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When the Chargers and Bengals met for the AFC Championship following the 1981 season the temperature at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium showed -9 degrees, with the wind chill dropping to -37.
As far as the man running the Green Bay offense, the confidence in him is as high as the temperature is low.
Is this where I should post unfunny pics of fat packers fans in attempt to make fun of you, like you did in the EAGLES thread? So I don't make it a game thread, but a thread about whether people would go to a game in that type of cold and people still bitch. And by the way, this site is everyone friendly – you can search for the same or opposite gender, couples or groups. All the Packers defensive lineman wants is to stay warm in the subzero weather when Green Bay hosts the San Francisco 49ers in an NFC wild-card showdown that could be one of the coldest playoff games in NFL history. So many intriguing story lines between these two NFC powers, and yet the arctic cold may trump them all.
The National Weather Service forecast called for a high temperature in Green Bay on Sunday of 2 degrees, with north-northwest winds making it feel more like minus-15 to minus-20. This might be little consolation to Boyd, for whom cold games in college meant playing in 30- or 40-degree weather.
Well, 49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith is as tough as they come, and even he might wear sleeves for what he estimates would be just the second or third time in his 13-year career. Across the line of scrimmage, center Jonathan Goodwin said he had no problem wearing sleeves. In some ways, players might be warmer than the 80,000 fans expected to pack frigid Lambeau. Another key for players will be to stay hydrated, though McCarthy jokingly put his index finger to his lips as if to tell a reporter to not let out the secret when asked the question Friday.
Instead, San Francisco and Green Bay will have to deal with an unwelcome extra opponent: the bitter cold.
Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels seems to subscribe to the sleeves-are-soft philosophy. On a frigid, blustery afternoon in Chicago, the Green Bay Packers suffered their worst defeat this season, 35-7 to the lowly Bears, as Favre finished 17-for-32 passing and threw two interceptions.

At Buffalo, where temperatures plummeted and winds gusted to more than 50 mph, the New York Giants beat the Bills 38-21 to clinch a playoff spot in spite of even worse numbers from Manning: 7-for-15 passing, two interceptions and five fumbles. Both teams are certain to factor the elements into their approach; Packers coaches talk about weather every Friday and monitor forecasts until close to game time. The Packers' offense didn't do that against the Bears, who allowed only two first downs and 106 net yards in the first half of last month's stunning rout.
The Giants are a northern team and a stellar 9-1 on the road, including upset playoff wins Jan. In a conference call with reporters on Monday, Giants coach Tom Coughlin fielded 20 questions.
The last time a conference championship game was played amid subzero wind chills was after the 2004 season, when the AFC and NFC titles were decided on frigid days.
Packers special teams coordinator Mike Stock pointed out this week the Giants showed the ability to adapt when they knocked off the Buccaneers on a 70-degree day in the wild-card round.
Yet, there remain questions about the Giants' ability to continue their road success in cold weather. A week before his struggles at Buffalo, Manning was a brutal 18-for-52 passing amid 18 mph winds at kickoff at Washington. The Giants split those games, but Manning was a combined 31-for-68 passing (45.6 percent) with no touchdown passes and three interceptions.
Sunday, he'll be up against Favre, who is 43-5 at home when the game-time temperature is 34 degrees or below. Kramer is impressed by the leadership abilities of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and he sees similarities in him and the man Kramer protected for so many years, Bart Starr.
If I put 49ers vs Packers in my Ice Bowl II thread title I would have been shredded for trying to make a thread to boost my arpt (do people actually care about this). Now, I will momentarily take my head out of the gutter and say that the group part could be to organize game watches, but the point is that the site is not limiting. Lambeau does have a heating system buried beneath the turf, encompassing 30 miles of pipes. Or quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ triumphant return from a left collarbone injury to help the resurgent Packers get back into the playoffs.

He doesn’t like wearing them and plans to just play through the big chill and block out the conditions. But as the surprise snowfall during last week's divisional playoff game between the Packers and Seattle Seahawks showed, preparation isn't always as valuable as the ability to adapt to the unexpected. New England won 41-27 at Pittsburgh, where the game-time temperature was 11 degrees with a wind chill of minus 1, and Atlanta fell 27-10 at Philadelphia, where it was 17 degrees with wind chills ranging from zero to minus 5.
12, 1997, the Packers beat the southern-dwelling Carolina Panthers 30-13 on their way to the Super Bowl XXXI title in 3-degree temperature with a wind chill of 17 below at kickoff.
In four NFL seasons, he has started just twice when the game-time temperature was below freezing — on Dec. According to AccuWeather, there is a chance that the 49ers-Packers game at Lambeau Sunday could be the coldest game in NFL history. The temperature at the 1967 NFL Championship game in Green Bay between the Packers and Cowboys was -13 degrees, and the wind chill dropped to around -48. While playing guard, Kramer was a big part of the great Lombardi-era teams, and the Ice Bowl still sticks out as one of his top memories. Kramer, though, thinks the Packers’ tough road to the postseason may almost be a good thing.
Or even worse, being on a date that you think is going well, and then they exhibit one of your deal breakers, so you’re left to wallow in self-pity in your pajamas, wondering why you even went out in the first place.
But they haven't dealt with cold like they'll feel Sunday, even if the weather ends up being milder than expected. It’s probably like trying to talk yourself into not being drunk when the cop stops you.
There are members scattered throughout the country so don’t think you have to live in Wisconsin just to join!
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.

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