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Of course the one major change to Liverpool’s shirt is nothing to do with Adidas – the sponsor.
The Standard Charter Logo needs to be a lot smaller & the shiny patterns on the front make it look a bit cheap. Warrior Sports is the Liverpool Kit supplier since last season when they took over the deal from adidas and paying Liverpool £25 million per season.
The new Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit Short is black with red applications and a similar pattern as the shirt on the side of short. Especially the socks with the two different colored sock bands look very unusual and are duisgusting. The mocked up leaks and this jersey picture may not be 100% accurate (for example the picture contains a collar but the actual one is rumoured NOT to have one), but they do give a pretty decent idea of what Liverpool’s new jerseys for next season will look like. New Balance are Warrior re-branded anyway I’m severely disapointed as a Liverpool fan for god sake copying Utds tea towel shirts now infuriating and we make it worse by only having a little bit of it and stripes the rest of the way.
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Both these designs are mockups, so while they may not be 100% on the mark, they’re rough descriptions of the design. Warrior have done a good job with the home kit over the last couple of seasons, and this isn’t bad either. Shane, the 3rd kit is grey and black hooped kit with red collar and a red diagonal stripe interchanging the hoops looks betters than this years at least. After an 18 year association with Carlsberg, the Reds will now have Standard Chartered emblazoned across their chests after the international bank signed a deal worth ?80 million over 4 years, the joint biggest deal in football history alongside Manchester United.
It seems Liverpool are following a growing trend in the football kits world at the moment – that of the 80s style patterns.
Overall though a solid offering from Liverpool and certainly better then the kits Chelsea & Man Utd have been wearing this season. The Liverpool 13-14 Home Shirt has slightly visible stripes which feature the writing Liverpool FC inside. These pics have been doing the round of the internet for a while, and whether or not they’re the real thing will obviously be known next season when Liverpool officially reveal their kits.

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Applications like the Warrior logo and the sponsor are red while the Liverpool badge is golden like on the Home Kit. The Standard Chartered logo completely dwarfs what should be the most important feature of any shirt – the club crest.
The sleeve cuffs of the new Liverpool 13-14 Kit as well as the collar come with white stripes.

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