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WAYNE ROONEY can play at Manchester United for years to come, according to former Barcelona ace Xavi. ARSENE WENGER has hit back at claims he has been forced to panic buy before the transfer window slams shut on Wednesday. MIKE PHELAN is forever being told he dodged a bullet when he was snubbed as a potential replacement to Sir Alex Ferguson - but he’s not so sure.

Sometimes while climbing and tired of all the food I take to the mountains and cannot eat I have a desire for a hamburger, fries and soda (or cold beer), but obviously that type of food is out of reach till coming back to a nearby town in a reasonable time; otherwise, everything is closed anyway.What if you reach the top of one of so many popular mountains and such fantasy could be fulfilled?Guten Appetit! We have state highpointers and park pointers (for those trying to reach the high points of the U.S.

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