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Nike remain the kit manufacturers, but as has been common knowledge for some time there has been a two letter switch in shirt sponsor from this season, with AIG replaced by insurance and risk management firm AON. Aon, the new shirt sponsor, features on the front of the shirt, while inside the shirt on the back of the club crest is the club’s mantra, ‘Believe’.
EINDHOVEN - Memphis Depay verlaat PSV aan het einde van dit seizoen voor Manchester United. Technisch manager Marcel Brands van PSV bevestigt de transfer, maar hij benadrukt dat al het noodzakelijke papierwerk in de komende dagen eerst moet worden afgehandeld en dat de speler ook nog een medische keuring moet ondergaan."Sportief gezien verliezen we natuurlijk een fantastische speler, die van grote waarde is voor het team.
Uniteda€™s Champions League run and new sponsorship deals have put the club on course for a bumper financial season.The club today announced significant rises in income and profits for the three-month period ending December 2012.
Six new sponsorship deals have seen commercial revenues rise 29 per cent compared to the same period in 2011.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United when he was 18-years-old, when he was deemed a one-trick pony and spoke little English. Following a summer of fussing, Ronaldo has stayed at United although how permanent that will be is unknown. Ronaldo was then asked was it his dream to continue playing in that number 7 shirt for Manchester United, no other team, to which he was rather hesitant. I love United and i love the players, but every day i'm becoming more and more disinterested in anything this boy has to say.
He is a foreign player and no doubt plenty of foreign players harbour ambitions of one day playing elsewhere after doing well in the premier league. Sure he ain't the chirpiest chap in the world, but he is in a cold wet country and whilst playing for a big great team, it is not the team he always one day wanted to play for.
When he does go he will have played a massive part in the club's recent achievements AND we will get a big transfer fee for him. I agree spence, wos stupid question and am glad ronaldo gave the answer he did because we all know what he was trying to get out of ronaldo.
Ronaldo e a good player I am to see him winning the FIFA footballer of the Year in Unted Shirt, then he can go ever where he wants, Madrid or not, it up of him, Sir Alex in making a new team, strong anough to win more and more trophied, i really Loves Ronaldo Playing for my Man Utd, but it seams like he did enough for us.
Rooney will never get the number 7 shirt, not after he recently said the number 10 shirt was the most important at the club. I'm not part of the boo Ronaldo crowd(i'm beyond caring enough for whatever he does to even boo or hate him, i just don't care about him anymore), but really who do you all think you are telling others what to think of him?? Ok people, there's 1 thing almost everyone seems to have missed -- did Ronaldo even understand the question fully? To me it seemed he was a bit confused the 1st time he heard it, because the reporter did ask it in a pretty roundabout way. The history boys: United adopted the Newton Heath colours as a third-choice kit and their players and staff dressed up to celebrate the centenary of the cluba€™s entry to the Football League in 1892.

Newton Heath, of course, was the name of the club a€” formed in 1878 a€” from which the modern United was to grow. There are, however, some peculiar similarities that may make some of the cluba€™s more cynical supporters smile a little. The kit was subject to a lot of rumour and speculation, with whispers of leaks and dodgy photos from random dressing room cupboards doing the rounds for a while, but here is the official kit as unveiled on United’s official website today.
Not a bad sponsor to lean on and perhaps get a few tips from for a club boasting hundreds of millions of pounds worth of debt. The shade of red looks a tad pale for a United shirt, while I’m not convinced by the shoulder stripes. The players are going out there to roll around in the grass not to some tea party to flirt! Maar heel PSV gunt hem deze prachtige stap", aldus Brands.Hereniging met Louis van GaalIn Manchester komt Memphis een oude bekende tegen. Things have changed a great deal since then, with the first individual award of the season coming his way in the form of the FIFPro World Player of the Year. It includes an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mikael Silvestre, a Q&A with the country's top journalists about our transfer targets, articles by brilliant United writers, and so much more.
Even watching him play for United, i no longer jump to the edge of my seat with great anticipation of what he's going to do next.
The question was actually 'you dream of playing in number 7 shirt for Manchester United, nowhere else'. I would like to see him with us at least for more 5 years, but i do not believe it will Happen. Some people, not everyone likes him or kisses his a$$, people will always have different opinions of him. After hearing it a 2nd time, he still didn't get it fully, so he just talked about his dreams since that's the keyword he must've caught, as asking the reporter to repeat a 3rd time would be embarrassing.
Back row (left to right): Lee Sharpe, Dion Dublin, Peter Schmeichel, Les Sealey, Eric Cantona, Gary Pallister. Or the Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways Football Club, to give it its full and proper title.For six years, during two spells in the late 19th century, the club wore a green and gold strip. In the region of 15,000 were in evidence as United beat Portsmouth at Old Trafford at the weekend. Anti-Glazer banners have been removed a€” allegedly with force a€” from Old Trafford, while one steward with 19 yearsa€™ service claims he was sacked after attempting to return one to supporters in the club car park.At Milan in the Champions League next week, there are unlikely to be any offending slogans either. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Spent two years as a staff writer at FourFourTwo magazine and have interviewed some of the most famous players on the planet. He has a few winners medals to his name, including the one he really wanted, the Champions League, and has attracted attention from the biggest clubs in the World.

A lot has been said of the crowd no longer chanting for him every 3 seconds, but the buzz of stadium when he gets the ball has also diminished this season.
It fuckin hurts me on my left ball to hear United fans venting their anger at our very own Ronaldo!
He didn't even mention his classic, "the future god only knows." I always suspected he was talking about Fergie.
Middle row: Andrei Kanchelskis, Brian Kidd, Mike Phelan, Darren Ferguson, Steve Bruce, Lee Martin, Alex Ferguson, Mark Hughes. And it is these colours that have become the symbol of a growing resistance to the Glazersa€™ ownership.It is said that 30,000 green and gold scarves have been sold since they were produced at the behest of the Manchester United Supporters Trust two or three weeks ago. Last night, there were plenty in the away section, too.Just five minutes into the game they were being swirled above fansa€™ heads as the travelling support began their a€?Love United, Hate Glazersa€™ refrain. This is the first time United will sport a collar since Nike became their kit makers in 2002.
Two banners expressing opposition to the Americans and chief executive David Gill were decked in those colours, too.Already the scarf has become a remarkable symbol.
But at Wembley in the Carling Cup final at the end of the month, United are expected to face last nighta€™s opponents against a backdrop of green and gold.United, of course, have traditionally embraced their own history a€”but the fact their supporters are now looking to a bygone age to attempt to shame them musttrouble the current board.
Ze hadden samen veel succes op het WK in Brazilie, waar Nederland op plek drie eindigde.Volgens Brands geeft vooral het feit dat Depay uit de eigen opleiding komt deze transfer een gouden randje. I was pleased with the answer but sad people want to drag it up, giving the reporter what he wants. Dreamed up in a room above a pub in Stretford, it has already proved more effective than anything any of Uniteda€™s handsomely-paid marketing directors could have come up with. United fans, blessed with so much talent in Sir Alex Fergusona€™s squad, are remembering previous players not for their ability but for their authenticity.Once, back in the early 1990s, United produced a commemorative green and gold away strip, designed to remind people of Newton Heath.
Met beide clubs sprak de aanvaller ook, maar tot een transfer kwam het niet.Brands is namens PSV erg blij dat Depay en Mancunian wordt. He's in a league of his own, not even Rooney can come close (mind you i LOVE Rooney) and you lot (Ronaldo-hatres) know it too! Memphis heeft alle teams van de PSV-jeugdopleiding doorlopen en heeft een belangrijk aandeel gehad in de landstitel van dit jaar. Eerder maakten Jaap Stam en Ruud van Nistelrooy al de overstap van PSV naar Manchester United.

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