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Climb up the hill in back corner lot – 3 squats at the top, 3 burpees at the bottom, repeat 3 times.
20 Donkey Kicks OYO, then Balls to the Wall until everyone finishes, 10 Balls to the Wall Presses OYO, if you can.
Then, group does the called exercise, while everyone takes turns separately carrying the beast bag up the hill and returns to the COB.

A little over 3 months after my first post at an extremely cold 16 degree Centurion, YHC finally took the plunge and Q’ed my first workout. The goal this morning was to do wide variety of exercises with low counts (10-20) with very little breaks in between. Classic Philmont – he spent the last half of the workout walking up and down the hill with his full backpack (even taking his turn with the Beast Bag).

I actually had a hard time calling cadence at the end and waited for the heckling to begin.

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