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If I had to decide which camp I am in, I would have to say I lean toward the latter, though I don’t completely hate him. There is a lot of potential for drama and good storytelling with Wolverine, but unfortunately,  that potential isn’t always realized as a lot of writers just write him as the strong, silent, murderous type, and then others make it worse by trying to humanize him too much. Armed with the knowledge that he is dying, a cure is a long way off, and his long list of enemies is coming for him, Wolverine hides out on an island somewhere. Once on shore, Wolverine nearly beats Nuke, the final mercenary, to death telling him that anyone else who comes after him is going to die. And it turns out Viper has taken Sabretooth prisoner and looks to be treating him like some kind of lap dog sex slave. I hope that Viper wants Wolverine so that she can pit him and Sabretooth against each other in some kind of ultimate bestiality challenge or something, but I know they are probably going to just fight.
This issues moves at a quick pace, filling readers in on what they need to know without lingering over exposition too much. Generally, a story is only as interesting as its conflict and I have to say that the conflict in The Death of Wolverine #1 is not all that interesting to me. Maybe that is the point and is supposed to reflect the idea that he is powerless in the face of death, much as we all are.
Nuke has popped a few too many red, whites and blues if he thinks he has a chance against Wolverine.
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You never felt out of place whenever you’re with his company, you feel comfortable being with them as they treat you like part of their family. This is one important thing to watch out for when in a relationship. If he is super sweet to you but constantly ragging on your parents or friends, you need to cut them loose.
There is no doubt in him because he trust you completely. You are both capable of doing your own things without the other becoming irrationally jealous, suspicious, or angry.

He is your number 1 fan, an eager man who wants to support you on what you want to become in life, your strength whenever you’re feeling down.
My hope is that the next time you’re tempted to write your password on a post-it and stick it to your monitor you will remember this comic and shred that sucker.
Either they love him and think he’s the coolest, or they hate him and think he is an annoyingly bland one-trick pony.
It’s a delicate balance to make Wolverine work as something more than just a cold blooded murderer without turning him into an emo waste of space. But it will all be a trick, and they will end up joining forces to beat up Viper, only to find out that she has someone behind her who is the one really pulling the strings. Charles Soule seems to understand that fans want to see Wolverine in action, and not reflect on his life and what brought him to this point.
He also adds some good details on the closeups of Wolverine’s hands after he has popped his claws, and the action he draws in this comic is exciting and bloody, which is all you can ask for from a Wolverine comic book. Sure, I like the idea of actually killing Wolverine off, but I don’t believe it is actually going to happen.
But whatever the reason, I found it hard to get really invested in the story this comic book issue was telling, though I hold out hope that my interest will increase as the series progresses and Wolverine because more of an active force in his own book. Not just with random gifts, flowers and chocolates but also by being a better person each day. You are not afraid to show your true nature with him — your craziness, sense of humor, even the awkward things you make, he doesn’t mind those things. Luckily for you, MAACLink will automatically prompt you to change your password every 90 days. Not only is he dying from radiation exposure, but every time he pops his claws he invites infection, and he is going to be dancing the Snikity Snik dance quite a bit in the near future because he has lots and lots of enemies who are going to find out about his current condition and come gunning for him. One such encounter sees him facing off against some tough mercenaries who he dispatches fairly easily in what is one of the best sequences in the comic.

I also like the thought dialog caption boxes that show Wolverine using and interpreting his super sense of smell.
When I picked this comic up I was worried that it would be filled with members  is of the Marvel Universe, the X-Men especially, crying and talking about how they are going to miss Wolverine, and trying to get him to open up about how he feels knowing that he going to die.
Furthermore, having him sit on an island just waiting for assassins to come to him, while kind of cool as an idea, makes for a lackluser read because it takes away his agency and ability to act.
You talk like best friends, play like kids, argue like a couple and protect each other like siblings.
He seeks help from the top scientific minds in the Marvel Universe only to find that none of them can help him. He also finds out that Viper is behind the current contract on him, and that the contract only pays if he is taken alive. Still, I’m going to say Omega Red is leading a new Weapon-X team, and they are the ones who are coming after Logan.
I have a sneaking suspicion something like this is coming later in the series, but for now I will be happy that it hasn’t been addressed yet. I really like this part of the comic because it’s full of tension, and shows some of the cunning people always attribute to Wolverine but we seldom actually get to see. Fantastic seems to think he will be able to find a way to restart Wolvie’s healing factor, but then Reed always has been the eternal optimist.

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