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Liverpool's Gogglesprogs have spoken out a€“ and ita€™s bad news for a€?Darth Vadera€? David Cameron and a€?girl filma€? Frozen. Gogglesprogs stars Harry Search (far left), and his friends Anthony Kinsella (centre) and Kalim Ismail 10, at home in Walton. Their proud mums Toni, Joanne and Denise are hoping they will be picked for a full series which has been commissioned by Channel 4 a€“ but Anthonya€™s mum Toni might want to reach for the mute button when she finds out what he has to say about her cooking. THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF I dona€™t usually watch it but when I did watch it it made me feel starving and it felt good.

The ECHO understands the decision has been taken by the American sports manufacturer largely to enable them to make further inroads into the Asian market where they have a heavy presence of New Balance stores.
I would make a cake that had Lego pieces on and the Lego pieces could be like strawberry blueberry and chocolate.
I was a bit embarrassed and nervous at first but then I was fine.a€? Also look out for North Yorkshire Gogglesprogs Jacob and Connor, who are self-confessed news and current affairs junkies, and Mia and Charlotte from Leeds, who love nothing more than settling down together to watch their favourite soap Emmerdale with a cup of tea. So what have Liverpoola€™s Gogglesprogs got to say about TV, film and the General Election?

Ia€™ve watched it a lot in school, because everybody else wants to watch it as therea€™s more girls than boys in our class.
The ending was sad as the boy really liked the Snowman but when he went downstairs the Snowman melted.

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