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Aaron Rodgers completed a Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers on the last play of the game Thursday night to help the Packers beat the Lions 27-23. Aaron Rodgers was pressured and rolled to his right before uncorking an absolute bomb that went 65-plus yards. Rodgers finished with two touchdown passes and 273 yards, most of that going to Richard, who had eight catches for 146 yards including that 61-yard touchdown. The Hail Mary was made possible by a face mask penalty called on the Lions on the previous play. The Denver Broncos defense will be tested by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football.
In the six wins that the Broncos have recorded, Manning has looked both sharp and horrendous. The Sunday night game against the Green Bay Packers is not going to be the deadly shootout that people are expecting. Both the Broncos and the Packers defenses are at the top of the heap when it comes to points per game.
The Packers are preparing for the Broncos as if Manning is the same player he was in his MVP days. Did Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief, Commit Fraud By Registering To Vote At Vacant Florida Home? Most fans of the National Football League will tell you that they enjoy having football on three different days a week during the regular season. Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison (92) lies on a bench during the second half of an NFL preseason football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Pittsburgh, on Thursday, Aug.
Green Bay's Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, and free-agent Mike Neal also were threatened with suspensions. FILE - From left are file photos showing Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison, in 2015, Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews, in 2016, Packers' Julius Peppers, in 2015, and then-Packers player Mike Neal, in 2014.
The Chicago Bears will open their 2015 schedule with a home game against division rival Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Sept.
Head coach John Fox and coordinators Adam Gase (offense) and Jeff Rodgers (special teams) will face their former team when the Denver Broncos visit Soldier Field Sunday, Nov. He skied it so high that Richard Rodgers had a chance to get under it and go up for the catch. Had the Lions not been called for the face mask, the game would have ended as time had expired.
His mechanics seemingly go from bad to worse when he’s being flushed from the pocket.

The Packers own a 6-5-1 advantage in the series and have won five of the last six games—including the last time the teams faced off in 2011. Brett Favre, who spent 16 of his 20 seasons with the Packers, piled up 186 regular-season victories. It was not immediately known if a similar meeting was being proposed by the union."I'm just glad the process is moving forward," Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said after the Packers' 20-12 home victory over Oakland on Thursday night.
9, against the Chargers in San Diego and on Thanksgiving night versus the Packers in Green Bay.
But the Packers were given one last play with no time left because the game could not end on a penalty. According to the Star Tribune, it will be the first clash of unbeaten teams since New England (8-0) at Indy (7-0) on November 4, 2007. In that regard, the ending was very similar to what happened between the Ravens and Jaguars a few weeks ago. Through those games, the Broncos’ signal caller has thrown only seven touchdowns and has 10 interceptions.
And we're looking to get this resolved as soon as possible."The league's deadline for cooperation from the four players is Aug.
The NFL has threatened Harrison and three other players with an indefinite suspension if they donA?t cooperate in its investigation of alleged use of performance-enhancing substances. His completion percentage is a respectable 61.6 percent, but he seems to have trouble reading defenses.
He has taken most of the blame at times and at others he feels it’s the entire offense.
The inception of games on Thursday night came about in 2006 when the NFL Network showed Kansas City and Denver on Thanksgiving night. Also remember that those early games were blacked out in markets that did not feature the local team. Eventually, the blackout rules were lifted and we were all treated to Thursday night games in the last half of the season.
30 at the team's facility, and would only discuss the portion of the Al-Jazeera interview that mentioned the 14-year veteran.In the report, Charlie Sly, who worked as an intern at an anti-aging clinic, made claims of PED use against several athletes, including the four linebackers. In 2012, their package went from 8 to 13 games.And then the NFL Network went looking for a broadcast network suitor.
Sly later recanted his claims."Is the NFL aware of any credible evidence a€” other than the recanted remarks by one individual shown by Al-Jazeera a€” that indicates that there is any validity to the remarks about Mr. Is this Thursday Night Football's "Jumping the Shark" moment?Again, my argument might be invalid due to television ratings.

Not even the events involving Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Jonathon Dwyer and the discontent with Roger Goodell can keep viewers away.Besides that, lets look at some of the reasons why TNF possibly jumped the shark. Thanksgiving night was really the start of the Thursday night lineup on NFL Network before the 2012 season. Having a Thursday night game every week during the season can make the product go stale after some time. Having 16 games guarantees that every team plays in one, but that could result in you watching poor matchups or lopsided games. Which brings me to my second argument.The games on Thursday night over the past year or so have not been that exciting.
Having games that are on the same level as a late game on CBS or FOX, Sunday night on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN has to be the goal for the NFL when scheduling these matchups on Thursday's. Unfortunately, a good number of them are ones that could be lost in the 1pm schedule on a Sunday.
We saw that with the 2013 Thursday Night Football schedule, even though the TV rating were up.The first three weeks of the NFL's new Thursday night package have not provided exciting results. Teddy Bridgewater is now the starting quarterback for Minnesota and the Packers are reeling a bit. So, the quality may not be great.Is it fair to compare a weeknight football game on CBS to a television show when talking quality?
Well, NBC is proud to say that Sunday Night Football is America's number one rated show in primetime on Sunday's.
If the games continue to be lopsided, more people might speak up and say that there is an over-saturation of football on Thursday night. It will be a very small number, because people will still watch because it's the NFL, and because it's on their television.This will never happen because the NFL likes money, and fans like football. But perhaps down the road, the NFL reduces the number of game from 14 back to 7 starting in mid-November when games really start to matter?Again, never will happen.
That's fine, but I might find myself watching a college football game on ESPN or Fox Sports 1 instead if the game on CBS or NFL Network is lousy.
The NFL won't miss me one bit, but they will milk Thursday night games for all they're worth.

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