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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. HomeAffordable Colleges and UniversitiesThe 100 Most Affordable Online Colleges in the U.S. This article highlights the 100 most affordable online colleges in the United States as indicated by 2014-15 estimated tuition and fees institutions reported to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).
The idea of an affordable college degree resonates with many students, and the notion of an affordable online degree has considerable appeal, particularly at a time when many students are working full time jobs and are also concerned about the potential return on investment of a pricey degree. Please note that the expense figures we gathered from NCES to not take into account scholarships, grants, or other types of aid that may be available to you. Touro University offers five online bachelor’s level programs: business administration and management, psychology, social work, health care, and health education.
This private, historically black university has its roots in a school founded for young black girls by Mary McLeod Bethune in 1904. Manhattan Christian College offers two degree programs online, one in biblical leadership, and the other in management and ethics. Wayland Baptist University is one of many private Christian universities beginning to offer degree programs online. MACU offers three fully online degree programs: biblical studies, business administration, and christian ministry.
The three online degree programs offered by City College-Fort Lauderdale are health care administration, management, and nursing. Southwestern Christian University offers four distinct bachelor’s degree programs online. Brandman offers 11 bachelor degrees online, but if you count all the available concentrations, the count comes out more in the high 20s.
Union Institute and University offers numerous online bachelor’s degree programs — 14 in all. The online business programs at the University of Ottawa’s Angell Snyder School of Business offer as many as eight concentrations per major. The University of Minnesota Crookston has been offering online undergraduate programs for years, and they keep expanding their selection. Park University offers an array of online degree programs including business administration, management (specializing in six different areas), criminal justice administration, education studies, interdicsiplinary studies (with several available minors), information & computer science, computer information systems, geography, RN to BSN, and public administration. Baker College is the largest independent non-profit college in the state of Michigan, with over 28,000 students. Calvary Bible College is a Christian institution that offers just one program online, a bachelor’s in business administration. Averett University offers online bachelor’s programs through their school of graduate and professional studies.
Azusa Pacific offers seven fully online bachelor’s programs and in addition to those, some completion programs as well.
Wilmington University offers an impressive 27 online degree programs, many of which have minors and concentrations available, and that’s just their undergraduate selection. Clarion offers eight online bachelor’s level programs, and their liberal studies program alone has nine available concentrations, while the business administration program has three concentrations available.
The online degree programs offered by Westfield are degree completion programs, available to students with 60 or more credits already completed.
Bemidji’s bachelor’s programs are on the 2+2 model so the first two years must be completed either at the school, or through another school (community colleges are a great, affordable, and convenient way to accomplish this and many offer online programs).
Embry-Riddle is one of few aeronautical universities in the world, and certainly one of the only ones offering a wide selection of online courses.
USD offers five online bachelor’s programs, including a bachelor of business administration from the Beacom School of Business. UWA offers three bachelor degree programs online: business administration, technology, and early childhood development. The four online bachelor’s degrees available from Arkansas State are completion programs, designed to accommodate students that have completed the first half of their college education in some other manner. SDSU offers only six online bachelor programs, but the choices get really diverse when you consider the nine minors available for the online programs. Northern State University offers six online bachelor programs and three associate degree programs fully online.
The University of Maine at Fort Kent offers six online degree programs at the bachelor’s level and seven at the associate degree level. Columbia College offers ten concentrations in the online business administration program alone. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Last week, we announced the addition of several new features with our Zoom Version 2.0 release. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) allows participants to dial into a Zoom meeting from their phones. When a Zoom user shares their screen, they can give participants the ability to annotate or control the screen. We define an online college as one offering at least one complete bachelor’s degree online, though many of these institutions offer a considerable number of online degrees.

We considered only accredited online colleges and accredited online universities for this ranking, so you can be sure that these institutions come with the backing of a major accrediting body. Indeed, some of these schools are among the best in all of the United States, as their standings in major national rankings supports.
Most of the areas of study listed offer both bachelor’s and master’s level programs online. The school only offers one program online currently: a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.
The available programs are biblical studies, business management, christian ministry leadership, and psychology.
These programs are liberal studies, bible and theology, christian studies, ministry leadership, and RN to BSN completion. These include health care services, health information management, medical imaging, LPN to BSN, RN to BSN and BS in nursing programs, and healthcare business management. Among those programs are applied psychology, business administration, computer information technology, computer networking, criminal justice, digital design and graphics, health services administration, interdisciplinary studies, and software development. While some private Christian schools can be expensive, some are among the most affordable private universities you can find.
The business administration program requires a minor in biblical studies, while the christian ministry major is actually a double major, where the student majors in both biblical studies and christian ministry. Among the programs offered are applied studies, criminal justice (six concentrations), legal studies, liberal studies, psychology, social science, social work, sociology, organizational leadership (three concentrations) and business administration (ten concentrations). Among these are programs in business administration, child and adolescent development, criminal justice management, early childhood studies, elementary education, emergency services management, leadership, liberal studies, psychology and social work. Currently there are fourteen online bachelor degree programs including programs in communication, entrepreneurship, international business, manufacturing management, quality management, finance, and health management. There are 15 total online degree programs along with 17 minors, enabling students can mold the degree to their unique interests.
Courses are designed to provide students with the crucial skills to succeed in today’s job market.
There are campuses located all over the state, and most of the programs are offered both in traditional and online formats.
The school also has two fully online bachelor’s programs, psychology and business administration. There are three bachelor programs online, including business administration, RN to BSN, and sociology and criminal justice. The fully online degree programs are applied studies, applied psychology, criminal justice, health sciences, leadership, liberal studies, and management.
The school has designed their programs to accommodate transfer students even if their previous area of study wasn’t closely related to the programs they offer. The online degree programs Clarion offers are sociology and psychology, business administration, liberal studies, nursing, allied health leadership, medical imaging, technology leadership, and criminal justice administration. There are six online bachelor’s completion programs: business management, criminal justice, liberal studies, sociology, and psychology. The only online bachelor’s degree offered is in liberal studies, which is a great program for somebody looking to complete their degree.
The other programs available are general studies, addiction studies, health sciences, and an RN to BSN program for registered nurses. The business administration major however, has four distinct concentrations which are: business administration, accounting, management, and marketing.
Most of these can also be taken in the hybrid format which can be great for students that live close enough to attend some classes in person as their schedule allows. The main thing that sets this school apart from many others is that it offers several degrees in engineering, which few others offer online. Students looking to do their entire degree online can find many associate degree programs online that can be transferred. The degrees available are general studies, geography, interdisciplinary studies, medical laboratory science, nursing, and sociology.
However, the school does offer two undergraduate programs, one in business administration, which is designed for all students, whether of traditional college age, or adults looking to complete a degree. Concentrations and minors are less common among online degree programs because most schools are focusing on expanding their catalogue of majors. The online bachelor programs available at the school are international business studies, general studies, banking and financial services, business administration, management, and marketing. The available bachelor’s degrees are accounting, arts and sciences, computer applications-information security, healthcare administration, RN to BSN, and public safety administration. A few of the more unusual ones include dental hygiene, emergency management, health care management, homeland security, legal studies, and veterinary services management. In addition to those there are twelve other online majors including programs in computer information systems, management information systems, criminal justice administration, human services, history, political science, public administration, English, psychology, and sociology. Although all the features are valuable, today, we wanted to provide some more information about some of the more exciting new Zoom Version 2.0 features and why they matter. This is great for those people who aren’t able to connect on a tablet or computer, but still need to be included. Just a few years ago, the idea of pursuing an inexpensive online university degree at a highly regarded institution may have seemed out of reach; today it can be a reality.

In this case, we report both in-state and out-of-state figures, and the institution is ranked according to its in-state tuition. The school was founded in 1962 and severed its direct ties to the Baptist denomination and become an independent non-denominational, Christian liberal arts college. Touro is a school designed from the ground up by philanthropists that desire to forge a new path in education. The school was originally founded by Quaker settlers, and was a Quaker school from 1917 up until 1990 when it transitioned to a more evangelical christian platform. The school was founded in the early 1900s and is still closely affiliated with the Church of God in Cleveland.
Among the fourteen available programs are these degrees: accounting, business administration, human resource management, integrated leadership, healthcare administration, health information administration, information technology, criminal justice studies and paralegal studies. MCC strives to accommodate military personnel in every way possible and is a considered a military friendly school by Military Friendly.
Clarkson was established over 100 years ago as a school of nursing and the school remains committed to excellence in training medical professionals.
This school offers three undergraduate programs: applied science, christian ministry, and nursing. The school was originally a junior college of business when it was established in 1984, and it has since grown to become a full-fledged degree-granting college.
This school is affiliated with the Pentecostal Holiness Church and continues to honor that heritage. Among its selection of programs you will find accountancy, financial management, organizational leadership, elementary education, english education, construction engineering technology, computer science, pre-law, public administration, and digital journalism. Overall the school offers 22 bachelor programs online, including English, history, law enforcement, mathematics (with available concentration in actuarial science), accounting, business administration, business economics, health care management, human resources and public administration. Among the many programs available online are: applied psychology, business economics, computer science, human resources management, information security, social sciences, public relations, public administration, internet marketing, and entrepreneurship. Blue Mountain College is a Christian liberal arts college and has been affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention since the 1920s. The bachelor degree in sociology and criminal justice is actually only offered online by the school, and was designed specifically to take full advantage of this format. Some of the programs offered include behavioral science, business management, communication, criminal justice, government and public policy, information systems, marketing, psychology, sports management, and computer and network security. The six bachelor level programs are agricultural business, human development and family studies, anthropology, fire and emergency services administration, interdisciplinary liberal arts, and psychology. The available bachelor’s degrees are healthcare administration, marketing, business administration (with agribusiness, automotive management, and marketing concentrations), and accounting. The four completion programs are RN to BSN, business administration, organizational leadership, and chemical dependency counselor assistant.
This focus may be a good sign for students looking to earn a degree in the health field online. Among the programs available are: accounting, applied social sciences, business management, communication, criminal justice and law enforcement administration, marketing, project management, public management, information technology, and management information systems. Other than that the school offers primarily graduate programs and professional development programs for educators online.
The programs offered are accounting, applied engineering, business administration, criminal justice, elementary education, nursing, psychology, social work, and technology management. The early childhood development program is a non-certification program because certification requirements vary from state to state.
The fully online bachelor’s programs are as follows: business administration, RN to BSN, operations management, project management, and special education.
The ten undergraduate programs offered are chemical engineering, communication, electrical engineering, general studies, mechanical engineering, RN to BSN program, petroleum engineering, psychology, and social science. The general studies major is for someone looking to complete their undergraduate degree after having left college previously. Troy offers 13 undergraduate programs online, including resource and technology management, business administration (with seven concentrations), anthropology, applied computer science, history, hospitality, sport, and tourism management, interpreter training, liberal studies, political science, psychology, and social science.
These programs are designed for those seeking to complete their education and take their career to a higher level, but can be taken by students who are part of the more traditional college demographic as well. This program is at the heart of the school’s philosophy of education and so it makes sense that as the school moves forward into online education, it would be the first degree they offer. Students can study accounting, computer science, finance, marketing, psychology, web development, project management, and many more subjects. The bachelor’s programs available fully online are: allied health, public health, RN to BSN, and respiratory care.
Online bachelor’s level programs include aeronautics, aviation business administration, aviation maintenance, aviation security, communication, emergency services, engineering technology, technical management, and transportation.
These programs are geared toward transfer students that have completed around 60 credits worth of course work.
The school also offers four 4+1 programs where students can earn a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree online in five years.

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