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A photo of what is believed to be the design for Manchester United’s home kit for the 2016-2017 has cropped up online, per Footy Headlines. The Red Devils signed a world-record deal with Adidas, per the BBC, to supply their kits from the start of this season, having last been with the manufacturers in 1992, before the Premier League era. And it seems that the company, having nodded to tradition with their design for the 2015-2016 campaign, are set to be more adventurous in the new season with their shirt for Manchester United. The new home shirt, per the aforementioned source, is inspired by the design of the green and yellow jerseys worn by Newton Heath, the predecessor club to United.
The centre of the top sees the two halves connected by a hexagonal pattern which goes all the way up to the collarless neck. The report indicates that this shirt will once again be accompanied by white shorts and black socks, with both having red details on them.
Manchester United have conceded the fewest goals in the Premier League this season with 10.
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With the release of the new Adidas Home Kit, Manchester United also unveiled the new Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Home Kit.
On August 1, 2015, Adidas launched the new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Home Kit, which is set to be debuted in the first Premier League match on August 8. Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper KitThis is the new Manchester United 2015-16 Goalkeeper Home Shirt. Based on Adidas' goalkeeper shirt template, the new Manchester United 15-16 Keeper Jersey comes in the traditional green color, combined with dark green accents in the form of the collar, the sleeve cuffs and the hem. A remarkable seam runs centrally across the front of the Adidas Manchester United Goalkeeper Kit, which also boasts the Adidas and Chevrolet logos in white as well as an unaltered Manchester United badge.
Shorts of the darker green color, with white details, and light green socks complement the new Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Shirt. Manchester United 2015-16 Goalkeeper Away KitThis is the new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Away Jersey. The Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit combines the main color Solar Yellow with Night Grey applications. Based on the new Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 goalkeeper template, the new Manchester United 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Jersey features a unique collar.

Dark grey shorts and Solar Yellow socks will complete the first Manchester United 2015-16 Goalkeeper Kit. The shirt is predominantly red with white collar and cuffs and features red and black trim. As such, the top is split in the middle and there are two shades of red on the shirt in the half-half design.
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The new Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Kit has the club's traditional green color, while the Adidas Manchester United Away Goalkeeper Kit is more experimental and striking. Black three stripes are running down the sleeves of the new Manchester United Goalkeeper Shirt, combined with black logos on the front and a monochromatic club badge.

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