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This Johnny Manziel draft reaction video that we shot at our NFL Draft party in 2014 will live in infamy thanks to the Cleveland Browns waiving Manziel.
Johnny Manziel, who might be your next Dallas Cowboys quarterback, now earns the distinction of being the newest member of the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks jersey.
Who do you think will be the next Cleveland Browns first round draft quarterback that gets added to this jersey?
If you love all sports everythang, Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson, rocking jerseys, or the Ultimate Warrior then sign up for our newsletter. The Cleveland Browns made yet another draft day move to trade up once from the 22nd overall pick to the No. We were on site at the official Browns draft party at the new Cleveland Convention Center and the packed house went absolutely crazy – watch the video above to see how they reacted. The narrative of the 2014 NFL Draft is officially the fall of Johnny Manziel, though the fall is not too dramatic yet.

As draft pundits have tried to peg where Manziel will land, the Browns have been the hardest team to predict. The Browns did not want him in the top 10, but now that he has slipped this far, they might call an audible and make a move on him. Dating back to last season the Browns have been uniquely positioned to make a splash in this loaded 2014 draft. In news that surprised no one, Johnny Manziel filed his paperwork, declaring for the 2014 NFL Draft. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) is chased by Duke linebacker Kelby Brown (59) and nose tackle Jamal Bruce (91) in the first half of the Chick-fil-A Bowl NCAA college football game Tuesday, Dec. No doubt evaluators will have those tough questions to answer, and Manziel won't be for everyone. We are a sports comedy site that combines sports comedy, pop culture, nostalgia, with a love of jerseys.

It sounds like the Browns might see an opportunity to go bold in this draft and add Manziel while possibly breaking Jerry Jones‘s heart by keeping his guy Johnny Football out of Dallas.
Will they make the biggest splash of all by trading in front of the Cowboys to draft Manziel? We create original sports comedy articles, videos, and podcasts that hopefully make you laugh and drop sports knowledge at the same time. We are the #1 site for hoopsters and jersey enthusiasts so send us any random jerseys you see on the streets. According to Pro Football Talk, the Cleveland Browns might have designs on moving up and drafting him ahead of the Cowboys.

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