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Pixar animator, football fan and aspiring paleontologist, Austin Madison, illustrated an amazing series of NFL football matchups called Fantasy Football. Madison incorporates popular characters from video games (Skyrim and Halo) and popular culture (Star Wars, Chuck Norris, Bill Murray and the Boondock Saints) to bring the awesome battles to life. The Panthers and (Boondock) Saints actually played each other twice in week 2 and week 17, with Carolina winning both matchups.
Well, in spirit it is anyways as we have yet to see any football actually get played this August. If the cancellation of the Hall of Fame game is any indication of how things are going to go this year, then get ready for the clown show. Beyond that, the NFL preaches about player safety and then routinely contradicts itself, and this would have been a wide open target for trolling and criticism.
It only took a couple of years, but Robert Griffin III has once again been handed a starting quarterback job in the NFL. Look, this is the best possible scenario for all parties involved and you can’t even pretend. When it inevitably flames out though, it won’t get the heat that the same situation did in Washington since all parties involved here are beyond damaged goods. The winners of tonight’s Detroit Public School League football semifinals at DCP-Northwestern High School will earn the opportunity to play for the PSL championship on an NFL field. According to an article in USA TODAY that analyzed players on 2013 National Football League opening-game rosters, only two cities – Miami (24) and Houston (16) – produced more current NFL players than Detroit (14).
English formerly coached at Southeastern, where he helped launch the careers of New York Giants defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end William Gholston.
In fact, all four coaches in tonight’s PSL semifinals – featuring Coach Dale Harvel’s unbeaten King Crusaders vs.

In addition to Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry and Denver Broncos defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson, Harvel notes that cornerback Chris Greenwood, another King alum, is back with the Detroit Lions. Football season has just started, and NBA news is fairly scarce, so the Daily Snark's artists decided to do some hybrid logos that cross a city's NBA team with its NFL team just for fun. Some of them are pretty cool, but others are a bit of a stretch since several cities are paired that aren't even remotely close to each other (who thought it was a good idea to pair Pittsburgh with San Antonio?) But it's just purely for entertainment purposes, so no sense in trying to rationalize some pairings I suppose. Below are a selection of my personal favourites, along with a recap of the actual game and who won. 17, 2012), with Atlanta winning 27-21 as Matt Ryan threw for with 100th career touchdown pass and Peyton Manning threw for three interceptions in the first 8 minutes of the game. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick orchestrated five consecutive scoring drives en route to the win.
The Patriots won a tight game in the first matchup 29-26, trouncing the Jets in their second meeting 49-19. Kaepernick ran for a QB playoff-record 181 yards and two touchdowns, throwing for two more scores as well. 23, 2012), with the Ravens winning on a Justin Tucker field goal as time expired, avenging their AFC Championship game loss the year prior, winning 31-30. 20, 2013 with the Ravens triumphant again, winning 28-13 en route to a Superbowl victory over the 49ers.
The field conditions were not where they needed to be and that’s not how you want to go about conducting business. We all laughed about this scenario a few years ago when RGIII was being prepped to be sent to a nice farm upstate by Washington, and here we are.
If this goes well then it will be almost an afterthought in that of course something finally went right for the Browns.

So while it could work out for the Browns, even the best case isn’t really that exciting to ponder. 25 championship game at Ford Field could also be a memorable part of their journey to an NFL career. And of the 14 players listed from Detroit, 11 formerly played in the Detroit Public School League. Isaac Redman ran for 147 yards and the winning touchdown with 4:02 remaining as the Pittsburgh Steelers rallied past the New York Giants, 24-20. The Texans, characterized here by Walker, Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris roundhouse), defeated the Bengals 19-13. The Seahawks won 14-12 on a highly controversial Hail Mary pass in the dying moments of the game.
After missing three field goals in the game, Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff redeemed himself by kicking in a 41-yd field goal with 3 seconds remaining.
Randy Moss caught a TD in his first action since 2010 and David Akers kicked a 63-yard field goal tying an NFL record. The 49ers would make it to the Superbowl, losing in the dying moments to the Baltimore Ravens. But what we try to do as coaches is be there for some of the guys who may not have fathers. MVP Adrian Peterson ran for 212 yards including an 82-yard touchdown, fueling a 36-22 victory.

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