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The Green Bay Packers jersey was introduced in 1921 when the Packers became one of the first teams in the NFL. In 1959, the Green Bay Packers' new head coach, Vince Lombardi, introduced the more plain style jerseys that we see today.
Today's current jersey is a deep hunter green with white numbers, and gold and white alternating stripes on the sleeves and the same trimming the neckline.
The Green Bay Packers are one of the most traditional organizations in all of sports, but their uniforms could be getting a radical makeover.
New head coach (Gene Ronzani), new uniforms: "We are the Green Bay Packers," he said as he added green to the color scheme.
Brighter green shirts with same striping and thicker gold numbers; team continued to vary its combinations. New coach Scooter McLean brings back same green uniforms used in 1956 opener (white pants, white helmet). In 1959 road games only, socks above striping were white (tops of socks have been green for all games since 1960). During this period, the Packers experiment with green facemasks before adopting gray through 1980.
It is unknown whether Harlan and the Packers received any other negative feedback, but in any case the re-design was never actually implemented. In recent interviews, Ron Wolf has since reiterated his preference for a metallic gold over the Packers' yellow.
In celebration of the NFL's 75th anniversary, all teams wore throwback uniforms during some point of the season. For this Halloween game, left tackle Ken Ruettgers added Jack o'Lantern graphics to his solid-gold helmet.
The throwback jerseys featured sewn-on tackle-twill numbers, which wouldn't return to the Packers' regular jerseys until the next season.

Black "21" helmet decal worn by all teams in Week 14 game to honor murdered Washington safety Sean Taylor.
The Packers (along with roughly one-third of the league) elect not to use the patches in the regular season, because they select captains on a game-by-game basis.
After wearing white cleats in pre-season games, the Packers to black shoes for the regular season, the first time (excluding throwbacks) the team has worn black since 1974. For the first game, a memorial patch for Gene Upshaw, deceased head of the players' union, is worn by all current players.
For October 5th Monday Night game in Minneapolis, certain Packers wear pink gloves, shoes and accessories as part of NFL initiative to raise breast cancer awareness.
As in 2007, the Packers eschew the League's captain patches during the regular season, but issue them for the playoffs. New alternate uniform added, based on 1929 uniform, worn against the 49ers on December 5th: Navy jersey with navy numbers in large gold circle on chest, gold name and numbers on back. NFL regulations require each alternate to have a 5-season lifespan, so no other alternate can be introduced until 2015. Once again, the Packers eschew captain patches during the regular season, but issue them for the playoffs. The Packers wear their throwback uniforms (now designated "re-created 1929 uniforms") on October 16th against the St. The Packers' nickname came about when the Indian Packing Company (later the Acme Packing Company) out of Green Bay, WI, decided to sponsor a local professional football team.
In 1929, they kept the same blue, but changed the front of the jersey to just a small number in a gold circle. They actually began playing football as a semi-professional team in 1896, and have a long history in their sport. The latter rivalry increased when Brett Favre signed on with the Vikings for the 2009 season.

The Packers have been using very traditional green jerseys and simple trim at home while using plain white uniforms with basic green letter and numbers on the road.The design was done by Mr. Detroit, Packers break out green jersey with white pants and white helmets, but never wear again until '58. Even though the Packers have gone through a series of changes in their uniforms over the years, yellow-gold has always been their base color.
In 1946 the Packer jersey was all white with large gold numbers, and a bold gold stripe across the shoulders. A few months after a disappointing loss to the NY Giants in 2007, Favre, citing he was tired, announced his retirement. Design Junkie and while he is not affiliated with Nike, it raises speculation on whether a uniform makeover is on the horizon.
The green and yellow jersey was introduced in 1952 and has been their main colors ever since.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just released new uniforms that look like something a college trying to sell themselves to immature 18-year olds would wear.The Seattle Seahawks also upgraded their uniforms when Nike replaced Rebok as the official jersey manufacturer of the NFL in 2012 and have enjoyed a huge hike in jersey sales.
The Packers had moved on and did not want  him to return, no matter how much fans wanted him back, and it led to a three week melodrama with the Packers and Brett Favre trading jabs through the media.
As sad as it is, in today's day and age everything is about the money rather than things like tradition and preference.While the uniform design that has been floating around on social media is like an exaggeration, the day the Packers wear something that radical may not be as far-off as once thought. Favre eventually asked to be released so he could sign on with the rival Minnesota Vikings.

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