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Nike today unveiled the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, to be worn for the first time during tonight's match with Inter Milan. Manchester United signed a £53m shirt sponsor deal with Chevrolet this year, which starts from the 2014-15 season. While the current Manchester United Kit features no white design elements, the new ManU 2014-2015 Kit comes with a white Nike Swoosh and white sleeve cuffs. The Chevrolet logo on the Manchester United Kit features the usual colors of the enterprise, gold and white. The new Manchester United 14-15 Away Kit is mainly white with a classical black polo collar, which features a inconspicuous devil detail. The new Manchester United 2014-2015 Third Kit features two tones of blue, inspired by the club’s tradition of wearing blue kits throughout the 1980s. The home kit is pretty well designed, with Adidas’ trademark stripes on the shoulders as usual, black and white cross on the v-neck collar and end of sleeves with white Adidas logo to grace the chest. The Red Devil logo is the standard one on the other side of the chest above the white Chevrolet logo. The white away kit on the other hand, dominated by solid white torso, with red stripes over the shoulders and black and red on the v-neck. The Chevrolet writing is in black on top of the white background which makes it very visible. The stripes on the shoulders and neck are dark red with plain red orange-ish Adidas logo and MUFC logo on the chest.
It is basically a two tone kit; black and red orange except the Chevrolet logo which is white that makes it really stands out.

If you missed the previous leaks, this link will take you to MUFC’s leaked 2015-2016 jerseys and the fan renders, which you might find more attractive than these real ones. Chevrolet remain principal shirt sponsors, as can be seen in the pic below, with the likes of Juan Mata, Luke Shaw and DdG seen modelling the kit. Bad timing from the club to release the kit at a time when fans are baying for blood after the loss to West Ham. Wow, I didn’t think this would have actually been the kit when I saw the leaked pictures. It is the old dilemma: what do you do when there's a big football match on but you've been invited to a wedding at the same time? The new ManU 14-15 Away Kit was officially released on July 22, after the new ManU Home Shirt was unveiled on July 14.
The main color "diablo red" is combined with white applications and black details on the kit collar. United's current sponsor, Aon, will no longer appear on next season's strip.The Premier League champions may also see another big-money cash boost when their kit manufacturing deal is sown up.
The Adidas logo on the chest is red so it is very visible alongside the Man Utd logo on the other side of the chest. The sponsor’s logo on the torso actually looks much bigger and more noticeable on the black background and dark stripes. Made by Adidas, the new Man Utd jersey was officially unveiled on 11 May, 2016 and marks the first time in the club’s history that the away kit has been released before the home one. It’s predominantly blue with red accents, and will be paired with darker shorts and socks.

You’d think adidas would really make an effort for one of their flagship clubs, this just looks tired and lazy. They wore blue in the 68 Champions League final, it’s why they keep going back to it! The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet, while the shirts are again made by the US-giant Nike. The iconic Man Utd 2014-2015 Home Kit collar features one button and the colors red, black and white. United have been in talks with Nike to renew their 13-year deal but, according to Sportsmail's Charles Sale, the Reds are prepared another six months looking for the best deal before committing. It will go along well with new manager arrival next season – signifying a brand new start after the recent two dreadful and forgettable seasons. I would actually prefer that adidas replicate the classic blue speckled 1992 away kit, even just rerelease it! On the pitch, United are trying to get their season back on track after a shocking result against Olympiacos in the Champions League last week.United were comprehensively beaten in Athens in the round of 16 first leg but will be hoping to bounce back with a positive result when they travel to The Hawthorns on Saturday to take on West Bromwich Albion.

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