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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. The family-friendly event features scientists from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, interactive activities and demonstrations to help visitors learn the basic causes of extreme weather phenomena, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes and blizzards. Presenters include professor Clint Rowe, assistant professor Adam Houston, assistant professor Deborah Bathke, and graduate students.

Sunday with a Scientist is a series of presentations that highlight the work of State Museum scientists and those from other UNL departments and institutions, while educating children and families on a variety of topics related to science and natural history. Visitors will also learn about the tools and methods scientists use to observe, study and predict extreme weather. Presenters will share scientific information in a fun and informal way through demonstrations, activities, or by conducting their science on site.

Download this template to create a good impact on audience so that they would take interest in your presentations.

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