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Staycations and road-trips are two of my family’s favorite ways to save money with our vacation plans. The Nelson Atkins Museum is Kansas City’s premier museum, with galleries of Roman, Egyptian, European and Native American art, as well as wonderful outdoor sculpture gardens.
Hallmark Cards is headquartered in Kansas City, and provides some great free entertainment for kids and their families. First, the College Basketball Experience (CBE), which is one of my sons’ favorite place to visit. There aren’t a plethora of choices, but Kansas City does have a few options for kosher dining.
Rachel’s Cafe is a weekday, lunchtime option in the Village Shalom Senior Living community. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH College Snuggie-NEW FOR 2010-PATCHWORK [PITT190S], $22.99, Fantastic Sports Store, Grab the Best Sports Gear. We know a lot of folks are looking for the Now Super Popular Pillow Pets for their favorite baseball teams! The Kansas map below can be reviewed to orient yourself to the state's geography and identify the area of interest. And if you’re a local planning to save some money this summer by staycationing, here are my top suggestions for places to visit and things to do. In Crown Center is the Hallmark Visitor Center, with interactive exhibit halls about the Hall Family and the development of their family-owned and run Hallmark Cards.

Kids get to make whatever art they can dream up with all sorts of left-over materials from Hallmark’s manufacturing lines. And did you know that the movie 42 (Jackie Robinson’s life story) had their Hollywood premier there a few months ago?
But there are a few outdoor attractions that aren’t to be missed, despite the temperatures. There are nature trails, hay rides, a fishing pond, goat and sheep feeding, and cows, bunnies and pigs. With special exhibits, performances, acres of gorgeous gardens and the nation’s largest edible landscape, you can spend hours exploring at Powell Gardens. They have a bakery under the supervision of the Va’ad of Kansas City, including a new section with pareve, pas yisroel cakes and desserts.
In order to see if the Science Hall Map Library has a topographic map of an area, page down to the lower state map, which is an index map subdividing the state into 30 x 60 minute blocks or maps of 1:100,000 scale. Once there, roll the cursor over the quadrangle to see the Science Hall 108 Map Library drawer location and click on the quad for the bibliographic record in the ESU Kellog Online Catalog. Summer admission from April 1 – October 31 is $10 for adults and $4 for children ages 5-12 (4 and under are free).
Home to fifteen blocks of shopping, restaurants (none kosher – although there is a Starbucks), outdoor art festivals and live music, the Plaza is a must-see.
There is also a full kosher deli, with take-out options like fried chicken, salads and even fresh sushi!

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