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The Online Bachelor of Science Nursing Program is one of the best decisions an RSN can make for her career, and one of the best degrees for those interested in furthering their knowledge and skill set.
The University of Kansas has a well structured online BSN program that offers students the flexibility of an online education, at the low cost of a state University. The Sacred Heart University is a Catholic educational establishment which has long been respected for the medical education it provides. Like the University of Kansas, the University of Illinois at Chicago gives students all the benefits of a public university, in an online setting. Western Governors University’s online BSN program is designed for those who already have an associates of nursing, and wish to further their training in order to increase their employability and on-the-job value.
Liberty is the largest Christian University in the world, and has a very large online educational program. Indiana State University, based in Terre Haute, Indiana was ranked as the top online nursing program in the U.S. Anna Maria college is a small private educational institution, which offers an online BSN program.
During July 1938, intense rainfall across several counties in central Texas produced record flooding along the San Saba River and Brady Creek, in addition to other waterways. This web mapping application and web mapping service display vector and raster data, including the high water mark points that were used for model calibration, the DEM-derived stream reaches to which the model was applied, and the resulting modeled flood depth grids, which show the estimated extents of inundation and flood depths. Results from the study were presented at the 2010 Texas GIS Forum in Austin, TX, on October 28, 2010 (download presentation). There is some incredible research being done in universities on the convergence of performance management and positive and negative feedback. That article talked about some work being led by Kansas State University management professor Dr. The study divided workers into three types: those who are motivated by the desire to learn new things, those who are motivated by proving their worth, and those who are simply trying to steer clear of failure. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Dr Culbertson recently, to get the inside scoop on this insightful study. Psychologists have identified three different ways people approach life goals that are work-related. This entry was posted in Performance Management and tagged negative feedback, performance appraisals, performance reviews, positive feedback. One of the reasons that performance appraisals are not effective at driving productivity improvements is that they often do not accurately capture and measure employee contributions. Learn how to create a more human work culture where people are engaged and energized to do their best work.
Learn to modernize performance management using social technologies that tap into the collective voice of employees.
Julie CypherJulie Cypher (born August 24, 1964 in Wichita, Kansas ) is best known as the former partner of Melissa Etheridge .

Our rankings formula is a combination of program thoroughness, availability, student satisfaction, accreditation, program cost and more. This mean that per credit hour, the education is significantly cheaper than it would be through a private college or university.
It now offers a CCNE accredited nursing program, which can be completed through online coursework.
It is a competency based program which focuses on integration of technology, leadership, and patient safety, policies and procedures.
Students must complete 180 quarter hours, with 133 general electives, and 57 required medical skills hours. Peters has long offered a nursing program in the Jesuit tradition, and now that program is available as an online only educational opportunity.
Its online BSN program is designed for those that already have their RN and typically takes 18 to 24 months to complete.
Her technique was wonderful and her bread looked absolutely fantastic,” said Mary Molt, assistant professor. The floodwaters had a devastating impact on many local communities, including the cities of Brady (McCulloch County), San Saba (San Saba County), and Menard (Menard County). First, LiDAR elevation data (provided by TNRIS in May 2010) covering a polygon interior to the study area were downsampled to the 10-m NED grid and substituted into the NED data. These data layers were generated by the Kansas Remote Sensing Program (KARS) at the Kansas Biological Survey located at the University of Kansas, in collaboration with TNRIS.
In addition to flood event simulation, the FLDPLN model is currently used by KBS scientists for emergency response applications, wetland identification and analysis, river valley morphology assessment, lake extent mapping, and as a guide for floodplain geometry specification in hydraulic analyses.
You may have seen this article in the Washington Post last month: Study Finds that Basically Every Single Person Hates Performance Reviews.
Satoris Culbertson: We were interested in looking at how people respond to receiving positive and negative feedback and how that depends on their goal orientation. The Learning-Oriented group of people tend to want to learn and get as much out of as situation as possible.
We were interested in seeing how each group would respond to positive and negative feedback in a performance appraisal setting. We thought that if anyone would be satisfied with a performance appraisal after receiving negative feedback, it would be these individuals—because they could take that negative feedback and use it to improve and see the value in the appraisal.. The 123 credit hour program focuses not only on nursing skills, but also on medical leadership, management, and other administration skills. It is set up so that students can complete the course of study in as little as 16 months, without ever setting foot on campus. Western Governors University is different than many of the colleges on the list because it is solely an online educational entity. The program is self-paced, allowing students to complete the course work in a little as 12 months, or as long as 5 years.

The course of study is designed to take two years to complete, and is both SACS-COC and CCNE accredited. The program is open to those who are already licensed as LPNs who wish to complete a BSN so that they are qualified for more demanding positions. The program is designed for those who are already certified RNs to complete BSN coursework in 32 credit hours. The FLDPLN model was calibrated using landmark-referenced high water mark data collected by the U.S. She recently published an article in the Journal of Personnel Psychology that has a lot of folks talking in the world of talent management.
There are no courses with an on campus component, so it can truly be accomplished from anywhere. All practicums will be organized through a student’s local medical facilities, so the program can be completed from absolutely anywhere. The program is NLNAC accredited, and allows students to set up their clinical experience with the local medical practice of their choice.
The program is structured so that students can either enroll full time or half time in order to accomplish the program goals.
The program emphasizes holistic medicine, and nurturing the mind, body and spirit to equal degrees. Army Corps of Engineers at the time of the event and provided to KBS by the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS), part of the Texas Water Development Board. Second, Intermap elevation data (provided by Intermap in October 2010) covering a polygon enveloping the study reach floodplain were downsampled to the 10-m NED grid and substituted into the NED data. But they also thought that the workers focused on self-improvement and learning would be more amenable to negative, constructive feedback—using it as an opportunity for growth. But we thought the people who would really react well to positive feedback, and really find themselves to be more satisfied with a performance appraisal would be those who felt they had something to prove to others.
These results were developed as a demonstration of FLDPLN model capabilities, at the request of TNRIS. Thus there were three analyses in total, one using NED data, one using combined LiDAR-NED data, and one using primarily Intermap data.
Communities in the study area will be able to use the resulting flood maps for developmental planning guidance and for flood emergency preparedness.

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