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The Global Expo in Manchester 29 October - 2 November will bring together 10,000 co-operators from far and wide - the perfect opportunity to put north west co-operatives on the map. Lunch from 12.30pm followed by inspirational tales of community based north west co-ops, featuring food and energy co-ops - how they got started and how they operate as co-ops. This year is Preston Guild Year and, as the co-operative movement grows, there will be a chance to influence CNW’s strategy for the next few years. The Rochdale based catering co-op is looking for directors with any of the following skills: book keeping, financial management, VAT, marketing and catering management.
The CNW website directory of North West co-ops is an important resource and can assit your organisation to secure new clients.
Co-operatives UK has  launched a website to give women from across the co-operative movement a place to collaborate, network and develop responses to 2020 Co-operatives Women's Challenge.
This is a new programme of funded activity through various partnerships across the North West. We are sure that you will have noticed the photo at the top of the newsletter adding some brightness. The first-ever game for the women's team of co-operatively owned football club, FC United, saw the side share seven goals as they went down 3-4 to Middleton Athletic Ladies, you can watch it here. The awards - run by Third Sector Magazine - are the leading awards for the charity, voluntary and third sector. North West Housing Services 2-day Summer Event - sponsored by Co-operatives North West - took place despite the wet weather, on 4 and 5 July. Co-operatives United website for the Global Expo in Manchester 29 October 2 November - The International Co-operative Alliance's culminating event for the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives. Ed Mayo speaks out on how employee owned businesses are growing faster than the UK economy, read about it here. FOLLOW CNW on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive instant updates on our news and events.
Co-operatives North West is funded by trading income, the Co-operative Enterprise Hub and European Regional Development Fund. Manchester United have come under a barrage of criticism after several female fans felt that the neckline of their new Adidas Ladies jersey showed more cleavage than required. Judging by these photos, looks like somebody at Man Utd specifically asked for these lowcut designs. Seriously though, Why can’t they have normal looking neckline such as on the Men’s shirts? Its only different because of the fact that the united mens top is v-neck whereas chelsea and bayern have roundnecked shirts, so the womens design will be different.
Lol I understand that some female supporters prefer a shirt that’s more feminine, but this Utd shirt is taking the mick a bit with the plunging neckline! Plus advice and information on starting a community co-op, including community assets, share issues, enterprise support, co-op clubs etc.

The first phase of the website has been developed by a group of women from across the co-operative movement and facilitated by Co-operatives UK.
CNW, a named partner in a small number of the programmes, has secured a contract to deliver advice and support about company formation, collaboration and merger. If you are a Co-operatives North West member, why not send us a photo or two (with explanatory captions) of your events?
Day one saw 60 local primary school children learn how to make cupcakes and play African drums. Co-operatives United is the perfect opportunity to put north west organisations on the map. The site will be developed further based on the inputs and ideas from women across the movement.
So CNW would like to get together a consortium of co-operators offering talks, workshops, etc and to co-ordinate the service on your behalf, including negotiating your fee, in return for a percentage.
Attend, speak, exhibit, sponsor - there are countless ways for you to get involved in this once in a lifetime event! This is a Co-operatives North West FREE event, sponsored by Preston City Council, all are welcome. Day two hosted various workshops and stalls aimed at raising awareness of co-operative business models. Rumors abound that her boyfriend had been thrown out of the party, and was the person who phoned the police. It was a great weekend enjoyed by all; watch this space for news of next year’s event!!
The call to the cops was in that instance placed by a stripper who had been hired to perform. The charges from that case were eventually dismissed – but not before her complaint surfaced the obscene racism and sexism of the culture of that team and that campus. Duke, as far from perfect as it is, is not an unreflective embodiment of patriarchy in and of itself – Duke has as many women students as men, anti-discrimination policies in hiring, and was recently led by a woman president. She agrees to it, no one forces her, what right does anyone else have to complain about it? Racism and sexism thrive within its walls, but the extreme versions of those attitudes manifested by players on that team do not represent the institution’s public face, or even its present mission. If no one forced them to do anything, and they dont seem to have a problem, then its no ones business.
The story of this party has been swallowed up by indifference to the ways that it reminds us of just what a patriarchal culture looks like.As scandalous as it is to admit, I can understand why someone might make a false rape accusation. Most of the people attending that party have little opportunity to consider what feels exploitative, abusive, disempowering and why – and what avenues are available to them to protest and resist the behavior, and the attitudes that behavior manifests.
Thats the kind of man you would like as a friend, but you wouldnt be at one of these parties would you?Your argument reeks of moralism and preachiness.

If nobody was forced to do anything, no wrong was done, and its none of your business, or mine for that matter, what goes on where behind who’s closed doors. I know guys say that in forums like this, but I don’t believe for a minute that they would say such a thing to their girlfriends, sisters, or mothers! Most of us aim to conduct ourselves by higher standards than those offered by criminal law. Manchester City (pictured right) however, does have one (the Man City ladies),and seems most proud of the fact!Man U ladies were disbanded by the organization in 2005. They’d be the richest by far in the country, and be at the top of the tables in a heartbeat! Most of the people attending that party have little opportunity to consider what feels exploitative, abusive, disempowering and why – and what avenues are available to them to protest and resist the behavior, and the attitudes that behavior manifests.
Not only does it make people less likely to believe a real victim, but a rape claim will stick with the accused forever, even if proven false.
The party was gross, and I dislike the double standards, and some of the fans’ responses to the party have been disappointing, reminding us of how the majority feel about rape and how to define it. On another note, perhaps part of Man U’s muted response has to do with the circus that was the Duke la crosse scandal, and they are taking a cue from that?
I suspect that many, if not all, of the signers of the advertisement say they are against the war in Iraq and are abhorred by the allegations of torture committed by U.S.
After all, when you make a bogus claim like this, you are putting some other person at risk of going to jail for all those years, so all people making claims of rape that turn out to be false, should spend this amount of time in jail.To say that you would like such a guy as a friend is disgusting.
My mother was raped and I was the result, your words fill me with revulsion.Oh, and even without that line, the article was really really poor. It was obvious right from the off that the article was written by a woman – not because it was poor, but because it was adhering to the notion of the world being unfair to women, that all things should be equal when clearly there are differences in circumstances. Even though they play for less time and sell less tickets?Should Man United also provide football schools for disabled children? This is purely on ability – of course, someone with a minor disability could make it, and I hope they do.
Steering clear of most of your remarks, let me just ask: if it’s all about the money, why does Man U offer training for girls under 16?
If it’s all about the money (and not about how hard you work, or how many games you play),then shouldn’t they be paid more?

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