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View our Sports Pennant Sets which include Ivy League Conference Pennants, HBCU Conference Pennants, and all other major NCAA conferences. Visit NFL Team Flags for details of NFL Team Flag styles which are ready to buy and In-Stock. Get your Steelers Flags, Packers Garden Flags, Redskins Team Flag, Cowboys 3x5 Flags, Chicago Bears Tailgating Flag, Patriots Outdoor Flags and more. Our most popular MLB Flags are Cubs WIN Flag, BoSox Flags, Yankees 3x5 Flags, New York Met Flag, Phillies Garden Flag, and Milwaukee Brewers Banner. Our NHL Flag selections feature NHL Flags of varying sizes, NHL Banners, and NHL Pennants which include felt and embroidered wool pennants.
Buy your New York Rangers Flag, Detroit Red Wings Flag, Blackhawks Flags, NY Islanders Flags, Flyers Flag, Pittsburgh Penquins Flag and more! Our NBA Flag selections include NBA Flags of varying sizes, NBA Banners, and NBA Pennants which include felt and wool pennant options. Our hot searches include Lakers Flag, Chicago Bulls Flag, Cleveland Cavaliers Banners, Miami Heat Flag, Phoenix Suns Flag, and 76ers Flags. New flag designs include Tony Stewart Flags, Joey Logano Flags, Carl Edwards Flag, and Jeff Gordon Flags. Our Green Bay Packers Vintage Pennant features quality Green Bay Packer embroidered insignias and lettering, measures 13x32 inches, and is constructed of thick wool. All items are manufactured by authorized license holders of the selected team, school, league, institution or organization.

Decorate your bare wall with the Green Bay Packers Vintage Square Clock and show off your team pride! We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. ITEM 1: This vintage New York Yankees baseball pennant features a colorful image of Yankee Stadium (the house that Ruth built) and white lettering on a Yankee blue felt background. ITEM 2: Offered here is a scarcely encountered vintage 1940's Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Pennant. ITEM 3: The offered antique baseball pennant is an extremely rare 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions Pennant. This ensures authenticinsignias, logos, genuine colors, designs, and product quality are approved by the selected team, school, league, institution or organization. This is a very desirable piece of Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia and it is just outstanding! This wonderful antique pennant features the scattered names and numbers of every player on the team for the 1949 season.
This is a very uncommon style which features the batting Angel baseball graphic in gold, on a navy blue background.
The Tigers were not World Series Champs this year but the pennant is a gorgeous souvenir from the season.

This extraordinary vintage baseball pennant is dated 1935 and is considered extremely rare! This full sized Brooklyn blue felt remains crisp and clean with an atypical image of the Brooklyn Bum - he is shown with bat in hand while puffing his cigar.
The likes of which include: Ralph Kiner, Clyde McCullough, Phil Masi, Danny Murtaugh, Vic Lombardi, Elmer Riddle, Bob Muncrief, Harry Gumbert, Hugh Casey, Rip Sewell, Dixie Walker, MINT. This antique baseball pennant came in a small collection of pennants that were maintained in immaculate condition. Featured to the left of the words Milwaukee Braves is a beautiful Native American adorned in a full head dress of feathers. The full size pennant features a multi-color Tiger with crossed baseball bats and a baseball below and is of course dated 1937.
A gorgeous pennant and great addition for the vintage baseball pennant collector or Brooklyn Dodgers fan. AND the fill-ins for Greenberg, Marv Owen and Flea Clifton went a dismal 1 for 36 at the plate. A very scarce pennant and great addition for the vintage baseball pennant collector or Detroit Tigers fan.

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