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Nike today unveiled the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, to be worn for the first time during tonight's match with Inter Milan.
Manchester United signed a £53m shirt sponsor deal with Chevrolet this year, which starts from the 2014-15 season. While the current Manchester United Kit features no white design elements, the new ManU 2014-2015 Kit comes with a white Nike Swoosh and white sleeve cuffs.
The Chevrolet logo on the Manchester United Kit features the usual colors of the enterprise, gold and white. The new Manchester United 14-15 Away Kit is mainly white with a classical black polo collar, which features a inconspicuous devil detail. The new Manchester United 2014-2015 Third Kit features two tones of blue, inspired by the club’s tradition of wearing blue kits throughout the 1980s.
The shirt is predominantly red with white collar and cuffs and features red and black trim. Remember the days when Tottenham had the funny little semi circle on their shorts in the ’91 Cup Final – Totally bespoke…….. Uruguayan football shirt website Todo Sobre Camisetas have done it again, by claiming that they have got their hands on images of the training gear that Manchester United will be wearing next season.
The new set of pictures highlights a possible training range home and away games, as well as a third kit and a training uniform. Looking at the different style of clothes set to be produced, there are heavy training tops, polo shirts, hoodies, and t-shirts.
Adidas are well known for sticking to a template for the first season’s production before tailoring a more personal design for the following campaign.
Son zamanlar?n gozde oyunlar?ndan Dream League Soccer oyununa tak?mlar?n formalar?n? (yani dream soccer kit) eklemek icin oncelikle videoyu izlemenizi tavsiye ederim. Bu arada cok fazla ziyaretci sitemize s?rf bu oyunda kullanmak icin sayfam?z? ziyaret ettiginden asag?da oyunda kullanman?z icin futbol tak?mlar?n?n logolar?n? s?ralad?m.

Oncelikle Turk Tak?mlar? Ile Basl?yal?m, oncelikle simdilik sadece Turk tak?mlar?ndan Fenerbahce, Besiktas ve Galatasaray bulunmakta ilerleyen gunlerde diger tak?mlar? da buradan paylasacag?m.
Oncelile Nisan 2016 itibar?yla Dream League Soccer’a guncelleme geldi ve ismi Dream League Soccer 16 oldu.
New Paris Saint-Germain 14-15 Home, Away and Third Kits Released - Nike just unveiled the new Paris 2014-2015 Third Jersey ahead of the start of the Champions League. The new Paris Saint-Germain 14-15 Home Kit features a new kit design, while the French club will receive a special third kit for the first time.
Similar to recent Nike World Cup Kits, the new PSG 14-15 Home Jersey features a unique neckline.
On the back of the neck is a small detail of red and blue stripes to represent Paris Saint-Germain’s home colors. The new Paris 2014-2015 Third Kit is mainly red with navy logos and a dark red polo collar.
Nike uses the same template for several other 2014-15 European kits, including ManU, Man City, FC Barcelona, Juventus and Inter. The new ManU 14-15 Away Kit was officially released on July 22, after the new ManU Home Shirt was unveiled on July 14. The main color "diablo red" is combined with white applications and black details on the kit collar. The Red Devils have already unveiled their new away kit and have not officially revealed their home one, but the top has already been seen on sale abroad and here are a few pics courtesy a couple of our eagle eyed readers.
The Adidas stripes are on the side, as has been the trend with all new releases from the German giant this season. The first half home kit has a bit of white trim on the collar and will be worn in the first 45 minutes of Premier League games at Old Trafford.
Noone demands you buy them, and surely 50 quid a year isn’t going to kill you to support the team you love.

Resimlerin uzerine gelerek bir kez t?klay?n ve ac?lan sayfadan URL adreslerini kopyal?yarak Dream League Soccer Oyununda kullan?n.
Eger sizde guzel formalar bulursan?z Yorum yazarak ziyaretcilerimize yard?mc? olabilirsiniz.
The PSG Home kit was featured in an animated teaser for the Nike Football #riskeverything campaign starring, amongst others, PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The PSG 2014 Home Kit comes with a unique v-collar, while the kit design is dominated by an eye-catching vertical red and white stripe on the front, which are continued on the back of the shirt. The striking element of the new PSG Away Kit is the unique constructed collar, which features a navy lining. Like the new Manchester United 14-15 Third Kit, the new Paris Saint-Germain 14-15 Third Shirt features an innovative shirt design with navy stripes that separate the front and back of the shirt. The new Manchester United 14-15 Kits are sponsored for the first time by Chevrolet, while the shirts are again made by the US-giant Nike. The iconic Man Utd 2014-2015 Home Kit collar features one button and the colors red, black and white. And before the Premier League some clubs would even be as mad as to keep the same kit for THREE seasons!! The second half kit has a slightly darker shade of red on the sleeves and will be worn after half time.
This is an age old issue that people moan about because they think they have to moan about it.

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