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All three of Manchester United kits for next season have allegedly been leaked online as Adidas’ first set of merchandise with the 20-time league champions in over a decade hits the web.
The Red Devils are looking likely to be wearing the Champions League icon on their sleeves next season after moving eight points clear of fifth-placed Liverpool following their fifth consecutive victory in the Premier League. Their fourth in that run came against their bitter rivals, Liverpool, who may have to resign to playing in the Europa League next season despite making a brief and unsuccessful return to the top echelon in Europe in the current campaign. If you see a comment not adhering to rules 1 & 2 please email [email protected] and this comment will be reviewed by a member of the Squawka editorial team. This comment section is here to let football fans talk about football, not to allow people to sell or push products. You must not insert links to websites or submit content which would be an infringement of copyright. Please respect these rules when commenting on Squawka News; people will disagree from time to time but please try to see each other's point of view before getting all worked up, that helps no one. Manchester United to debut new away kit against Aston VillaThese are Man Utd's 2015-16 Away and Third Shirts. It is only logical that the white Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Away Strip will be revealed ahead of the second Premier League match of the season away at West Ham on August 14. However, it's quite a surprise that the stylish Man Utd 2015-16 Away Shirt will be launched on the matchday itself. Manchester United will face Club Brugge in the Champions League play-off on August 18 and August 26. The new Adidas 2015-2016 Champions League Third Kits for Bayern Munchen, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid were launched on August 27 ahead of the brand's #BETHEDIFFERENCE World Finals in Marseille.
It's the first time in the history of the German brand that they bring together European powerhouses Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Chelsea FC and Juventus for a 'unique celebration of football in Marseille', which will also see the unveiling of the stunning Adidas 2015-2016 Champions League Jerseys.

Adidas 2015-2016 Champions League KitsThis is the new Adidas 2015-16 Third Shirt for Real Madrid.
The new Adidas 15-16 Champions League Away Jerseys combine a dark main color with striking colors to create modern designs for Adidas' best clubs. Our favorite is definitely the new Adidas Juventus 15-16 Third Kit, while we don't like the bold Adidas Milan 15-16 Third Kit fading from a dark green shirt to yellow socks. What four kits have in common are striking 'board shorts' to create a gradient design from shirt to socks, while the new Bayern Munich and Real Madrid 15-16 Third feature standard shorts - quite boring. Interestingly, the new Chelsea 15-16 Third Jersey was already launched on 21 August 2015 and debuted in the Premier League match against West Bromwich.
Manchester united adidas home jersey 2015 - 2016, You are shopping for a genuine manchester united adidas home replica shirt. Manchester united 2016 adidas pre-match jersey & anthem jacket, Manchester united football club technical partner adidas has launched the red devil’s 2016 pre-match jersey and anthem jacket. Mississippi man who tried to join isis with fiancee gets 8 years in prison - A mississippi man who in 2015. Manchester united adidas home jersey 2015 - 2016 - You are shopping for a genuine manchester united adidas home replica shirt. Manchester united 2016 adidas pre-match jersey & anthem jacket - Manchester united football club technical partner adidas has launched the red devil’s 2016 pre-match jersey and anthem jacket.
SOCCERTODAY – The prime ministers of Serbia and Albania said on Sunday they had agreed to postpone a meeting scheduled for this coming week following a diplomatic row over a soccer game between the two nations. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. SOCCERTODAY – Stoke came from behind to beat Swansea 2-1 at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday as they climbed to 10th in the English Premier League table.

This gamer wants to create a hybrid team between two nations that go on to win the World Cup, and people love it judging by the response from fans with 47,000 views and over 2,300 positive ratings. You can also follow the YouTube channel for Finch if you want to watch the next video within this Nation Combination Series.
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The new Manchester United 2015-2016 Away Kit will be launched on 14 August 2015, while the new Manchester United 15-16 Third Shirt is set to be revealed on August 27, according to Manchester United photographer Craig Norwood.
We can easily imagine that Man Utd will enter the pitch wearing the "unknown kit", similar to Spurs' Third Kit debut against Real Madrid on August 5. While the opening match is at Old Trafford, the Red Devils won't be able to debut the bold Black, White and Red against the Belgian side because of the color clash with Club Brugge's black and blue Home Shirt. Adidas gathered some of the world's best 2 2v2 players for the final of the 2v2 tournament, which will be attended by Adidas players such as Oscar, Azpilicueta, Mexes and Montolivo. Let us know in the comments below, and check out all pictures of the striking Chelsea, Man Utd, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Milan and Real Madrid 15-16 Third Kits.
Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. We’d love to see Manchester United FC’s Van Persie playing along side Marco Reus within a England and Germany nation combination to go on to win the World Cup in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, how about you?
Let us know the teams you’d love to see combined next, after watching the gameplay video below of course.

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