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LOS ANGELES -- The moment was everything Los Angeles Lakers fans could have hoped for as the "Superman" theme song blared when Shaquille O'Neal's retired No. San Miguel eyes crucial win against Alaska Americans Lead Assault On Day Two Of US Open Qualifying What will Joseph Schooling do with his $1M award? Mac OS: Control-click on the link below and select "Download Image to Disk" Save the file to a location that you will remember. Here's a unique look at the intiguing numbers during Shaq's 8 dominating seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. Acquired in 1975 from Milwaukee, Abdul-Jabbar spent 14 of his 20 seasons donning the purple and gold.
Miller, who works in the day-to-day operation of the team, said he pledged his support to his team's players.'I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers' team owner to be deplorable and disgusting,' he told TMZ.
The players expressed their disgust at the racist remarks Sterling, pictured in 2010, allegedly made to his mistress V.
Shelley Sterling, left, wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, watches from a court side seat during the second half in Game 4 of an opening-round NBA basketball playoff series between the Clippers and Golden State Warriors on Sunday. But amid the national outrage over the Clippers owner's apparent comments last weekend, former NBA star Kevin Johnson asked the question that must be addressed by Commissioner Adam Silver and the owners who control the league.'We wanted (Silver) to give us a full accounting of the prior accusations of racism made against Mr.
Stern canceled all NBA games through November, a move that means the entire 2011-2012 season is almost sure to be called off due to contractual disputes between the owners and players.
Even into the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 90s that produced six NBA championships, Chicago implemented the Celtics’ strategy by sporting a roster much whiter than the overall league percentage.

Complaining about this is similar to arguing that America was founded by racist Indian-killers.
Perhaps it was when Allen Iverson entered the league in 1996 that the unofficial shift to the hip-hop, tattoo, gangsta-rap generation began, one that slowly drove away casual fans. An 2004 ESPN article bragged about how hip-hop had transformed the game and the NBA’s culture but failed to consider the long-term problems of going all-in on this version of the game and how it would turn off fans. The bulk of NBA revenue is derived from an outlandish and completely unjustifiable television contract the league has with ESPN and TNT.
Another deadline passed Wednesday, as the owners and players were unable to come to terms on revenue-sharing and the initiation of a salary ceiling.
As Stern continues to lock horns with the NBA Players Association Union Director Billy Hunter over the revenue split, you know that he longs for the days of Bird v. A two-time NBA scoring champion, Abdul-Jabbar is probably best known for his trademark sky hook shot, a move considered unstoppable. Baylor claimed Sterling has a 'plantation mentality' about the Clippers, envisioning a team of 'poor black boys from the South playing for a white coach.''When I heard that voice (on the TMZ recordings), there was a visceral reaction,' said Douglas, who deposed Sterling during Baylor's lawsuit.
Sterling and why those were never sanctioned by the NBA,' said Johnson, who was asked by Clippers guard Chris Paul to speak for the players' union membership.
Writing last year around the time of the All Star break, Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger started a mini-controversy by asserting that white people no longer cared about the game. Sources cannot confirm that the removal of the Jerry West silhouette from the NBA logo is part of the deal, since he represents an NBA that is long extinct.

The oversight stood out next to the eight other retired jerseys because of the V-neck on it. He, along with Earvin “Magic” Johnson, helped paved the way for a Lakers dynasty during the 1980s.
For 20 years running, the league’s black players have had the opportunity to earn unprecedentedly lavish contracts that have made them fabulously wealthy (for a few years, that is), yet one is hard-pressed to identify other forms of labor they could perform that would pad their bank accounts like shooting a ball through a hoop does. Judging by poor attendance numbers (NBA teams have long relied on the white middle class to purchase tickets), Bissinger isn’t far from the truth.
But the league hedged its investment by going full hip-hop, a move that turned away fans who also longed for those days. Together, they led the purple and gold to eight NBA Finals appearances and five titles in that span.
Several major Clippers sponsors dropped or re-evaluated their association with the team Monday, including State Farm, CarMax, Kia Motors America, Virgin America and Red Bull.

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