy and happening West End, Carnaby Street is an alternative shopping option for people looking for something a little different. Therea€™s boutiques, kitsch accessory shops, street food sellers, on-street DJs and trendy bars.

Carnaby Street always looks stunning at Christmas, so it is worth a visit just to stroll down, for those not keen on popping into the shops.
Colourful, vibrant and bustling - Camden Market is funky and cool and is ideal for picking up unique antique gifts or a portion of spicy Indian food from one of the hundreds of food stalls. You can also enjoy your food and drinks sitting on one of the marketa€™s famous Vespa scooters, handily fitted perfectly under bench tables and they are under-cover in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Alongside market stalls, there are plenty of pubs, bars, tattoo parlours, cafes and gift shops available. Portobello Market is world famous and whatever weird and wonderful things you are looking for. Always bustling and full of life, visitors can walk past beautiful multi-coloured terraced houses, stop off in one of the many coffee shops for a rest or experience a trip to the Electric Cinema.
This is your perfect chance to mosey down the same street made famous in the Hollywood film Notting Hill.
Adidas made a massive move on Monday to capitalize on their recent success in the 2014 World Cup.

The World Cup final between Germany and Argentina featured two teams sponsored by Adidas, and three of their sponsored players took home awards during the tournament. If you do not grasp the sheer size of this sponsorship deal, let's take a look at the most expensive sponsorship deal in American sports. We create and flourish the whole kit and caboodle that your brand requires - Captivating graphics, Witty brand strategies, Dose of creativity and absolute class demarcations.
Places such as Dublin, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds and Stockport place higher than Manchester.
Nike will step down as the uniform sponsor for the iconic Manchester United jersey as Adidas has agreed to a 10 year deal with the London based club for 1.3 billion dollars, which will start during the 2015-2016 season.

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