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Rovers' shirts were, perhaps, considered sufficiently distinctive for the club to eschew wearing their crest during the Seventies, when these began to return to fashion. A fairly new crest design that incorporated the traditional quartered motif and the year of their formation was introduced in 1982. In 2007, planning permission was granted to redevelop The Memorial Ground as a 18,500 all-seat stadium but work was delayed by the withdrawal of the club's principal partner and the economic recession. Going into their final game of 2013-14 Rovers needed one point from their home fixture with Mansfield but lost 1-0, having hit the woodwork three times. To present a full record of change kits for every club on HFK would be an impossible task but, in response to repeated requests, we can at least present some of the best and worst for you to enjoy, with links to the main club galleries as well as opportunities for you to invest your hard earned cash (and provide HFK with a modest commission) in your favourite replicas where available.

Hull City wore this V Neck shirt in the late 1950s, the outline around the badge was dropped and the Tigers head was embroidered on to the shirts. Hull wore plain amber strips for much of the 1960s and 1970s, this one a prticularly popular choice amongst fans, with the embroidered Tiger now in the centre of the shirt. After further delays it was announced in June 2011 that the Memorial Ground site would be sold to Sainsbury's and the funds used to build a 21,700 seat stadium on the University of the West of England campus in Frenchay.
As a result they lost their place in the Football League after 94 years but they bounced straight back and then went up to League One in 2016 under the ownership of the Al-Qadi family from Jordan. Your suggestions are welcome so please get in touch (enclosing a photograph of or link to the full kit - we cannot work from just the shirt) and we'll do our best to add your selections of the most eye-catching, evocative or just plain rubbish change kits to the gallery.

The term comes from the days when Rovers' old Eastville ground was frequently filled with the overpowering smell from the neighbouring town gas works.
It was hoped the new stadium would be ready for the 2015-16 season but the project collapsed under the weight of multiple legal challenges leading to Sainsbury's withdrawal. There is a maximum of three entries per club and we are looking for interesting designs rather than kits associated with great achievements, so think carefully.

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