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The NCAA college football bowls are fast approaching, and we invite you to participate in the Amerisource Employee College Football Bowl Challenge! Standings of all players will be updated continuously and posted on the Amerisource Employee College Football Bowl Challenge Leaderboard at our website. You can register simply by completing your team selections below and submitting them no later than 5 p.m.
Indicate your selection by choosing either the Favorite Pick or the Underdog Pick for each bowl game below. The space between Cleveland and Pittsburgh is awfully quiet, but there is some life in the otherwise sleepy town of Kent when gameday arrives.
This game wasn’t perfect, the defense gave up some big plays, but it shows that this team is very different than the one we saw at the end of last year. As for the big questions and the things we wanted to see coming in, the development of David Ash from a good quarterback into possibly a great quarterback is the most prominent. For all the television appearances that Lochte is making, I’m only interested in the ones where Seth MacFarlane is playing him. Adrian Beltre Bill Hader Casey Pachall Dallas Keuchel David Ash Dracula Forgetting Sarah Marshall Holiday Bowl Jason Segal Jeff Fuller Kansas Jayhawks Malcolm Brown Martin Perez Matt Harrison MLB NCAA Football Oakland A's Ole Miss Rebels Philadelphia Phillies Rice Owls Roy Oswalt Ryan Lochte Ryan Tannehill Saturday Night Live Scott Feldman Seattle Mariners Seth MacFarlane SNL St.
Javi Perez is a contributing editor with Playmaker Magazine heading up the sports desk, as well as covering the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Texas Longhorns, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, film, and TV.
The winner will be the player with the most correct selections (points) after all bowls games have been played.
In case two or more entries are identical and the above tiebreaker system does not produce a single winner, the player whose entry was submitted first will be the winner.
Kent State University is located ten miles outside of Akron, making the Zips their most heated rival.
The Longhorns beat the Aggies at A&M last year, but after Ryan Tannehill hit Jeff Fuller for the go-ahead touchdown, many considered the game over.
We were worried about him last week, but after 21 carries for 128 yards, we’re feeling fully confident in the offense already. They’re getting turnovers and pressuring the quarterback, but for whatever reason, on a few plays per game, they have trouble tackling and it results in big plays for the offense.
Is this just something that will happen every game to every team no matter how good a defense is? The Texas Rangers won their weekend series over the Seattle Mariners with last night’s 2-1 victory. He gets an extra day off and his slated Friday start will be against the same Mariners team that he effectively shut down this past weekend. We were really looking forward to Seth MacFarlane hosting SNL, but we had our reservations.
He has some puppetry background as it was his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall that plays Dr.
MacFarlane also made an appearance on Weekend Update, which goes to show how strong his performance was because that rarely happens. For the most part, the lower the ranking the better—the only exception being ease of schedule, where a lower ranking simply implies an easier schedule. The Texas Longhorns blew out the Ole Miss Rebels 66-31 as David Ash and the Texas offense could not be stopped. That was good to see and he still needs to improve on that, but what I loved seeing was Ash throwing down the field to one-on-one coverage where he trusted his man to make the play.
If teams like Wyoming, New Mexico, and Ole Miss are putting up a few big plays per game, what’s going to happen when Texas plays West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kansas State? Casey Pachall, despite his 335 yards passing on 24-30 passing with two touchdowns, was involved in three of those fumbles.

Matt Harrison had one of his strongest starts of the year and Adrian Beltre hit yet another home run to up his impressive MVP resume. Texas still hasn’t swept an American League team since early in the 1st half of the season.
Houston won their weekend series against the Philadelphia Phillies, taking three of four at home. It’s hard to believe that we had anything to worry about as MacFarlane delivered with a great show from start to finish.
My favorite sketch that produced the most laughs was the one in which MacFarlane played a puppeteer teaching a class. MacFarlane played Olympic gold medalist and Hollywood bad actor Ryan Lochte as he reviewed new shows on the upcoming fall TV schedule. It very recently was renovated with an impressive press box, jumbo-tron, and training facilities. For example, a team ranked #1 in recruiting means that, in theory, they were the most talented team throughout the 2005-2009 time period. The wide receivers had shown bad hands and the quarterbacks had shown no accuracy or even desire to throw downfield.
And yes, the defense forced three turnovers (all interceptions), one of which was turned into a touchdown. And it’s a trend that needs to change if Texas expects to win big games and get to a BCS bowl game this year. The Kansas defense forced four turnovers, all on fumbles, and kept moving the ball but just couldn’t close the deal on any drives. If they’re having trouble closing out a team that barely beat the Rice Owls, how will they play once the heart of their Big 12 schedule hits.
Although at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those teams pull an upset. You know it’s a good show when only one of the sketches features recurring characters. They had six drives that got into Kansas territory and finished with two field goals and another missed attempt, two turnovers on downs, and one fumble. At the very least, more close wins will see the Horned Frogs continue to fall in the rankings despite their perfect record. Texas lost 8-6 and would have likely won if Feldman hadn’t given up six runs in less than three innings of work. MacFarlane did voices, working that into several sketches, sang during his monologue, and never played a bland character that resembled himself, delivering laughs even in the final sketch that might have only lasted a minute. Kent State has had a few bright spots here and there, but the 25,000 seats that occupy Dix Stadium haven’t had a houseful of rumps in it for a long time. The graph on the left is not showing this ranking, but rather the actual relationship between overall win percentage and the actual Sagarin SOS rankings. Right now, TCU is only proving that they’re not ready for big-time conference football. What jumps out at me is that the trend is essentially saying that the harder the schedule, the better a team’s expected performance.
The students have an entire side of the stadium all to themselves, which makes passing the fifty yard line difficult for opponents.
While SOS is actually statistically significant and worth looking at, it hardly seems all that deterministic.
Dix Stadium is not a loud or intensely intimidating venue, but fans are colorful and the seating is great. Instead, SOS needs to be looked at in conjunction with the other variables involved in this study to be of real use.Ease of Schedule from ND’s PerspectiveThink scheduling has been on the minds of ND fans lately?

Despite the renovations, Dix Stadium has managed to maintain the quaintness of Middle American Conference football. Former Athletic Director Kevin White’s head-scratching scheduling model is out the window, but the 2010 season still features some opponents that are not exactly going to excite many Irish fans. Prior to the game, fans enjoy tailgating, games, live music and many vendors outside the stadium. While the Utah game has all the appearances of being one of those under-the-radar matchups that could prove to be the most difficult game outside of USC on ND’s schedule, Western Michigan, Tulsa, and Army are essentially lay-ups. The pregame festivities signal gameday and make Dix Stadium a very nice place to spend a Saturday afternoon.
In that same time period, the Kelly-lead Cincinnati program played a somewhat comparable schedule with much less talent and came away with an 83% winning percentage (only Boise State, Texas, and Florida had a higher winning percentage during those three years). Despite the relatively easier schedule the past few seasons, Notre Dame still had the 21st hardest average schedule since 2005. With Oklahoma, Texas, and Miami all on the docket for future Irish schedules, it’s likely that the recent trend of easier schedules is about to end. The lower the ranking, the larger the home field advantage a team is considered to have (represented on the graph to the left). The intent of this ranking is to represent how much of an advantage some teams have over others in terms of the difficulty of their home stadium for opponents, as well as the leverage that program has in scheduling a large number of home games each year.The reason we’re using a predicted overall win percentage for the comparison is because it provides a better basis for evaluating how a team is expected to perform overall given its normal performance at home as well as the number of games played at home. By doing it this way, we can use the expected overall performance to show that teams like Ohio State do indeed have a huge home field advantage; if you compare Ohio State with their actual overall win percentage, the advantage of playing at home looks minimal (about a 4% difference). The top ten home impact teams play an average of 10% more home games per year than the bottom 10 teams.
Their 2008 schedule, for example, featured home games versus Miami, Mississippi, LSU, and South Carolina. Nobody wants a drunk guy puking on them during a football game, but having to look over your shoulder for an usher eye-balling you if you’re standing and yelling is not exactly going to encourage fans to go crazy during games.So what can be done to make the stadium more difficult for opponents?
I’m not suggesting that the Irish lose any traditions, encourage binge drinking, install a jumbotron, or pipe in crowd noise. But small things like figuring out how to encourage the crowd to actually stand throughout the game and get involved (especially on the South side of the stadium) would help. Brian Kelly and Jack Swarbrick have already gotten NBC to agree to shorter commercial breaks, but a lot more could still be done there: how about actually specifying that breaks can only be taken after touchdowns, unblocked punts, during timeouts, and other similar plays that won’t kill crowd interest? The administration could also stand to be less draconian about keeping the stadium family-friendly on game day—I thought ushers were supposed to show you to your seats, not act as a security force? There’s little-to-no evidence to show that Notre Dame needs to schedule easier games to get to the national championship, and Swarbrick should concentrate on getting opponents on the slate that excite the Notre Dame fan-base.
The recent addition of traditional football powers to future schedules gives reason for optimism. Of course, it will be up to the man whom Swarbrick hired, Brian Kelly, to get the program into a condition to be able to win those games.Of greater concern, in my opinion, is finding a way to make Notre Dame stadium a more difficult venue for opposing teams to play in. When programs like Syracuse, Navy, Air Force, and Connecticut are coming onto campus and winning games, it says a lot about the difficulty of the home field, not just the quality of those specific Charlie Weis teams. Visiting teams should not feel comfortable at Notre Dame stadium, and one way to get a psychological edge is by earning a reputation for burying inferior teams. Charlie Weis, when he had the chance, often simply chose to take his foot off the gas pedal, lest we embarrass the other team. Additionally, you may not use this article for commercial purposes or to generate derivative works without explicit written permission.

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