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Council leaders have hit out at Liverpool's owners over the club's bid to register the Liver bird as a trademark.A  The Anfield club have applied to the UK Intellectual Property Office to trademark the iconic image for the sum of A?450.
Ruffling feathers: Liverpool's football club hopes to trademark the club's badge but the council says the 'Liver bird belongs to all the people of Liverpool' The club hope the move will stem the tide of counterfeit Liverpool merchandise bearing the famous Liver bird emblem.
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Thursday, August 23, 2012: The Heart of Midlothian club shop at Tynecastle Stadium before the UEFA Europa League Play-Off Round 1st Leg match against Liverpool. Detectives from the intellectual property crime unit, which was set up last September to tackle the huge quantities of counterfeit goods flooding into Britain, also seized fake designer goods in the raid.
Among the hundreds of thousands of pounds of products found piled high in two shipping containers and another property were unbranded electronic cigarette refills, which could pose a significant health risk.

To continue shopping, please check out the selection of products below or choose from the categories to your left. Police believe the suspects were planning to sell the phoney items online and at local market stalls.
Fake cosmetics, sunglasses, Ugg boots, handbags and Liverpool Football Club merchandise were also discovered. Hydrogen peroxide levels have been subjected to cuts after concerns that some products were causing damage to teeth, lips and gums. A 2012 European Union regulation says teeth-whiteners must contain no more than 0.1 per cent hydrogen peroxide or chemicals which release the substance.

Celebrity endorsements have raised the popularity of teeth whitening over recent years and it is now a multi-million pound business.

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