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Besides Coach Martin, other good friends of mine Andy Assaley, Dylan Lockwood, and Scott Greenawalt remained at Kansas State to work for Coach Martin, allowing me to continue to closely follow the Wildcats.  The other big change was that wardrobe began expanding, and purple became a dominate color. To make matters worse, the Northwestern Wildcats have never even won 20 basketball games in a single season, something they are sure to challenge this season.  As of today, Northwestern is 14-6 overall and 3-5 in the Big Ten Conference. So although my purple clothes may have a “Powercat” on it and stand for Kansas State University, I will be also wearing this purple to support Northwestern and root them on to a possible bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Kansas State University is a graduate university with a very active and energetic high-energy physics group with a very strong publication and funding record. Their RPI ranking, which is helped to determine at large bids to the NCAA Tournament, sits around 70.  The Wildcats have some work to do, but are sitting on the bubble to try to break the silence of appearing in the most famous post season tournament in all of sports. The group is pursuing experimental work at both the Intensity and Energy frontiers, including measuring neutrino mixing angle θ13, studying the newly discovered boson at CMS, building next-generation neutrino experiments and upgrading the CMS detector.

Our faculty and research members spend significant periods of time at Fermilab and CERN, thus enhancing interaction with our U.S.

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