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After last week’s story that Everton are planning on unveiling a new club crest this summer, there were reports that Manchester United were possibly considering a new crest too. Meanwhile, here are photos of what appears to be Manchester United’s new home jersey and Man United away jersey for the 2013-14 season.
Harris, who was born and raised in Wales, has lived in Florida since 1984, and supported Swansea City since 1979. I not a huge fan of putting European Cup stars on versions of shirts worn in domestic leagues but it’s the German thing to do these days. You may also remember that Ryan Giggs was on the front cover for the 2003 edition, and Paul Scholes was the star in 2001. Amazingly, FIFA 15 will be the first ever edition of the game to not feature Giggsy at all. New Liverpool 2014-15 Kits - the new Liverpool 2014-15 Away Kit was released ahead of the friendly against Shamrock Rovers, while the new Liverpool 14-15 Third Shirt was unveiled today.
The new Liverpool 14-15 Kits feature rather normal designs compared to the previous efforts from Warrior for the Merseyside team.
The Liverpool 2014-15 Home Kit is mainly red with white details, while the Liverpool badge is golden, same as in the last two seasons with Warrior.
Liverpool 14-15 Home Shirt features a white trim on the collar as well as on the side of the shirt and the sleeves. Liverpool 14-15 Away Kit is yellow with a simple collar and red trims around the shoulder area as well as on the sides of the shirt. The Liverpool 2014-15 Third Kit is probably the most experimental of the three, it is mainly black with a red convertible collar and dark grey hoops on the front.
The views expressed on this noticeboard are expressed by the fans themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of Manchester United or any of its representatives. The bottom red kit will never work as a home kit just looks too foreign and against United tradition but the others are nice.
Really hope this is our shirt,addidas make the best footy shirts,very classic look, love it..
Really like this one, all the others are worse than any of the Nike ones though in my opinion, but people's tastes differ. This is beautiful, couldn't see it all from the other picture posted but I really like this. Just a little forum tip for everyone - when you're posting images put img=500x500 (or similar) in your brackets, the numbers are the height and width of the image. What could have been one of the best kits of the season has been let down by a party that is neither the club nor the manufacturer. The sleeve cuff mimic the shirt's collar, starting with a thick white band before terminating in black.

With that kind of money, Chevrolet shareholders would hope that their investment would get its money's worth, especially due to the fact that it is far and away the most expensive shirt sponsorship deal in history. Manchester United's new kit is available for pre-order immediately and will go on general sale later in the month. But those have been shown to be untrue, and the above crest is a fake — created by someone with a sharp eye for how crests can be improved. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Guardian and several other publications. A gameplay ad is released for every FIFA game, and this footage is invariably used in the intro sequence at the start of the game. FIFA 07 was the first edition on that generation of consoles, released in the year we reclaimed the title after that barren spell. We were reinstating ourselves as the top team in the country; winning the league, if not coming second and challenging in Europe. Well (for me) this acts as a sort of allegory or mirroring of our success in the last 10 years.
These 3 players could form the core of Mourinho’s United, and they’re all already at the club Jose Mourinho: the man to lead United back to the top? At the Emirates they will be playing in their usual red with white sleeves and away from north London their top, seemingly modelled by Olivier Giroud, is yellow with dark blues sleeves. The designs of the new Liverpool 2014-15 Home, Away and Third Kits by Warrior Sports were leaked via draws by RAWK user fumler some months ago.
Especially the Liverpool 14-15 Away and Third Kits are more traditional after the last two seasons with rather crazy designs for the Away and Alternative shirts.
The sleeve cuffs of the Liverpool 2014-15 Home Kit are white, while a "Geometric LFC jacquard print" features on the shirt.
The sleeves of the new Liverpool 14-15 Third Shirt are black while the lower side is grey and the sleeve cuffs are red. The viewing and posting of messages on this noticeboard is subject to the Forum Terms, which can be viewed here. United's home kits are always red and most often with white , rarely black will replace the white, one on or two occasions they have had both black and white to supplement the red. The aforementioned collar is a unique stand design that is mostly white but features black trim around the top and a buttoned closure at its bottom.
The pennant tab on the inside of the neck reads "Youth, Courage, Greatness" and echoes the values of the club while the back of the neck, on the outside of the shirt, features a small black devil.
It is however let down by the unmissable, oversized Chevrolet logo that sits right in the center of the chest. That kind of financial outlay means that Chevy arguably could and should do whatever they want based on the club and league's guidelines and if that means having an eyesore of a logo on the shirt, so be it.

Ce samedi c’est au tour de Liverpool de nous presenter sa nouvelle tunique, similaire a celle de cette saison. Inspires de ceux des annees 60, les nouveaux equipements de Liverpool seront portes des le debut de la saison prochaine.
Plus he has made appearances on NPR, BBC World, CBC, BBC Five Live, talkSPORT and beIN SPORT.
We were actually the second best team in Europe during that time, only losing out to what I’m sure will be looked back on as the best Barcelona team in history. Obviously, this is a testament to Ryan’s longevity and quality over the last 24 years. We had a terrible year, tumbling from champions to seventh place, and missing out on European football. I’ve invested a lot of time in FIFA from my early teens to my late twenties, so it means something to me. The back of the shirt comes with the 96 logo to commemorate the events at Hillsborough in 1989. Liverpool first had a black change kit in 2002-03 and it has been frequently used since then, last time for the 2012-13 Away Kit, which was already made by Warrior. The most suitable for United one that looks like a united kit, also most beautiful, the the one above the Norton kit.
The button itself is red with black trim and the words "Manchester United Football Club" embossed inside the perimeter.
It would be nice to send that year down the memory hole, 1984-style, erasing it from history, but I think we need to learn that having a bad year can maybe ground us. That’s why the fact that our invitation for FIFA 15 prominence got lost in the post grates me so much.
The deal is set to last for seven years and reportedly set to pay a total of close to $600 million for Manchester United. We wholly deserved all the recognition we were given, including prominent positioning in FIFA 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 & 14. Now, as a result of our undeniable underperformance, we’ve been omitted from the FIFA 15 marketing campaign.

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