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Kansas State publicly unveiled plans for a $65 million renovation to the north end of Snyder Family Stadium at its spring football game Saturday. The renovation will more than double the Wildcatsa€™ current football complex and enclose the stadium.
The privately funded project was originally expected to cost $50 million, but that amount grew during the planning process.
K-State will break ground on the project immediately after K-State plays its final home game of the 2014 season against Kansas on Nov.
Those delays will impact locker rooms for visiting teams and officials, but Currie said K-State is developing temporary accommodations that he said will be an improvement over what they currently use. For K-State football players, the main perks will be an expanded weight room, a new locker room, larger meeting areas and more video rooms. Additional seating, improved sight lines and convenient access to restrooms will improve the fan experience.
K-State football coach Bill Snyder said he looked forward to the new facility, mainly because having everything the football program needs in one location will be convenient for players. One drawback to the renovation is that it will cause relocation issues for the football team as it prepares for its final regular season game at Baylor the following week and a possible bowl game. The $65 million expansion a wave of other facility improvements that have totaled $125 million, including the West Stadium Center, a new rowing center and a basketball training facility.
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The reduction of hours is the result of balancing large cost increases in subscriptions and general use budget reductions imposed universitywide.
The budget decrease coincides with a dramatic increase in the cost of maintaining quality research collections. Because collections and staffing account for more than 90 percent of K-State Libraries’ expenses, there are few options for cost savings.
The reduction in building hours will save $110,000 annually, largely through savings in security and custodial costs.
K-State’s open access initiatives are also part of the effort to create affordable access to current academic research.

The post K-State announces reduced library hours, cites budget cuts appeared first on 1350 KMAN. Phase Three of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan, at an estimated cost of $65 million, will feature a new Vanier Football Complex structure that is considered pivotal in maintaining and securing K-StateA•s competitive future and enhancing the overall experience of K-State student-athletes. It will also add 1,000 seats behind the stadiuma€™s north end zone as well as video boards to the northeast and northwest corners.
K-State athletic director John Currie said roughly 70 percent of the funds needed for the renovation have been raised.
If a customer requests overnight delivery, tracking and services such as insurance, Central Mail strives to identify the best service available. K-State announced the library’s hours will be reduced this year due to budget reductions. Journal prices have increased 6 percent annually, on average, with the cumulative result much higher.
The Libraries administration recently made the difficult decision to discontinue several journal subscriptions along with staff reductions of 17 FTE (full-time equivalent) through attrition between FY12 and FY16. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 19,343, its setting is City, and the campus size is 1,000 acres. KU offers the highest-quality academic programs (141 undergraduate and 230 masters, doctorate, and professional degree programs.) The academic programs are supported by 12 libraries and several museums including art and natural history.
Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. It will also include a new north end zone seating area and northwest video board as the department continues to offer grass-roots improvements to the Best Fan Experience in the Big 12. Most of the construction will be done in time for the 2015 home opener, but portions of the northeast section and video board will not be completed until 2016.
The budget reductions were an outcome of state general fund reductions and a modest student enrollment decline. For example, from 2010 to 2015, the cost of subscription packages from just five major publishers increased $417,000, or more than 21 percent.
Top ranked programs in education, public administration, occupational therapy, and special education provide outstanding undergraduate and graduate academic opportunities.

This means that a package mailed by Central Mail will be cheaper than a package taken to the UPS or the FedEx stores.
The impact to K-State Libraries over the past two years is a loss of almost $1 million in general use funds. University of Kansas's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 115.
Excellent programs in law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social welfare, and other fields prepare students for professional careers. All Priority and Express Mail packages are shipped using Commercial Base Pricing including Commercial Base Pricing of Flat Rate Packaging. Its in-state tuition and fees are $10,448 (2014-15); out-of-state tuition and fees are $25,731 (2014-15).
More than 100 international study abroad and cooperative undergraduate research programs are available. Over 40 languages are taught at KU and there are 5 national resource centers for area studies. If you have a shipment of several boxes going to the exact same destination, it is not necessary to have an information sheet printed for each one. The student population is over 18% minority and comes from all 50 states and over 100 countries. This applies to all USPS, FedEx, UPS and International mail.There are special precautions and requirements when shipping hazardous materials.
On-campus housing provides options from residence halls and apartments, to scholarship halls.
There are many part-time employment opportunities on-campus including GTA and GRA positions.

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