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The former Prime aneinister, the late Harold Wilson, reputedly said that a week was a long time in politics. However, it is important to remember that players are coming back from another arduous summer of international football tournaments, that peak fitness has yet to be reached and a certain rustiness is likely to be encountered for the next few games.
The reason why I want to point this out to the naysayers, who have suddenly crept from the cracked and parched platforms of social media, is that they seem to think that any side, whether it be Liverpool or not, should hit the league with form, zest, energy and vibrancy.
Liverpool under Klopp are rather akin to a description which Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami says of himself; ‘I’m kind of a kettle.
The naysayers, which Liverpool seem to have in abundance, can carry on screaming in the dark as far as I am concerned. Jurgen Klopp speaks to the media after Liverpool’s terrific 5-0 win over Burton Albion. Stevo is joined in the bunker by Ray to discuss a turbulent week for LFC which saw them capitulate to Burnley, the outrage over Sakho possibly being loaned, the speculation of inward Chinese investment to the club and a very good win over a very poor Burton.
Gefragte WareDessen bisheriger Besitzer, die amerikanische Fenway Sports Group aus Boston, soll demnach Berater angeheuert haben, um einen möglichen Verkauf an die Chinesen zu sondieren. Das chinesische Interesse am FC Liverpool soll den Berichten zufolge nun aus den höchsten politischen Kreisen der Volksrepublik stammen.
Well, I think that we can agree that in football, especially with Liverpool, a week is a very long time indeed. The consistency that Klopp has asked for won’t be apparent until autumn makes the leaves drop from the trees.

It takes time to boil, but then I’m always hot.’ You can’t win the league in August, admittedly you can lose it, but we are not in that territory yet. His presence in the middle of midfield is a must for this Liverpool side to operate at full steam. Games, minutes on the pitch and scoring goals are what he needs and the fact that he got two goals in the few minutes that he played at Burton is a good omen for the coming months. There has to be a trust in a manager of a football club, to know that he is doing what is right and what he wants. This is a project for Jurgen Klopp to return our club, our hope and our love to its former glory.
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Add to that a quick preview of the Spurs game this weekend and you’ve got the recipe for another great pod. Jetzt kA¶nnte der Geldregen JA?rgen Klopps Liverpool zu Erfolg in der Premier League verhelfen. From the glories at Arsenal on the opening game of the season, to Burnley and the long goodbye to optimism. He was missed on Saturday against the robust and defensively set Burnley, yet when he appeared against Burton Albion, he was again the man with a point to prove.
The protection that he gives the back four and the ability to carry the ball into midfield and beyond is what this side needs.

I have no wish to go back to the days of Martin Broughton and Christian Purslow, neither of whom covered themselves in glory during their brief stint at the club as Acting Chairman and Chief Executive respectively. No recovery is ever simple, nor straight forward, but what it is, is a journey to be enjoyed! We are all fallible, let us remember, and Klopp is as fallible as any man, no matter what we want to believe. Maniacal Mane, setting up the goal for Origi, the astute pass for Milner to set up Sturridge and then the lay off for Sturridge to fire in from fifteen yards out. Neither have I any wish that our supporters turning into Northern ‘gooners’, repeatedly questioning the manager, repeatedly thinking they know better and booing the team on the first game of the season.
Lyndon B Johnson said, ‘Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose’.
Henderson is a runner, he is not greatly comfortable sitting back and passing with the vision that Can has.

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