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This collection of crazy, science fiction-y NFL uniform designs has been zooming around the internet. However, the company said when they signed the deal that they have no plans to change colors or style, but are merely hoping to update the fabric and tech of the jerseys. In truth, they were merely the musings of a bored design fan who created them unsolicited, and posted them to a message board, where they got passed around and eventually fooled a lot of people. The Packers took an absurd, 42-0 lead into halftime, while Aaron Rodgers recorded a cool 315 yards and six touchdown passes. GREEN BAY, Wisconsin- From starring in State Farm Insurance commercials to leading his team to a recent and unlikely 2013 NFC North Championship title, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be the “it” quarterback of this generation.  Since winning Super Bowl XLV in 2010, Rodgers has become a household name and seen his stock rise among the ranks of elite quarterbacks in the highly competitive National Football League (NFL). Off the field, Rodgers has separated himself from his peers by involving himself in global humanitarian efforts, including the Raise Hope for Congo campaign which promotes human rights for all Congolese citizens and aims at ending the ongoing conflict that continues to ravage the nation. Soon after his realization, Rodgers crossed paths with former Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, who helped start the Raise Hope for Congo campaign through the Enough Project roughly five years ago.
Since then, Rodgers has not only educated himself about the ongoing genocide and political turmoil in the Congo, but has also made it a personal priority to spread his message to college campuses across the nation in hopes that students will pressure electronic firms to invest responsibly in the Congo’s mineral trade.
Although Rodgers is currently busy leading his Green Bay Packers onto another long, hopeful playoff run, his hopes of visiting the Congo are as high as ever as he is tentatively planning a trip to the region in the offseason, “That’s the plan. Its been a while since we have released a Hot Read Hotties edition, so we wanted to keep you guys satisfied. Some of the replacement referees working for the NFL -- the nation's most lucrative sport -- aren't even good enough for the Lingerie Football League, it was revealed on Tuesday. Botched: The referee on the left, Lance Easley, called the play a touchdown for Seattle, even though most fans believe Green Bay had intercepted the ball. The NFL was forced to bring in a host of replacement referees from across the country -- most of whom have no experience in professional sports or the pressure of nationally-televised events. Rough and tumble: The LFL is a full-contact sport and players are required to war helmets and pads.

At least some took it too far and made death threats against the replacement referees and NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell. Schwartz noted that the alternate official who helps the replacements with administrating penalties was on the Detroit sideline.
They didn't play well enough to avoid losing 44-41, and Titans coach Mike Munchak wasn't apologizing for how his team won.
Frustrated: The Detroit Lions lost a game against Tennessee after officials gave them a 27-yard penalty that should have only been 15 yardsThe game Monday night, though, seems to be the highest profile screw-up -- one that directly resulted in one team winning and another losing. Already leading 35-0, Aaron Rodgers floated a pass into the end zone for Randall Cobb, who snatched it out of thin air for a sensational one-handed touchdown catch. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. Rodgers recently spoke about his passion for advocacy to a group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in hopes of creating awareness for Congo’s ongoing conflict mineral crisis. We just accomplished the most amazing goal in football.’ But I’m sitting there with a semi-empty feeling because I accomplished everything I wanted to do since I was a kid, and I kind of had a moment. Chriqui and Rodgers spoke to one another about the atrocities occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “He was really interested. Across the league, players admit the state of play has changed under the referees who aren't as observant and lack the authority of the full-time officials.
Even the leader of the Free World took time out of busy schedule of campaigning and running the nation to weigh in on the debate.
Easley is a banker from Santa Maria, California, who has been a longtime referee near his home.
Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was awarded a touchdown on the final play after a scrum on the ground in the end zone. Mr Easly was the side judge who over-ruled another officials and called the tainted catch a touchdown for the Seahawks.

Packers safety MD Jennings appeared to catch the ball against his body, with Tate getting his arm around the ball.After a few seconds, one official, Derrick Rhone-Dunn, indicated a stoppage of play, but another, Lance Easley, signaled touchdown.
The referees, who earn $149,000 a year for the part-time job, want to keep their pensions, which pay a defined benefit to retired refs.
Is there more to life than this?’ And the answer was resoundingly, ‘Yes.’ And that’s why I’m here tonight,” said Rodgers to a group of 1,500 college students on a cold Monday night.
What is this?’ I would share what I was learning (and) I remember having this conversation with Aaron, saying to him, ‘Did you know that in the Congo they use rape as a weapon of warfare? He has spent most of his career officiated high school and junior college games, including the playoff games for high school national championships.
The league wants to change the retirement program to a standard 401(k), which will cost the NFL less over the long term. Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, a Packers fan from Wisconsin, said the NFL should bring back the union referees and used the opportunity to compare the replacements to the Obama administration. The NFL wants to institute a 'back bench' of referees, who can be called in to replace refs who have botched too many calls during the season. He offered the initial ruling on the play -- calling for a stoppage of the game.Mr Rhone-Dunn, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a former NCAA football referee for the Big 12. Currently, referees can only be fired at the end of the season, if the receive poor evaluations. In 2007, he worked the Sugar Bowl, which saw Louisiana State University trample the University of Notre Dame 41-14.
He is a real estate broker from Austin, Texas, who has officiated high school, college and arena football games.

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