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This LEED Gold project, for Berry College, consists of two, four-story, dormitories with a combined square footage of 105,000.
Mock evic­tion notices were recently dis­trib­uted at the Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan by the pro-Palestinian stu­dent group “Stu­dents Allied for Free­dom and Equal­ity.” More than one thou­sand stu­dents report­edly received the notices on their res­i­dence hall room doors on Tues­day, Decem­ber 10, which warned them that their dor­mi­tory would be demol­ished by Decem­ber 13. The notices were made to appear as though they were issued by the university’s Depart­ment of Hous­ing and were designed to mimic the evic­tion notices received by some Pales­tini­ans in the West Bank if their homes were built ille­gally or needed to be demol­ished because of Israeli secu­rity con­cerns. These notices, which have appeared on at least a half a dozen other cam­puses in the past few years, have pre­vi­ously made some stu­dents feel threat­ened or intimidated. For exam­ple, after stu­dents at Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity received the notices in Octo­ber 2013, Esther Reed, the rabbi of Rutgers’s Hil­lel was quoted in the cam­pus news­pa­per say­ing, “stu­dents were made to feel that they were not safe in their res­i­dence halls.” Sim­i­larly, at Florida Atlantic Uni­ver­sity, stu­dents reported feel­ing con­fused or scared after receiv­ing evic­tion notices in March 2012, accord­ing to Palm Beach County Com­mis­sioner Steven Abrams, who spoke to a local news­pa­per shortly after the inci­dent occurred.
Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity, Octo­ber 2013 – Stu­dents from the Rutgers-New Brunswick SJP chap­ter posted mock evic­tion notices in res­i­dence halls through­out the cam­pus to “edu­cate” stu­dents about the expe­ri­ence for some Pales­tini­ans whose homes are demol­ished.
San Diego State Uni­ver­sity, March 2013 – Mock evic­tion notices were posted on stu­dents’ res­i­dence hall room doors by mem­bers of the SDSU SJP chap­ter.
Har­vard Uni­ver­sity, March 2013 – Mem­bers of the Har­vard Pales­tine Sol­i­dar­ity Com­mit­tee posted mock evic­tion notices on stu­dents’ doors in fresh­man and upper class res­i­dence halls. Florida Atlantic Uni­ver­sity, March 2012 – Mock evic­tion notices were posted on nearly 200 stu­dent res­i­dence hall rooms. Uni­ver­sity of Chicago, May 2011 – Over 200 mock evic­tion notices were dis­trib­uted by the SJP chap­ter on cam­pus.
Yale Uni­ver­sity, April 2011 – Mock evic­tion notices were dis­trib­uted by SJP at Yale Uni­ver­sity to crit­i­cize “the actions of the Israeli state” and to pro­mote the group’s upcom­ing events.
During last night’s football game against Oklahoma, I was reminded of the one aspect that drew me to prefer Baylor over any other university – and that was the aspect of family. Another one of my favorite things about my Baylor family is that Baylor celebrities are ordinary people, who happen to do incredible things.
One person who has become famous for his support and love for the Baylor family is president Judge Kenneth Starr.
Finally, my Baylor family is not complete without the friendships that I have made during my time at Baylor.
The icing on the cake of this event is a special visit from Judge Ken Starr and his lovely wife Alice.
Of course I understand that Judge Starr can’t make it to every event that a Baylor organization might host; there are just too many. The transition from high school to college is a bit difficult at times, but it’s so much fun.

In the beginning, I was really worried about living in the dorm and sharing community bathrooms, but it’s been a blast! My roommate Rebecca and I might have gone over the top, but it has made our room feel so homey and comfortable.
The notices, which claimed that “$30 bil­lion US tax dol­lars have been used to fund Israeli apartheid in the past decade,” were meant to raise aware­ness over Israel’s alleged human rights vio­la­tions against Palestinians. The notices, which warned stu­dents that their res­i­dence hall rooms were “sched­uled for demo­li­tion in the next three days” were posted in order to pub­li­cize “Israel Apartheid Week” on cam­pus and to raise aware­ness about Israel’s policies. The notices stated that affected stu­dents would have their rooms demol­ished and that if they did not vacate them, “we reserve the right to destroy your hous­ing unit. In a silly kind of way, the fact that every single person (OU fans excluded) in the stadium rose to Baylor’s call for a blackout reminded me of my first thought when I stepped onto Baylor campus, “I am not just a number or a file in the admissions office.
When I came for my first campus visit, so many random people offered to show me around and tell me the good places to eat in Waco.
It not uncommon to see him at various events on campus or running the Baylor Line with the freshman class. Committing to go to a school where I only knew a few people was one of the biggest tests of faith in my life.
It is always fun to reconnect with old friends and alumni as they journey back to Waco to see what has become of Baylor University.
When I first arrived at Baylor, I met a lot of smiling faces that convinced me that they were truly happy that I selected Baylor as my home.
But the important events, the events that represent unity and pride, are where I see the smiling face of Baylor’s president, resembling those same smiling faces from my freshman year.
Just to prove that I’ve been a life long fan, here is a picture of me and my brother, Tyler, showing our Baylor spirit!
Getting in the habit of doing your own laundry, keeping all parts of your room clean and holding more responsibility for yourself is not an easy change, but the perks along the way make it worth it. I’m not saying that I don’t miss the comfort of my own bathroom, but living with six other floors of girls gives me many opportunities to see my friends and continue to meet people.
Both buildings house community bathrooms, a laundry, a kitchen, a lounge, and study rooms on each floor. I’ve heard many people say, “You will never meet a stranger at Baylor.” Because Baylor is a mid-sized, private school, you really cannot walk to class without seeing someone that you know. His commitment to selflessly serving Baylor is seen so evidently through his involvement with the student body.

However, looking back now as a senior, I have found that God has blessed me with women that have truly become my best friends and most importantly, my family. During this time, the office of Multicultural Affairs holds their annual Homecoming Reception in the Student Union Building. They supported their argument through advice and other outlets; however, as the years progressed, their actions slowly faded. He may not know my name, major or hometown, but he supports the cultural stamp that I plan to leave at Baylor. Meeting all kinds of new people, learning your way around a new town and getting invested in your studies is an adventure and an experience like nothing else. I’ve met great friends, started to get the hang of my classes and received a warm bear welcome from everyone here at Baylor. It was awesome to see that Bryce Petty (Baylor quarterback) and Eddie Lackey (Baylor linebacker) came to support our cause. Administrators and students involved in Black Student Association, Hispanic Student Association, Asian Student Association and other organizations gather to celebrate a Baylor tradition with a cultural twist. One thing has remained constant: a visit from the president and other university deans with enthusiasm and appreciation for who I am as a student and what I represent as a minority on campus.
Like every other college freshman, I was nervous, but with the support of my friends and family have made it a great move! They are concrete structures with stone and brick veneer skin, shingle and metal roofs, and operable and double hung, aluminum clad, wood windows. One of my favorite stories to tell my friends is the time I lost my wallet my freshman year. With extensive use of mock-ups, the project seamlessly incorporated many high-quality systems and finishes. After eating lunch with a couple of my friends at Student Union Building (SUB), I was in a hurry to get to class, so I did not realize until later that I had left my wallet. Not only did a senior guy contact me that he had my wallet, but he also drove over to my dorm to return it to me.

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