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The outsole of the Kobe 9 Elite high-top basketball shoe is constructed to mimick Kobe’s own foot thus creating an interesting pattern and sufficient court traction. This is Kobe’s ninth signature shoe and you are probably wondering what prompted him to do yet another sneaker, apart from probably a very lucrative contract? The 1996 NBA Draft might have been the single-greatest collection of rookie talent the NBA has ever seen -- but we didn't know that then. Allen Iverson was only the first future Hall of Famer selected in the talent-rich 1996 NBA Draft. With the NBA Finals concluded and our collective attentions turned to the upcoming draft, let's take a quick look back at the 1996 NBA Draft, which could be rightly regarded as the most talent-rich collection of rookies in history.
He was not a bust by any means — more than 15,000 points scored over parts of 12 seasons —?? but certainly not the impact player the Grizz thought they were drafting. Walker was a reliable scorer and three-point shooter -- and gifted ballhandler and passer at 6-foot-8 -- who was out of the league by the time he was 31 and is now well known for blowing through more than $100 million in career earnings and ending up broke. The first true, undeniable bust of the draft, Walker started only 143 games over 10 seasons.
Over 16 seasons, Dampier would become an all-time top 50 shot blocker and top 100 rebounder.
A 6-11 center who weighed 255, Fuller never blocked more than 20 shots in any of his five seasons. A sxith man who could shoot almost from his first day in the league, Delk scratched out 10 mediocre NBA seasons inexplicably highlighted by a 53-point game in 2001. Last seen playing actual minutes for the Warriors in the 2014 playoffs, O'Neal has carved a pretty effective career, even placing among the top 25 shot blockers of all time.
The new coach of the New York Knicks had a fine NBA career -- he was along for all five of Kobe's titles -- that only just came to an end. You can't teach height, but the 7-4 Lauderdale apparently couldn't be taught how to play in the NBA. Adidas and Audi took their initially brilliant idea and gave it a little too much cat nip.  I’m all for fresh new looks and design concepts, but at the end of the day, wouldn’t you want your basketball shoe to look like…a shoe? Milking concepts in the sneaker industry is a dangerous game of balancing maintenance and innovation, which is where I must say that Nike has done a remarkable job in progressing forward from the Zoom Kobe IV to the Zoom Kobe V.  Adidas however, in my opinion, committed an epic fail by releasing The KOBETWO as they did. Before I continue, just let me reiterate the fact that the actual design itself is quite beautiful, with an incredibly smooth upper composed of a synthetic almost skin-like material that truly displays Audi’s influence on the sneaker.  Like I said though, I’m not exactly trying to play ball with the Bat Mobile on my feet. I had no problem refraining from blowing hundreds on the other colorways that were released because in my personal opinion, I did not deem it practical to do so.  Why? Back in the really old days, baseball players didn’t wear things like batting helmets or catcher’s masks. We’ve looked around the Internet for some the the best rated helmets and catcher’s masks for both baseball and softball.
Sleek and modern, the Easton Two-Tone Natural Grip Junior Batting Helmet looks cool while protecting the grey matter.

While it’s true you could give your team’s base coaches leftover batting helmets for when they stand in the coach’s box, why not show the men who wave you home some love with their very own job specific helmet. Sure, in this one piece world the catcher’s mask is going the way of the land line or the dodo bird. While it’s true a tee ball player doesn’t have to worry about being hit by a pitched ball, there are still many perils to a youngster’s head on the diamond. Apart from being basketball legends, these two are also known for designing their own basketball shoes for Nike and becoming hugely successful in the process. Using this technology in making sports shoes allows for better breathability, stronger support and stretch.
The Los Angeles Lakers star says that he draws inspiration from where he is a player, as a person, and where his career is at any given moment.
The second round didn't produce anyone of note, so we'll concentrate solely on the first round and its (at least) four future Hall of Famers. He certainly never overachieved in the NBA and was out of the league after 13 uneven seasons. Knee injuries forced him to retire, and he traded in bank shots to become a Wall Street banker. He was one of the league's best big men for stretch from 2002-07, when he was an All-Star for six straght seasons. And if you are playing youth or amateur ball you certainly want to be protect your noggin because you’re not going to have millions of dollars to fall back on if it gets damaged.
This list should give you an idea about how much this equipment costs, and what type of equipment is available.
Rawlings, the official helmet maker of Major League Baseball, offers a pretty slick one at a reasonable price with their Pro Batting Helmet series. Which is why many high school and college softball players wear fielder’s masks to protect themselves from bad hops. Like the Rawlings CCBCH Base Coach helmet, which provides maximum comfort while protecting from line drives and also features a new design including clothed covered open shell padding.. And the chances are they don’t have the same kind control that big league fireballers have. The Wilson SleekPro Skull Catcher’s Cap will provide an economical top half of that combination, and with its Dri-Lex management liner a dry one at that.
And with its ultra lightweight and new chin pad designed for maximum comfort the puppy will feel as good as it looks. This is especially true for younger players, and this smart looking Easton Williamsport Natural Grip TwoTone Junior Batting helmet will give a little leaguer plenty of confidence. There are bats being wielded in uncoordinated young hands and there’s the risk even a game a catch poses to a 4-year old with a limited attention span.
You should be able to find these helmets and masks online or at your local sporting goods store.

Three percent lighter than a regular helmet, the embedded ventilation system offers maximum cooling comfort and a raised earhole prevents the dreaded eardrum blowout.
According to Easton this hat has the slimmest profile and most aerodynamic venting system on the market and it meets NOCSAE standards.
The RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder’s Mask is designed to offer the largest viewing area, which allows a player to easily look down, without sacrificing any protection.
The helmet’s strategic venting maximizes airflow while limiting weight and it come in black, green or navy.
The Rawlings LWMX Lightweight Face Mask ws the model worn by Mike Piazza, who will probably be in the Hall of Fame one day.
And you will certainly look good, with the Rawlings Rubberized Matte Catcher’s helmet smooth matte finish, which comes in dark green, black, scarlet and royal.
Plus with the way little kids are always falling down, isn’t it always a good idea to have the little ones wear a helmet whenever it seriously acceptable? Nike’s director and Vice President of innovation Eric Avar says that the Kobe 9 Elite gives athletes „engineered strength similar do the design of a spider web“.
The lunarlon technology provides excellent cushioning for that added feet to court connection.
The shoe also channels his Black Mamba alter ego and the street art decorating the Venice Beach sector of his home in sunny Los Angeles. This right handed adult hitter’s helmet comes in seven different colors and in sizes 6 ? to 8. But if you have the Rawlings 100-MPH Batters Helmet you can feel a lot safer, thanks to four independent layers of protection which make up its Advanced Impact Management System and protect the head from pitches up to triple digits. One size fits all and adjustable, this will work for 8 to 80 year olds and also has functionality as a base coach helmet.
You won’t be, unless you visit, but you can still enjoy this ultra lightweight wire framed mask with a built in neck protector. Get with us after the break to hear Kobe Bryant talking about this Nike Kobe retro release and remember we’ll have more coverage on this set and the Kobe 9 as the day goes on.
It is available and sizes 6 ? and 7 ? and yes some players who have used it claim it’s even made them hit better!
Judging from online reviews, this seems to be a good sized helmet for a five to ten year old.
This isn’t going to work for youth leagues, because there are no connectors for a chin strap or a faceguard.

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