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Electronics giant Sharp (SHCAY) has sponsored protest shirts worn by Manchester United fans angry at the club's owners for burdening the team with debt. Instead, fans wore green-and-gold shirts, the colors the club played in at its birth in 1878 as (I'm not making this up) the Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club.
In that context, Sharp's move to get back onto United's protest shirts is a marketing coup of the first stripe.
Well played, sir!*Correction: I updated these numbers based on a more recent story from Bloomberg.

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It's a stroke of genius that will be closely watched by other sports brand managers and sponsors. That type of behavior can be a disaster for clubs as shirt sales form a significant revenue stream in football, particularly for overseas fans, and sponsor deals assume a certain level of exposure from fans walking around in the shirt. That was unfortunate for StanChart, as the bank had almost nothing to do with Liverpool's problems.

It's cheap, it re-associates the Sharp name with the team in a way that fans will adore, it inoculates the brand against the type of misuse experienced by StanChart, and it will generate tons of free PR and TV exposure when cameras pan the Old Trafford crowd during games.It also opens up a wealth of possibilities for other brands to execute guerrilla sponsorships at cut-price rates with top-flight clubs.
Because the economics of football are so dire -- there's a reason these international clubs are so bogged down with junk bonds -- fans are frequently in conflict with owners.

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