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Site all the wallpaper, are collected from Internet, belongs to original author, please do not used for commercial purposes ! Ramsey revealed his new bleached blond hair style in a photograph on Instagram during Wednesday a€?I want to make an impression on the field,a€™ said the Arsenal midfielder. The goalkeeper said that Ramsey is able to pull off the hairstyle and that there had not been much ribbingHe finished the Premier League campaign with a total of five goals and four assists, below par it must be admitted.
Ramsey tends to play in a deep position for Arsenal but is likely to be used as an attacking midfielder in Francea€?All I expect from Aaron is just to be Aaron Ramsey on the pitch for us, because there's no one like him,a€™ said Coleman. Chris Coleman suggested that Ramsey being under the radar relative to Bale may work out best for him'Whatever happens at Arsenal or anywhere else, I can only speak about when he comes with us. This will be no repeat of the all-blond Romanian team from the 98 World Cup.a€?He looks like Justin Bieber,a€™ said Wayne Hennessey.

He will relish the responsibility of trying to lead Wales through to the knock-out phase and enjoy operating in his preferred position of attacking midfield.At Arsenal, he has predominantly been used out wide or back deep with Arsene Wenger having collected offensive players like a magpie does silver. But for Wales he usually delivers and Coleman talks openly about finding a system at the start of the qualifying campaign that utilised both Bale and Ramsey to their fullest.The sidea€™s two stars are each given a roaming role as de facto No 10s, behind a solo striker and in front of a four-man midfield including wing-backs. He's on the ball so much, and when you're on the ball as much as he is, there are going to be mistakes and you're going to give it away.a€?When you've got the imagination he has and the confidence he has, when you try something it's not always going to come off. Jews stick together like Barnes and Noble, like Crate and Barrel, and like Abercrombie and Fitch.
Take a lesson from matzah meal--alone, it's just tasteless dust, but when it sticks together, it becomes something souper! While the victory over Belgium was rightly regarded as the big moment in qualifying, the 3-0 win in Israel saw the formation at its most fluent, with Bale and Ramsey linking up to devastating effect.Ramsey scored one and set up another and that is what Coleman wants to tap into when the real competition starts.

He can start play on the edge of our box and finish it off on the edge of the opposition box.a€?We've got a saying that you're only as good as your worst game a€“ that's nonsense.
Surely you're only as good as your best game because that's the level that you can get to.a€?Some of the performances I've seen him put in are total dominance in a football game a€“ some of the best performances I've seen from any Welsh midfielder.
That's how good he can be.a€?He went to Scotland and absolutely ran the game (in March 2013).
He went to Belgium in the first campaign with almost our reserve team and he ran the game (in October 2013).

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