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Up-to-date information on costs, scholarship, and financial aid for undergraduates can be found here.
Several programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences provide student support and can be found here.
Thanks to the generosity of our alumni (and alumnae), the Department of Geology has been able to award about $30,000 in scholarships each year. The Kansas Geological Society and the Kansas Geological Foundation offer scholarships to geology majors at Kansas universities.
Geographers study the differences in human activities from one place to another, assess human impacts and responses to the environment, and resolve vital questions about current national and international situations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are approximately 300,000 geoscientists and 8.7 million STEM workers employed in the United States with average median salaries of $83,811 and $81,413 respectively. Over the next decade, the BLS projects a 14% increase in geoscience jobs and a 13% increase in STEM jobs.
There are currently over 20 scholarship and travel grant funds, some of which support multiple recipients each year.

This information is distributed to students in the spring and scholarships are awarded at the Spring Awards Banquet. The Kansas Geological Society is an organization of professional geologists interested in furthering the education, applications, and awareness of geology in Kansas.
Geographers also pursue more theoretical inquiry into the major problems of human society by examining spatial structure and processes using various techniques of mathematical and cartographic analysis of spatial phenomena, computer mapping, geographic information systems, and remote sensing. Both annual median salaries are well over the overall annual median salary of $35,080 in the U.S. This predicted growth is a bit higher than the overall average growth of 11% for all occupations in the United States. If you are an outstanding high school student interested in one of our freshman scholarships, please contact the Department Head, Dr. Within the geosciences, the occupations with the greatest increase in jobs will be geographers (29%) and petroleum engineers (26%). The scholarships typically support cost of attending KSU, travel to meetings or field research areas, and field camp attendance.

Air pollution, contamination of waterways, decaying urban areas, destruction of the landscape, and the like, can only be well understood by examining the interrelations of factors such as technology, population density, legal structure, affluence, cultural traditions, and environment. A 1958 Kansas State University (K-State) graduate, Roberts led the charge to build the institute and was instrumental in making biosecurity a priority for K-State.
He served eight terms as a congressman from the First District and is now in his third term as a United States Senator. As past chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and a former Marine, Roberts led the effort to improve the country's intelligence-gathering and analysis capabilities at a critical time in our nation's history. Roberts also chaired the House Agriculture Committee from 1995 to 1997 and is currently a member of the Senate's Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

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