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EA has made a big effort to get as many official face scans in FIFA 16 this year, but we can still see that there are many missing which look a bit suspect. Manchester United’s Memphis Depay is one of the biggest culprits, as his current face in the game is highly questionable and we can see that many of you are feeling the same sadness over this on social media.
Newcastle player Georginio Wijnaldum is another player who’s face is missing from the game.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A Sky Sports update on Monday that told us just about nothing left Christian Benteke’s future typically up in the air.
Giggsy is very well respected in Europe, I’d say more so than any British player of the last 15 years. Xavi will need protection from Sergi Busquets but he can look after himself, and while I think he may start cautiously, expect him to exert a greater influence as the final wears on. Memphis Depay took to social media on Thursday afternoon to pay tribute to his mother as the Netherlands star prepares for life at Manchester United.
The winger, who is set to join up with his new team-mates as they embark on their pre-season training regime, agreed a deal to join United from PSV Eindhoven back in May as Louis van Gaal moved quickly to get his summer transfer dealings under way. Depay used social media to pay tribute to his mum, as he shared the picture above of himself with his mother Cora on his Instagram account. Depay officially became a Red Devils player on Wednesday after United agreed a ?25m deal with PSV for the Netherlands international back in May. He was instrumental in PSV ending Ajax’s hold on the Eredivisie crown after the 21-year-old winger scored 22 goals and made eight assists in 28 top-flight games. He previously played under Red Devils manager Louis van Gaal in the Dutch set-up and was part of the 63-year-old’s World Cup squad last summer.
The only way you can officially register your vote is via the FIFA website, so head over and vote for your favourite.
The winner will be announced in January as part of the 2015 Ballon d’Or gala in Zurich.
Some bloody fine goals in there but Pies’ vote definitely goes to Marcel Ndjeng for his bullet volley against Bolton.

Carli Lloyd because of the occasion and the culmination of one of the great sporting performances I’ve ever seen.
If someone scored from midfield to complete their hat-trick in the final of the men’s World Cup, that would most definitely win the Puskas. I really don’t understand why Mediocre English footballers have such inflated price tags. I definitely meant it, why do you hate on me so much, if lionel messi did this you wouldn’t question it but because I am having a hard time I guess I am the easy target. The reason is that there are always guys who leave on a free or for very cheap because they are at the end of their deals and the buying club would rather just wait to get them free or the selling club is just trying to get SOMETHING for their soon to be departing player. Surely a better evaluation of a squad’s value is its payroll, since everyone no matter how you got them on your roster has to be paid, and that pay is based on their value to your team.
At least show the video of the pass, you know one that’s long enough where Downing actually sees the the run of Gerrard beforehand? Harry Kane’s girlfriend was confronted with a larger-than-life version of the Tottenham striker after watching the forward fire Spurs to a 4-1 win over West Ham United on Sunday afternoon. Mauricio Pochettino’s men were in top form as they secured a 4-1 victory over the Hammers at White Hart Lane to move to within four points of Premier League leaders Leicester City after 13 games.
Kane then fired in his second after half-time, before Kyle Walker added a fourth for the home side as Manuel Lanzini’s late goal ended up as a consolation for the Hammers.
And Kane’s girlfriend Katie Goodland took some time out to pose with a photographic version of the striker after the game at White Hart Lane. The former Olympique de Marseille boss will not distinguish between performances on the field and their influence off it.
For the opening match of the European Championship between France and Romania, Antoine Griezmann played 66 minutes and Paul Pogba 78. Could Deschamps now go further and drop one or both for the match against Albania on Wednesday?
Even if the suggestion of one of the star pairing dropping to the bench remains no more than speculation for now, the two men know they have to reach a higher level. Friday’s win over Romania might only have been a warning, but if the same episode occurs against Albania, it would be no surprise to see one of the two men pushed to the bench for the final group match against Switzerland.

These are just from our own observations that we have seen while enjoying the game, we’re sure that you can list plenty of others from your favorite teams. His club, Aston Villa, it was announced, had received no bids for him and were hopeful he would sign a new contract. The main difference is, Giggs is past his prime (yes, even though he is the current PFA Player of the Year), while Xavi is at the very top of his game. Rather than a surprise result, it may come by way of team selection, as France might leave out one of their aces, Paul Pogba or Antoine Griezmann. He has a long history of making hard-nosed decisions and there is no reason to suggest that this will change during Euro 2016. It was a strong signal from the coach that he finished in a 4-2-3-1 formation, having replaced his side’s two greatest stars, who failed to accomplish their respective missions. In the World Cup of 2014 in Brazil, he did not hesitate to cut the Juventus man to the bench after a disappointing match against Honduras in the opening game of the competition. It seemed every time he was in possession, he tried something overly extravagant, as if playing to entertain in an exhibition match.
A leader like Patrice Evra, for example, is always in the team because he is a player capable of rallying his squad when they come under pressure. On too many occasions it did not come off, and there was certainly a sense that his decision making was influenced by the pressure placed on him prior to the tournament.
7-9 are my favorites, also my favorite goal in the last year(ish) was Aaron Ramseys ridiculous leftfooted volley vs. A quick bit of research into his time at Boro and Villa would show you how highly thought of he was there.

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