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This is the season for kit leaks and there’s another one going around the internet heavily rumouring the picture below to be the new Arsenal away kit for 2012-13. As always, there’s no guarantee this is the real deal, which we will only know when the club officially releases its 12-13 strip.
Unless the blackcurrant stripes are more purple than red i can’t see this being the away shirt.
Sir Alex Ferguson has already vowed to add fresh blood to his squad after securing the Premier League title, but it seems it’s not just the playing staff set for a change at Old Trafford.
Starting from next season, United are said to be moving to a more traditional red, white and black design that will take pride of place on their new Nike kit.
Speculation has been rife for months about a possible change of logo at Old Trafford – in line with many other top clubs such as Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea who have all made the switch in recent years.
It seems with United’s historic 20th title under their belts, now is the perfect time for a change.
Manchester United have changed home kits on an annual basis, with the exception of one season, since 2006 and for 2014-15 they will proudly brandish Chevrolet's logo instead of Aon, their sponsors over the last four years.
Nike's partnership with United began just when the American sportswear giants' kit designs began to regress, which hardens the credibility of the unofficial image.

Sporting a thick black strip and equally thick black trimmings, it looks like something a Formula 1 pit lane official would wear.
The views expressed on this noticeboard are expressed by the fans themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of Manchester United or any of its representatives. It looks like a computer generated image to me, where-as the bottom one is an actual photograph of a real shirt.
The layout of the logos and designs on the top one is a little more spaced out, which gives it a better look. The top two look really good, but the way things have been going for Utd the last two years, we will probably get one similar to the last one. Parceira oficial da FIFA, a Adidas parece ter seguido ainda mais de perto esse padrão.
Pode ser que a FIFA realmente tenha orientado as marcas a fazer isso para os terceiros uniformes de clubes. Arsenal’s new 12-13 jersey will be made by Nike and this leaked design seems to suggest that Nike are going to revert to the blackcurrant design that the Gunners wore not too long ago.
Seems to be more authentic than the last design, but as always, we’ve got to wait for the official jersey release to be sure.

It’s quite similar in design to the alternate (essentially inverting the colours) and is said to be reasonably close enough (if not fully!) to the real deal.
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I really like the one on the mannequin, with maybe just a few less stripes, maybe plain cuffs on the T arms!
Pode ser que as fornecedoras tenham preferido seguir essa tendência do Mundial apenas para este ano. Na modesta opinião do editor do Guia do Boleiro que vos escreve, isso parece um pretexto elegante para tentar esconder que o verdadeiro motivo seria o de tentar diminuir a quantidade de erros da arbitragem.

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