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These pics may miss out on intricate details within the kit, but basically give a rough idea regarding colour scheme and design. Away kit is white and red, and home is similar to the away, and reportedly has the colours reversed. Sorry, Imma die hard United fan and I have to say if this jersey is damn so awful and disgusting. I guess Adidas have to do something because an all red kit with white trim and the adidas stripes will always make me think Liverpool and I imagine that’s something Man Utd would be keen to avoid. We need a blue kit and the design of the shirt needs to be a tighter fit so that it doesn’t create drag when the player runs.
The shirt features a very unique collar design, while there’s a thin strip of black on the shoulder.
If this is Manchester United’s shirt for next season, what’s your opinion of it? Before shirts are officially unveiled, it’s always difficult to tell which leaked images actually feature photos of the real shirts versus ones that are fakes. For more Man United coverage, visit our Manchester United team page for news, analysis and opinions.
I am certainly no expert in the art of photo-shop, but does the Chevy ad not look horrendously incongruous?

The Chevvy Logo looks far too big to comply with FA regulations on advertising, it’s basically a remodel of this seasons shirt. Does anyone else, looking at this logo, suddenly see a cross that unintentionally could mean Man.
It’s that time of year again, every other day we have a new kit launch and Manchester United are the latest to follow suit.
Liverpool launched their new home kit a few days ago and now United fans can purchase next season’s away strip.
The dark blue strip is based on the historic 1968 kit United wore when they won their first ever European cup. A George Best inspired United saw off Benfica at Wembley to become the first ever English club to win Europe’s top competition. United fans would love a return to that kind of success but after last night’s loss to West Ham it looks more likely that the new kit will be worn in the Europa League rather than the Champions League.
The third shirt is predominantly black in colour and features the same graphic design (on the front) that is found on the hem of the new home and away kits.
United signed a world record £750million agreement with Adidas earlier this season to become the shirt manufacturer of the club. Premier League 2015-16 kit leaks: Are these the shirts Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United will be wearing?

They may or may not be 100% accurate (more likely to be prototypes created by manufacturers in the Far East), but that’s something we will know when the kits are officially unveiled. The car manufacturer’s logo is a central part of this design featuring the famous red of Manchester United with black trim. Just like Chevrolet, they’re poor quality and break down when you least expect them to. I think this could be a polo shirt and quite possibly one that may be official merchandise. Made by Adidas, the strip was officially unveiled on August 27, 2015 and has been branded as an away kit for Champions League fixtures. The home goalkeeper shirt is expected to be green, with the away goalkeeper shirt to be yellow and dark grey.

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