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Nike s most environmentally friendly ever kit honours the club s illustrious past with a bold new design. Whilst the new Manchester United 2012-2013 football kit combines modern sport and youth style to give the club an iconic new look, Nike s innovation gives the team our most technologically advanced kit to aid athlete comfort and performance. The work ethic between the city and the football club is something Nike, Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson have been keen to emphasize. The new Manchester United home kit 2012-13 is available to pre-order now and will be available from 1st July. Manchester United themselves have not yet commented on the leak, but they look genuine and have the feel of a typical Adidas shirt. Despite the new kits looking much better than the current crop, they are not helped by the hideous Chevrolet logo emblazoned on the front. United fans have been highly vocal about the size and style of the American car manufacturer’s branding, but after a ?47 million per year was agree for the next seven seasons, it looks set to stay for a long time yet. The away kit is all white except for some red trim (bearing more than a passing resemblance to Liverpool’s away kits when their shirt was made by Adidas), while the third kit is all black with a red trim and a red club crest.
Today we can show the new Manchester United 14-15 Prematch Jerseys and Training Kits, which are made by Nike. The new Manchester United 14-15 pre-match shirts will be worn during the warm-up ahead of a match. The back of the shirt comes with the lettering Manchester United, which is white for the red shirt and red for the black pre-match kit. The new Machester United 14-15 Training Kits are rather simple and feature inverted colors. It is a classy design from Man United, who will hope that Louis van Gaal can lead his side out in the Champions League wearing the kit next season, but their task has been made much more difficult this week. Should they have held onto their lead at Upton Park last night, Man Utd would have moved up into fourth place and one point above Manchester City heading into the final game of the season at home to Bournemouth.
Manchester United have conceded 34 goals in the Premier League this season – the second fewest in the top flight.
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The new away kit takes inspiration from the classic strip worn by Man Utd teams from the 60’s, including the famous Busby Babes. United are also due to launch a black third kit, which should be released sometime later this month. The new Manchester United 16-17 home kit was finally officially released this morning, on the club's pre-season tour in China. Adidas and Manchester United signed a world-record kit deal in 2014 which came into effect with the start of the current season.
Manchester United 16-17 Home KitThis is the new Adidas Manchester United 2016-2017 home kit.
Inspired by the green and yellow shirts worn by its predecessor club Newton Heath, the Manchester United 2016-17 home jersey sports a half-and-half design in two shades of red. Contrary to the current Manchester United home kit, the new 2016-2017 Manchester United jersey comes with a modern collar in the same color as the shirt, while a yellow and red Newton Heath plaque-like graphic is displayed on the inside of the Manchester United 16-17 shirt.
In line with Adidas' Euro 2016 efforts, the brand's iconic three stripes are positioned on the side of the Manchester United 16-17 home shirt instead of their more traditional position on the shoulders and sleeves. As always, the new Manchester United home shirt gets combined with white shorts and black socks, both based on Adidas' new Euro 2016 kit templates and featuring details in red. Manchester United football club s success has been founded on the traditional values of respect and hard work.
When asked how important the similarities between Manchester United and the city of Manchester were, Sir Alex answered: Well, I think the great similarity is the industrial part of Manchester, which has always been there, like the cotton mills. Now you've seen the new gingham design we'd love to hear what you think of the new Manchester United soccer jersey?
Manchester United is currently in talks with several brands to negotiate a record breaking deal with a kit supplier to make the Manchester United kits from the 2015-16 season. The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits will be presented in Summer 2014 and are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet. Manchester United 14-14 Pre-match shirts are available in two different colorways, while one is mainly black and the other mainly red.
Both training kits are based on the new Nike 14-15 training template, which is also used for the pink FC Barcelona 14-15 Training Shirts. Please refrain from insulting other users, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you more correct or valid in your point of view.
The Red Devils, who opened their campaign with a win over Tottenham, will wear the away kit when they take on Aston Villa this weekend. It’s quite similar to the home kit- check out the v-neck and the graphic design on the hem.

United know how to do it by releasing the shirts after the kit numbers are released, so nobody buys their star striker’s name on it before he changes number a few months afterwords. Made by Adidas and featuring Chevrolet as sponsor, the Manchester United 2016-17 jersey is already available to buy.
After the first Adidas Manchester United home kit boasted a classic design, the new Manchester United 2016-17 home jersey is more adventurous. This style is continued onto the sleeves, while the front halves are connected through a hexagon detail, which also appears in other parts of the shirt and the rest of Manchester United's 16-17 Adidas collection. Let us know in the comments below, and also check out more kits for the upcoming season in our Kits Overview. Those values are what made Manchester the city it is and from the mid 18th century the cotton mills there were prolific in the industry. For instance, Manchester United started from a railway background and if you look at the club, it has always had a great work ethic about it, and the players who have been successful in this club have adopted that fantastic work ethic.
On the front of the kit features a victory v-design created with small lines, while on the sleeves appears a black stripe.
From those mills came the gingham fabric, an iconic check that like Manchester United is famous around the world and is now - for the first time - used on a Manchester United home shirt. Temperature regulation is helped by ventilation zones, consisting of a series of tiny laser cut holes from the under arms to the waistband, allowing air to circulate to keep players comfortable. That is what Manchester is really; it s a working class city, with working class people - and that s our history". The inner back neck graphic on the shirt reads, Forged in Industry, Striving for Glory ; paying tribute to the cities industrial past but also the club s hard-working ethos.
This innovative manufacturing process reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to manufacturing traditional polyester. Since 2010 Nike has used an estimated 1115 million recycled plastic bottles to create its high performance kits.
It is a bit different from last year s kit and it has moved on which Manchester United, both on and off the pitch, like to try and do.

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