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Some news out of New England that the Patriots might be entertaining the idea of Randy Moss coming back to play for the Patriots.
During his time in school, Bonner was a 3-time All-SEC player and scored over 1,500 points. He has an 11-year NBA career that started with the Toronto Raptors and he is currently with the Spurs.
Did I forget to mention he has two championship rings and was the NBA’s leader in 3-point field goal percentage for the 2010-11? Go to best deal casinos to find the best deals for betvictor casino and other well-known online casinos. We all know Tequila comes from Mexico, and from the labeling on (good) tequila, we know it comes from the blue agave plant. I think every educated football fan knew that Moss was done after the 2012 season when he played for the 49ers. He gets excited about a Timberwolves-Kings game so that should tell you how intense the passion is for him.

But did you know that Mexican law states tequila can ONLY be produced in the state of Jalisco and limited areas of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas?
Emmanuel Sanders might be the best receiver in football and DeMaryius Thomas is 1A to Sanders.
His favorite teams are the Spurs and Magic because he likes to be on both ends of the winning spectrum. But with any former NFL star, you have to wonder when the season is in full swing like it is now, do they have the itch to put on the pads and get back out there.
Moss declined the offer, but when asked if he would return to the league during an interview on the Schrager Podcast this is what he had to say. After sucking it up on the offense the first few weeks of the season, the Patriots look like they have found a rhythm and balance to that offense. Be that as it may, as a realist football observer the move wouldn't make all that much sense. Moss probably wouldn't play for chump change and I don't think he really has much left in the tank.

In his last season you could see flashes of what once was a great receiver, and by the end he was depleted. I would like the move based on the fact that he is a veteran leader and it is always good to have more guys like that in the locker room, especially one with multiple young receivers. Belichick has done this in the past with someone like Junior Seau, where he brought him back basically as a player coach in 2009. Furthermore, I believe that Randy Moss might have some speed left and could stretch the field maybe once a game.

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