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Sure, Ohio State will take a bit of a hit with all their self-imposed and NCAA backed sanctions but they are still a formidable foe. The university that would later be known as Ohio State was established in 1870 by the Ohio General Assembly. Ohio State has several well-known traditions that need to be covered starting with the "The" in their name. The funny thing is Ohio State didn't do the first Script Ohio, it was first seen in 1932 when the University of Michigan Marching Band took the field at Ohio Stadium.
The Ohio State university marching band is also known as The Best Damn Band in the Land (are we seeing a pattern here?). Not only are the sports teams of OSU called buckeyes but more broadly the residents of the state of Ohio were known as buckeyes for a very long time. In 1965 student Ray Bourhis, along with other members of the student organization Ohio Staters Inc., convinced the OSU athletic council of the idea of a Buckeye as Ohio State's mascot. Jean Peters who was Miss Ohio State University, an actress, and second wife of Howard Hughes had an Ohio State degree.
As always every school has a rat in the woodpile and Ohio State is no different, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer attended but did not graduate. It's no coincidence that Columbus-area natives Abby Johnston and Katie Bell both are diving in the Olympics, fueled by nearby elite coaching when they were teenagers.
View full sizeElaine Thompson, Associated PressKatie Bell dives in the women's 10-meter platform final at the U.S. LONDON — It started more than a decade ago, Drew Johansen and Vince Panzano combining their skills as diving instructors in Central Ohio, and their two best students both coming to the pool after years of gymnastics. Quite a coincidence about those two longtime friends make up one-third of the women divers on the Olympic team, huh? Johansen said Bell, who grew to just 4-foot-11 and is one of the two shortest athletes on the entire U.S. An Ohioan in synchronized diving: Upper Arlington's Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant won their way to London on their final dive at the Olympic Trials and now shoot for a medal in the women's 3-meter synchronized platform diving. Dana Vollmer swims for record: After setting an Olympic record on Saturday, Vollmer goes for the world record in the final of the 100-meter butterfly. Badminton on the edge: The American badminton doubles team of Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach, profiled in Thursday's PD, lost their opening match in group play on Saturday, meaning they face must-wins in their next two matches, starting today against Malaysia. Bell said she was more nervous cheering on Johnston at the Olympic Trials than she was competing herself.

The success grew, the two training every morning and afternoon together, for a minimum of two hours a day.
In June of 2007, before Johnston's senior year of high school, Johansen left the academy to become the head coach at Duke, calling his stint in Ohio "a really special time in my life and career." Johnston not only wanted to become a Blue Devil, she transferred to North Carolina for her senior year of high school. Under coach Justin Sochor, Johansen said he has every expectation of seeing more Ohio divers in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. In February, both Johnston and Bell competed at a World Cup event that served as the test run for the Olympic diving pool in London. Now most Buckeyes will tell you that the "the" was placed in the name to distinguish OSU as the leader of Ohio universities both in size and in financial support from the legislature, but I believe it was just a grammatical gaffe that gets used as a point of arrogance. Begun in 1936, "Script Ohio" includes a revolving block "O" at the beginning, the curved formation of the word "Ohio," and the "dotting of the I" by the sousaphone player. It's one of the few all-brass and percussion bands in the country, the largest of its type in the world. A buckeye is a tree, native to Ohio and particularly prevalent in the Ohio River Valley, whose shiny dark brown nuts with lighter tan patches resemble the eye of a deer. Chris Wedge who directed computer animation films including IIce Agee and Robots was a Buckeye. There's an expectation, but not a guarantee, that Team USA will glide through these Games, and a French roster that includes six NBA players, led by All-Star point guard Tony Parker, is a good early gauge.
In 2010, it came under the auspices of Ohio State's rec program and was renamed the Ohio State Diving Club.
Like most universities, OSU was a public school established under the Land-Grant Act signed by President Lincoln on July 2, 1862.
Because Military training was an early part of the curriculum at Ohio State, a military band was formed for the cadets to drill to.
Settlers who crossed the Alleghenies found it to be the only unfamiliar tree in the forest. Bourhis thought a buck deer was fitting for Ohio but having a live buck at a game was virtually impossible.
The Buckeyes played their first game on May 3, 1890, at Delaware, Ohio, against Ohio Wesleyan University which they won. Those two teenagers, now in their mid-20s, are here, too, with Abby Johnston, of Upper Arlington, Ohio, in the 3-meter synchronized diving competition today and Katie Bell, of Columbus, in the individual 10-meter platform diving on Aug. He also helped out at Ohio State, while Panzano, who has now coached nine Olympians, assisted Johansen at the academy.

Team USA is ranked sixth in synchro in the world diving rankings, behind China, Canada, Italy, Ukraine and Australia. Bach and Gunawan, who won a gold medal in doubles for Indonesia in the 2000 Olympics, lost to South Korea 21-14, 21-19 on Saturday.
The first appearance of the OSU marching band was in 1896 and grew over the years, from 100 members in 1920 to 225 members today.
The trees and their nuts are of little practical use: the wood does not burn well, the bark has an unpleasant odor, and the bitter nut meat is mildly toxic. The first game against the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, was a 34-0 loss in 1897, a year that saw the low point in Buckeye football history with a 1–7–1 record.
Chris Bell, Katie's dad, said Johansen brought the attitude of Chinese diving to Central Ohio, with Johnston saying the academy is where both she and Bell learned how to work at the sport they'd come to after their gymnastic careers ended. So the two, who had coincidentally taken gymnastics from the same coach but didn't know each other before reaching the diving academy, could work on their diving without their friendship getting in the way, and vice versa.
1 seed in the event after swimming a 56.42 at the Olympic Trials, and she wasn't shying away from world record talk. Bell was two years older than Johnston and could pass along some advice as an older diver as she moved on to college at Ohio State, under Panzano. Though diving success is nothing new at Ohio State, which has had a remarkable 42 Olympians in school history, this is just one more way in which Ohioans diving at the Olympics should remain more than a coincidence. Many people prefer the all-brass composition over traditional marching bands and it does lend itself to college fight songs but I prefer the color and depth of a band with woodwinds (ok, sue me I'm a sax player). The buckeye was later named Brutus in an all-campus naming contest and began his career as a large fiberglass shell that weighed 40 pounds. The university's Athletic Council officially adopted the term in 1950, but most records indicate that it had probably been used with some frequency to refer to Ohio State and its athletic teams since before the turn of the century.
I am really happy about how fast it was and hopefully it's only going to get faster," Vollmer said.
The first class of six men graduated that year and in 1879 the university graduated its first woman.

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