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An overall nice kit, although I would prefer to see the badge in colour, and as stated before, nicer shorts! So we’ll see this as a template for Dundee United, FC Genk and other Nike clubs in 2 or 3 years then?
Another EPL season is just around the corner, and while most teams are getting ready in merry old England, a few squads (Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Stoke, Swansea, and Tottenham) are doing preseason tours in the US. 1) Swansea City Home - Classic Adidas design, love the gold and white combo and the gold coloring of sponsor, kit, and team logo.
3) Liverpool Home - Newcomer Warrior hits it out of the park with their first EPL kit and the return of the Liver bird! 4) Everton Home - Switched from Le Coq Sportif (good riddance) to a small Oregon-based manufacturer.
5) Manchester United Away - Wasn't digging the henley style kit at first, but it's growing on me.
7) Wigan Away - Big fan of the black this year, and the Latics jersey is another great one with bright yellow coloration, nice texture, and a team logo that looks skull-like (yes, I know it's a tree). 8) Chelsea Home - Gotta love the use of gold for a team that sneakily won the Champions League this year.
This season Manchester United will play in a striking blue and black away kit, inspired by the blue kits worn in several of the club’s most famous victories, including the 1948 FA Cup final and the 1968 European Cup final.
The new away shirt consists of a royal blue body and sleeves with hoops made of small midnight navy blue and black stripes. The pattern of the shirt is modelled on a previous United away shirt, which consisted of red and white hoops and was worn between 1932 and 1939.

The shorts are entirely black except for the same hoop from the shirt, consisting of 11 midnight navy blue and black stripes at the bottom of the back of each leg.
The new away kit is made from Nike’s ground-breaking recycled polyester – which for the first time includes both the shirt and shorts. According to the leaked photos of the new Manchester United kits for 2012-2013, the current home and away colours will be retained for next season, as can be seen in the photos below.
The new Manchester United 2013-14 Home Kit comes in traditional red color and has a classical buttoned black collar.
Manchester United's 2013-14 Home Kit shorts are white with a black trim at the lower end on the backside. The Manchester United 13-14 Home Kit socks are black and feature a red stripe which has a white line placed in the center.
In Champions League matches it is expected that Manchester United will continue to wear white socks as they traditionally do. Manchester United 13-14 Goalkeeper Home KitThis is the new Manchester United 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit. The new Manchster United 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit features the same basic template as the new Barcelona 13-14 GK Home and Away Shirts. As we said when we first clapped eyes on the home one, while Nike’s attempts to reflect the industrial history are admirable, why not use the Gingham a little more delicately? The jersey is paired with black shorts and white socks, as can be seen in the pictures below. The socks are black with a white devil from the club crest on the calf and a royal blue band at the top.

Each complete kit is made up of up to 13 reclaimed plastic water bottles, reducing energy consumption by up to 30 per cent. Obviously these photos may or may not be the real deal, but the new United kits 12-13 are said to have a tartan design that pays tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s long stay at the club. It's the last time Aon will be the Shirt sponsor of Manchester United after Chevrolet took over the deal. The Nike logo is white and placed on the front below the red stripe, with the writing MUFC featuring on the back side.
If it was a plain polo-style collar (a la Liverpool’s Warrior kits) then it would be much better.
Other reports suggest that the kits are inspired from Gingham, the fabric which originated from the mills of Manchester. Unlike other years the new Manchester United 13-14 Goalkeeper Kits come with unique design of diagonal small black and grey stripes on the front of the shirt. It doesn’t matter though because the faithful will wear it unless you get a NUFC type rebellion.

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