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Es momento de revisar algunas de las jugadas mas memorables de la semana 13 con los GIFs de la NFL. El recien nombrado titular en Washington, tuvo esa clase de movimientos estilo Romo o Roethlisberger para quitarse la presion de 3 defensivos y lanzar un touchdown. Los equipos especiales de los Vikings tuvieron un gran dia al bloquear la patada de despeje en dos ocasiones a los Panthers y ayudar a llevarse la victoria.
Ante una baja de juego de Brian Hoyer, Pettine decidio que era momento de darle la oportunidad a Johhny Football y no lo estaba haciendo mal hasta que Kyle Williams le dio la bienvenida a la NFL con este golpe.
Como una manifestacion de apoyo en el caso de Ferguson, algunos jugadores de Rams decidieron salir al terreno de juego con las manos arriba.
Despues del pase de touchdown de Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers realizo esta celebracion en el partido que para muchos, podria ser la siguiente edicion del Super Bowl.
Realmente no entiendo porque llevan a Tom Brady atado pero la realidad es que se ve muy comico, aunque no sea del agrado de los fans de Patriots. Jorge Tinajero Socio fundador de Primero y Diez donde opera las entranas del sitio ademas de hacer valiosas aportaciones de contenidos hablados y escritos. The Green Bay Packers are aiming for a comeback this NFL season especially in light of their disheartening run last year due to the injury of Jordy Nelson.
One of the most difficult lessons learned by the NFL teams every season is the ugly side of the game - injuries. However, it looks like the Green Bay Packers found a way to protect their prized players this season. He added, "I think everybody feels like four or five [preseason games] is probably more than we need to get ready.
I was prepared to ignore it entirely after three months of miserable news, but Johnny got me hooked early on, and before I knew it, three hours had gone by. This photo surfaced early in the first round, and in that moment, I was ready to pledge lifelong loyalty to Johnny Football. The Browns had been linked to Manziel since January, but after Bortles leapfrogged him, Cleveland dealt its pick to Buffalo to trade down.
First, there was watching fans lose their minds on Twitter as their favorite team passed on Manziel. The way this is shaping up, Dallas is going to have a choice to make at 16 on Johnny Manziel. Drafting Johnny Football in the 1st round after giving Tony Romo $100 million would be the most Jerry Jones move of all-time.
For football fans, putting someone as unbearable as Manziel on the Cowboys just felt like destiny. You could probably talk yourself into Johnny Football being fun on 90 percent of the teams in the NFL. When the Chiefs’ pick was approaching, Gruden made the case for Manziel just like always.
And even after two hours of embarrassment, Manziel still found the strength to go out there and do that stupid money sign with his hands.
He’ll also be paired with Kyle Shanahan as his offensive coordinator, which is either great or terrible depending on which of the last two Redskins seasons you remember. Johnny Manziel is great because (a) he’s insanely fun to watch play football, (b) he is a ridiculous human who refuses to tone it down under any circumstances, and (c) wherever he goes, a cloud of batshit insanity follows.

But even if you hate him, you can’t deny that having him in the NFL will make all of this more fun.
When it was over, we found out that the Browns commissioned $100,000 worth of analysis of this year’s quarterback class. The Browns took Manziel because they liked him all along, and he’s a great quarterback, and for probably lots of other good, legitimate reasons. B. Another chapter in the Johnny Football legend that has seemed far-fetched and ridiculous for a solid two years now. Johnny Manziel's wigged-out Las Vegas adventure is not just urban legend -- it's now a major windfall for the makers of some clever new Manziel gear. Tony Madalone, the owner of Fresh Brewed Tees, says they started cranking out tees with blonde "Billy" in a Browns jersey the day after the story came out. Meanwhile, Lamp Apparel's "Billy Football" tees -- which play off the famous Unabomber sketch -- are also flying off shelves, according to their rep, Brandon Fuss-Cheatham.
Billy Joel might be the only person to ever look less-imposing while wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Eyewitnesses have disputed the police account of Notre Dame cornerback Devin Butler’s arrest. Esta ocasion se quedo con el balon en una jugada de read option y logro entrar a la zona de anotacion. Pero esta vez Torrey Smith se quedo con el pase de Joe Flacco con malabares pero finalmente consiguio el touchdown. Chris Long y Robert Quinn en una relajada tarde ante Oakland decidieron hacer esta peculiar danza despues del sack sobre Carr. La verdad es que tiene motivos, su calendario restante no sera facil y ahora ya tienen a los Broncos con el mismo record buscando el primer lugar de la AFC. Yo creo que con esta derrota de San Francisco, es posible que ya este pensando como arreglar al equipo de Oakland para la temporada 2015. Aficionado a los Denver Broncos gracias a las epocas de John Elway que sembraron en el la idea de no claudicar a pesar de lo adversas que puedan parecer las circunstancias. With Aaron Rodgers back on track, Eddie Lacy losing weight and Jordy Nelson finally getting approved workouts in the gridiron, fans of the franchise are excited for the next season to start. With Jordy Nelson suffering a preseason injury last year, the Green Bay Packers saw their Super Bowl chances slip off their fingers right after. Johnny Manziel remains an unsigned free agent and it remains to be seen if the Green Bay Packers would do what the teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos refuse to do for Johnny Football - offer him an NFL contract. Then the Jaguars went and took Blake Bortles, which is the closest thing we have to an NFL version of the Cavs taking Anthony Bennett last year. With Manziel it was doubly true, because people were going to be talking about him all night anyway.
It’s depressing to watch your team have a chance at someone as exciting as Manziel and then just pass and take a regular football player or trade out of the pick. Would Jerry Jones get so excited about the potential publicity that he’d just go off and draft him for the hell of it? This was around the time it became open season for Manziel jokes from all corners of the Internet.
They were the next team with a quarterback need, and the idea of Manziel playing for Andy Reid sounded pretty great for a second there.

We could spend weeks imagining the terror that would come with Johnny Manziel, LeSean McCoy, and Chip Kelly all in one place.
As it stands, he wound up with a great receiver in Josh Gordon, a potentially great tight end in Jordan Cameron, and a new head coach who did a killer job coordinating defenses in Buffalo and New York. As Manziel said afterward, “I really, truly believe Cleveland was where I was supposed to end up. Everything he does on and off the field either makes you love him or makes him an amazing villain. To add to their eagerness, the Green Bay Packers are also said to seal the deal in a Johnny Manziel minimum contract soon.
They were not the only ones who got their hearts broken due to these injuries as the Dallas Cowboys had an embarrassing season when Tony Romo broke his collarbone in Week 2. With the current status of Johnny Football in the NFL, fans believe that he would not turn down an offer from a Super Bowl contender team like the Green Bay Packers. Second, given his history and general approach to life, it was at least a little bit plausible that Johnny Manziel would be the first draft prospect in history to be drunk in the green room.
Johnny Manziel could have single-handedly resurrected the Raiders as every rapper’s favorite team again, but they went with Khalil Mack. They passed on Manziel for a second time — grab a cornerback instead — and every Cleveland fan who’s fallen in love with Johnny Football now remembers how much they hate the Browns. Took Anthony Barr, because apparently Mike Zimmer wasn’t a huge fan of Manziel and his life outside football. Cleveland did it twice in the top 10, so the Browns fans were the clear winners in the meltdown power rankings, but Vikings fans and Titans fans were also pretty great.
He would join forces with Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, and they would all go troll the universe together.
He could learn under Alex Smith for a year, and then take over a quarterback-friendly offense that actually has a decent number of weapons. Nobody in the world loves Manziel more than Gruden, and he was completely shameless about shilling for Johnny throughout the first round.
In fact, even Super Bowl champs Denver Broncos almost lost Peyton Manning to injuries and fielded the then untested Brock Osweiler to face Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. They’ll stick with Jake Locker as the face of the franchise for the next few years, which is a sad sentence to say out loud. Watching them ride this roller coaster of emotion with each pick was just as riveting as watching the same thing happen to Johnny in the green room. They even have Brian Hoyer, a QB who’s good enough to start while Manziel sits, but probably not good enough that anyone will mind once Manziel takes over. And as each pick came and went with Manziel sitting there looking more and more depressed, it became a real possibility.
Why not draft Johnny Manziel, let Romo play another year or two, and then see what happens?
It’s nothing against him or Manziel, but pairing those two together would have ended badly.

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