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When he’s not busy with his award-winning FX series Louie, he’s organizing nationwide comedy tours without the help of ticketing services, shooting self-funded specials and releasing them directly to fans at minimal cost or taking on minor acting roles. Back then, would anyone have thought the 17-year-old, red-headed failure of a comedian would establish himself as one of the industry’s best three decades later? Rather than incurring the overhead costs associated with partnering with traditional ticketing services and media companies, Louis C.K.
Defying the norm, he made the decision to cut out the proverbial ticketing middle man when he performs live, offering tickets to his shows directly to fans. The comedian has adopted a similar approach to the standup specials he now produces in-house. This unconventional tactic has also proved remarkably successful, encouraging other artists to mimic his innovative approach.

If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you know that from time to time, even the funniest performers on the planet are capable of cracking jokes that just don’t work.
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He did it the hard way, building his empire slowly over the course of nearly three decades. Believe it or not, the guy not only created Louie, he stars in, directs, edits and writes the series.

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